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  1. Who else noticed that the death star mat is only legal for casual play? That bugs me.
  2. Going to try this list this weekend if my opponent does not mind proxies. Darth Vader (29) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) TIE/x1 (0) Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Intelligence Agent (1) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Like the flexibility of everyone moving and shooting in any order. Not sure what to drop in order to fit an EPT on Vader but his ability seems good enough. Considered calculation in place of intelligence agent but intelligence agent could be a game winner in the midst of a furball. Any tweaks or comments?
  3. Is this what you are looking for? Saw these somewhere else on these boards today http://www.shapeways.com/shops/norseknightcreations?section=X-Wing&s=0
  4. Not sure if this fits here or maybe some crazy idea for how to implement the idea of a "Rogue Squadron" upgrade for X-wings. Anywho, how about 2 X-wings or 3 Ties of the same squadron roll all of their attack dice simultaneously. Then target locks and focus can be used to modify or reroll any of those dice.
  5. Yeah, I put in everything I wanted and had that one little spot open. Don't like VI on Vader for that list just because you lose the flexibility of moving and shooting in any order. If you think 99 is enough for an initiative bid then go for it. I think letting Vader shoot last when appropriate with calculation could be pretty sweet. Hopefully shields are down on target by that point and double crits can ruin anyone's day. (Except the walking carpet) Edit- Not sure an initiative bid is even a good idea here. Arc dodging (and range control) is a big deal and moving last might be worth it.
  6. Why not take both? I think this list would be crazy fun to fly. "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Darth Vader (29) Calculation (1) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) TIE/x1 (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  7. I try not be too much of a grammar jerk but the extra "o" would help in your question. In answer, I can't imagine that interthrusters will be too powerful. Still a glass cannon against anything that can get them in arc and range 2.
  8. How about 4 Royal Guards with autothrusters and calculation? Would hurt against Dash but often pilot skill of 8 isn't much better than the natural 6.
  9. Kaa'to Leachboy could be fun with Calculation. Only 16 points...
  10. gamblertuba

    Engine Wash?

    In the space combat Sims any fighter that wandered to close to the exhaust trail of a capital ship took damage from engine wash. After beholding the sexiness of the raider and thinking about its massive engine and the huuuge engines of the corvette, is engine wash included in xwing miniatures? Should it be? Seems pretty easy. Would need a "firing" arc though.
  11. This is the major reason that I would not want some sort of defensive upgrade. If Biggs were not a thing, I would absolutely LOVE a title that simply decreases a modification cost by 2. Imo, Biggs is a good thing He shafts turrets. That is never a bad thing Imagine Biggs with autothrusters...
  12. This is the major reason that I would not want some sort of defensive upgrade. If Biggs were not a thing, I would absolutely LOVE a title that simply decreases a modification cost by 2.
  13. While we are at it, why not design some sort of "Quad-link" or some such and let it work only on X-wings and Tie Defenders...
  14. They are free to change their minds but hasn't FFG stated that they have no intention of making an X-wing cheaper than 21 so that a 5X list isn't possible. Fifteen red dice with ability to target lock and focus could be deadly. I would be fine with it as there are numerous counters and ships without boost or barrel roll would need to be flown with precision but not sure if FFG will ever take that step.
  15. This might be my favorite idea so far. Easy to implement. Has some precedent with other pilots. Considered this idea as well. Seems like it would be too powerful but I love the feel. I guess it would depend on the cost of the upgrade.
  16. I'm not conviced making an x-wing more interceptor-like is the way to go. Rogue squadron was always a squadron not individuals. I think Sharing abilities like ig-88 would be better. Also i know this partially contradicts point b that they're not individuals. But they're not generic either. Can't Imagine letting pilots share abilities. Biggs alone makes that unworkable but I like the idea of somehow buffing them based on working as a team. Maybe something that triggers based on being within range 1 of another rogue squadron member. I agree completely but I don't see FF nerfing the B-wing... edit- spelling
  17. If only Major Rhymer could fly in a Defender. Or a HWK...
  18. Flew a few missions in X-wing Alliance last night. (Many Bothans died but it wasn't my fault) After flying a Y-wing and then an X-wing in consecutive missions, I was struck by how powerful the X-wing feels as a dog-fighter and it made me sad again for the X-wing in this game. I think a lot of people agree that the X-wing in miniatures is just missing a certain something. Does the X-wing need a fix? No, probably not. Looking at the list juggler, X-wings show up fairly regularly and make a fair showing when they do. (Biggs might be throwing off the averages a bit though) I don't believe the X-wing is anywhere near as bad as the Tie Advanced is currently or the A-wing before refit. But... I'm not sure I feel like I'm flying an X-wing when I put one on the table. What makes the X-wing special? The A-wing is just crazy fast but lacks offensive punch. XWM seems to have nailed the feel of the A-wing. The Y-wing is a tank. Good luck keeping an interceptor in your sights but can deal some decent damage to a capital ship and walk away. With the new title and some turret choices, I think the Y-wing is pretty well represented in our tabletop game. The B-wing in XWM is probably too good compared to the old computer games. But it should be able to take and deal more damage than the X-wing so I guess it works. So where does that leave our poor X-wing? Jack-of-all-trades and master of none? Destined to see decreased table-time in its own game? I would argue that what the X-wing did better than any other rebel ship was chase down and pulverize mobile targets. Nothing could chew through ties like an X-wing. The X-wing had enough speed and maneuverability to keep up and the four wing-tip lasers were just murder. They never seemed to run low on power even without max recharge and the constant shower of red lasers just decimated small and fragile fighters. What does this mean for XWM? Probably nothing. But, like a lot of folks, I would love to see some sort of "Rogue Group" title for the X-wing. A discounted modification would be the easiest game-wise but I would hate to just give Biggs a cheaper defensive boost without changing the X-wing's role. TLDR. How to make the X-wing feel more like an X-wing? Increase the X-wing's offensive capabilities but only against ships with three or more agility. Not sure what is the best way to do so and Wedge complicates matters but maybe just maybe: Rogue Squadron (Title) (X-wing Only) When attacking a target with agility of 3 or more, decrease defenders agility by one.
  19. The dials on these two ships are pretty different. Howlrunner will have a harder time moving in formation. Also, I think you want some way (besides one extra green die) to encourage a target other than Howlrunner. How much damage do you think you can achieve before Howlrunner is gone?
  20. gamblertuba


    "Hot prockets" is only acceptable if you sing it in a Jim Gaffigan voice. "Psycho" Celchu is a gimmie. ItsieBitsam cuz I can never remember the actual name. Dashiell Robert Parr Edit- fixed the spelling on Dashiell (had to look it up)
  21. ...Mangle it? Just a little bit...
  22. Can you find a falcon right now? The availability might make a big difference. Miniature market ran a crazy sale on decimator and outrider recently and reprints of those are shipping again so more likely to find a decimator for cheap if you wait and keep an eye out. Shuttles are the "Stinky Petes" of x-wing, always lots on the shelves. Already have a firespray, HWK, and y-wing for scum when most wanted rolls out?
  23. Seems like a lot of the new dials are heavy on white maneuvers.
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