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  1. This thread is proof that people on the internet can (and will) argue about anything indefinitely. Has anyone actually been able to answer the OP with "yes, my ship was not allowed"?
  2. Phantom killer but a lot of points for a one trick pony? Basically a guaranteed stress at range three on anyone. Ten Numb (31) Veteran Instincts (1) Flechette Cannon (2) Mercenary Copilot (2) B-Wing/E2 (1) Total: 37 Any way to build this into a useful squad? Maybe throw in a wart-hog to make the beginnings of a control list? Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 25 Thoughts?
  3. Playing around with squad builder and wondered just how badly this would fly? Eaden Vrill (32) Gunner (5) Engine Upgrade (4) Gray Squadron Pilot (20) x2 Ion Cannon Turret (5) Flechette Torpedoes (2) R3-A2 (2) Munitions Failsafe (1) Could be super annoying to fly against.
  4. To quote the wrong franchise: "fascinating." I don't see any clear way to answer this without an FAQ which won't happen until the Starviper gets released. The ion turret adds and extra little clause about "hits the target ship" which piles on some more delicious uncertainty. Could conceivably rule three ways: 1. Xizor passes the hit result which means Xizor "the defender" is not hit and ion has no effect on anyone. 2. Xizor passes the hit result to another friendly ship which is hit and takes the ion and damage. 3. Xizor is "hit" so receives the ion and damage. Passing the die result has no effect as the ion card cancels die results anyway. I can't see putting the damage on one ship and the ion effect on another. Does not seem to fit the card text or any logical interpretation of these made up pew-pew weapons. edit- ninja'd So #3? Makes the most sense to me.
  5. Fourth row from top, far right I think is supposed to be the defender from a top down perspective?
  6. I like the pages designed to hold business cards. Work well for upgrade cards with or without sleeves.
  7. I absolutely love the Inquisitor's flight helmet in that set. Bought the Ghost and Phantom sets "for my kids" for Christmas. Will have to get the speeder bike set for Sabine. But why she don't come with her helmet? Disappointed. edit- spelling
  8. Maybe I need a shirt that says Fly Casual in really big letters with (or GTFO) in tiny print underneath.
  9. Ibitsam is a lady fish IIRC. edit: Nera Dantels?
  10. No recognizable women in the empire. Lots of helmets that could contain either gender.
  11. I think the entire problem with ol' George and the prequels is that George Lucas cannot write dialogue and has never been able to write dialogue. In the OT, George had some people who were willing to tell him no and he was willing or was forced to listen. It is a rare individual who could create something as vast as the Star Wars universe and never make mistakes. Lucas is not perfect. The prequels suffered because no one was able to tell Lucas no. He held the purse strings and he was working with people who had grown up loving Star Wars and the let George go nuts with no oversight at all. That's not a great recipe for a movie. We all tend to think of the studio as some evil force stifling the creative types and forcing out some watered down garbage but sometimes those studio types are necessary to tell the creative type, "this dialogue about sand is awful and you have to change it." That didn't happen in the prequels.
  12. Curse you FF. This preview was the first one that seemed to sneak past my defenses. Must resist...
  13. On previous imperial list, you could drop Soontir and just fly whisper with four generic Ties. For rebels, you could try this? "Leebo" (34) Determination (1) Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Rookie Pilot (21) Rookie Pilot (21) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  14. Not a "good" list but something to try that only uses cards in hand. "Whisper" (32) Fire-Control System (2) Gunner (5) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Soontir Fel (27) Daredevil (3) Experimental Interface (3) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  15. I'm very curious if FF had the Outrider in mind when they set the range values for the HLC. The other ships that can use the cannon would usually prefer their primary weapon at range one anyway.
  16. It will not be a good ship but it should be a fun ship to fly "Psycho Celchu" +A-wing Test Pilot -Chardaan +Daredevil +Push the Limit +Experimental Interface Bonus points for the largest number of stress tokens accumulated in one game.
  17. "Once" per round "an" evade. I think card text is pretty clear. Recon spec and Jan can give you one evade and one focus.
  18. gamblertuba

    Silly names

    I know it is sorta bad form to acknowledge the existence of the prequels but the "Reek" seems like a natural fit for the decimator. The two "horns" out front sorta sell it.
  19. Wanted a squad with 2 B's and 2 Y's just for the name alone. Thoughts and comments for the list? Probably no good for competitive play and not great for casual either as it will annoy the hell out of my opponent. Any ideas for a BYBY squad that could be fun? 2x Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Ion Cannon (3) Flechette Torpedoes (2) 2x Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  20. One stress will prevent any action but in your case it might take two stress to guarantee that the ship is still stressed after the activation phase. Ion and stress are chocklit and peanut butter for that situation. Problem is getting the ion token on a cloaked phantom. Lt. Blount with ion pulse missiles is one option. I am toying with a squadron of B's and Y's with Flechette Torps and ion turrets or cannons. Be super annoying to fly against though.
  21. Hedgehog is correct. Munitions failsafe is entirely pointless on Blount. And two ion tokens on a phantom have precisely the same effect as one ion token, ships clear all ion tokens as soon as they take the 1 white straight. The second token from ion missiles only matters against large ships.
  22. Here's my crazy idea. Make up some astromech that is super useful but then make its point cost equal to pilot skill. Wouldn't see Wedge or Corran sporting one too often.
  23. Oops sorry for multiple posts but just found it funny that Crabbok posted the same crazy idea slightly ahead of me. Was not trying to poke fun at you but laughing at what I thought was my own crazy idea. Can't see the spend a shield token idea showing up in a box with a one shield ship. Not sure how any of these ideas line up with calculating either. Maybe spend a focus to change all hits to crits?
  24. Would it be too crazy for it to be a Keyan-like ability for anyone with an EPT. Spend a stress to change all eyeballs to hits? I can't see FFG doing that but I am stumped as to what else it could be. Wouldn't be an evade token coming with a ship that cannot evade. Doesn't seem to be room for target lock in the text. Spend a shield token? Ha!
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