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  1. I'm excited for all the Republic and CIS ships because it's Xwing stuff I won't be buying. The $40 $30 conversion kits and $20 Awings have me gun shy on even converting over my Resistance stuff. FO gonna have to really, really sell me on something before it gets converted. (Edit: $30 is significantly easier to justify for me. Somehow thought they were $10 more. Looks like FO is getting converted) I'm still waiting to see how the cardboard only expacs are going to be priced. What new ships do Rebel players really want? Empire? Epic conversion kits soon please! If they can streamline and improve epic, I'll be a happy guy.
  2. Just wait. It'll catch on. Try it on Echo and see how you like it. Being able to ignore rocks on your decloaks is amazing. The Empire does lack options for small-based crew carriers and gameplay>>fluff I guess but it's odd that a gunner/co-pilot can become Darth Vader or Admiral Sloan. The TIE Phantom was probably a poor choice to ever bring to the game because it's mechanics are going to be very, very difficult to get perfect. And if it's not perfect the ship is either garbage or just erases lower PS lists. I could be wrong but I expect Whisper (and don't sleep on Echo) will be hugely disruptive in the meta.
  3. Whisper, Collision Detector, Juke, and Vader crew are at the very least going to get a real hard look. A very hard look. My hope is they just lose the crew slot. The phantom is not a crew carrier. Maybe someday they will release a gunner that affects primary arc attacks and the phantom can get a gunner slot.
  4. X-wings with torpedoes. Even the generics can be pretty powerful. Yeah, it's nice to have the alpha strike but an X-wing isn't exactly trivial to one shot and the torpedoes make them a threat for most of the game.
  5. gamblertuba

    T-70 article.

    The article mentions 12 ship cards and 6 upgrade cards. Black One Title BB-8 BB Astromech M9-G8 S-foil Configuration Targetting Synchronizer (Credit to GuacCousteau partially revealed in announcement article)
  6. Tractor Beam cannon seems pretty fine to me. Tractor Array as an action is far too cheap. I wonder if they would be willing to make the Tugboat limited. One per list is probably way more balanced. A limited format of some variety is almost necessary if the newer factions are going to be playable for store level events. It's also much more likely that FFG will get a smaller pool of pilots and upgrades balanced rather than 14+ waves all at once.
  7. I'm sure it's purely coincidence that the TO's winning random lists consist solely of Supernatural Vader, Redline, and Whisper. /s I play regularly on Vassal but have not attempted Fly Casual. Odds it runs on my craptop laptop machine? Edit: Yuck that fits. Darth Vader (70) Supernatural Reflexes (12) “Redline” (44) Trajectory Simulator (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) Proton Bombs (5) “Whisper” (52) Juke (4) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Edit 2: Random lists sound delicious. I'm in.
  8. I believe that the designers were intentionally overpricing turrets because they wanted a game that focuses more on arcs and actually flying at your enemy. Bit they did it backwards. Don't overprice the ship. (Y-wing is prolly a little and TIE Aggressor is way overcoated) Instead, make the turrets and turret gunners more expensive.
  9. After watching a frankly appalling number of Xwing matches, I've found the greatest difference between the people at top tables and myself is this: I'm almost always looking to get shots, they are not. It is possible and highly advantageous to use obstacles and angles to create engagements with clear lines of retreat where your opponent cannot immediately follow. You won't learn it by watching me though.
  10. Valid. But somebody, somewhere has some fond memory of flying them in whatever game they come from. And they exist so they may as well have some reason to continue to exist. I mean, I bought one. Might want to actually put it on a stand someday. Maybe?
  11. That's kinda the point. I'm not always out to nerf stuff just cuz it does well but I'm gonna try to call a spade a spade. I think the Bomber needs to be brought up in price and the Aggressor probably should be brought down. When the better thing is also cheaper, something's gotta change. (I don't see any reason for the cost of the TIE Aggressors. I'm curious if the designers were worried about 6 Aggressors with Dorsal Turret.)
  12. Here's a puzzle for all you puzzle fans to solve: Build me a list of TIE Aggressors that can beat a competently flown list of TIE Bombers.
  13. Bringing back this thread to ask if anyone has any first hand experience playing with or against Chopper Astromech? I can't decide if he is really good or just a trap. A few options to consider: Elusive makes for potentially unlimited regen without needing to invest in munitions or ever taking a weapons disabled disarm token. Crack Shot gives you a shield for the cost of 3 points and one action. That ain't terrible. It seems like it will boil down to how and when you get an opportunity to regen. If your butt is to the enemy anyway, the disarm token don't matter and the ability to focus would be much more valuable. If you have the action efficiency and want to regen while staying in the fight, Chopper could be gold. Fortunately, the one pilot who could really abuse Chopper, Luke, can't abuse him with Elusive or Reloads. Anyone got some stories to tell about actually running the little guy? Or running against him? (Does he get a little booster seat to see over the edge of the droid socket?)
  14. I think the fact that we were able to make all our ships playable right away (Thank the maker... Like literally, thanks FFG) has fooled many of us into comparing second edition at two months old to first edition at five years old. This is unfair and silly. I think the designers intentionally toned down the power level of upgrades in the conversion kits. Give the game time to grow and mature.
  15. Could you imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if the TIE Phantom loses its Elite slot and the Punisher loses the System slot? Juke and Tragedy Simulator don't look to be too problematic elsewhere. At Coruscant it was (at least mostly) confirmed that the first points adjustment would drop in January.
  16. I really, truly do not understand the antipathy towards nerfs. Especially now that it simply means a price increase. If something is too good for its cost, it should be less good or cost more. If something costs too much for what it does, it should be made cheaper. I understand the desire to think your way around a problem but the proper solution for poor game balance is better game balance. Obviously the trick is deciding whether any given card or card combo is actually too good for its cost or not. There is always going to be a correct answer to that question but good luck getting everyone to agree on it. I'm just flummoxed by the number of people that argue immediately: It's not winning any tournaments It's not unbeatable I played "X" against it and I didn't have any problems Git gud! etc. None of those have anything to do with whether a card is too cheap.
  17. Team Edward? Waitwaitwait no... Ravenclaw.
  18. You're not wrong on either point but that asterisk on 3* attack dice is a major liability on a low initiative ship. Needing that target lock is going to hamstring the defense dice of the TIE quite a bit.
  19. The generics are certainly overpriced by a few points. I don't see five of them being any scarier than five Kihraxzjlzvw's. It's like FFG wanted all the new second edition players to get the authentic first edition experience of all the TIE Advanced pilots being terrible except for Vader.
  20. Well, I have at least one set of all 80+ ID tokens from first edition still so I guess I'll keep using those.
  21. Top 16 at Crossroads classic contained exactly 1 Rebel list. Would love to see the top 32 though. Keep in mind that tourney results are always skewed by perception. If Rebels are perceived as weaker (or even less fun), then Rebels will have a poorer showing regardless of actual efficiency as fewer good players will choose to fly them.
  22. If only this were true. Overall, balance isn't terrible. But! bitter experience has taught me that a vocal minority on this board will defend anything. Any. Thing. There were folks (probably still are) that argued that pre-nerf phantoms were fine. Palpatine shouldn't have been nerfed. Freaking TLT! I argued more than a sane person should with folks that said TLT was fair and balanced. Just because people argue that "X" is fine, don't mean that "X" is fine. Maybe those people are wrong. That being said, seems to my little brain that the few things that should be addressed are the handful of options that are: shall we say "aggressively costed" and also tend to create very unpopular gameplay experiences. Namely Gunrunner Tugboats and Tragedy Stimulator.
  23. I expect/hope for a comprehensive rebalance of second edition ships and a token swipe at fixing the most egregious cards in extended.
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