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  1. Hedgehog is correct. Munitions failsafe is entirely pointless on Blount. And two ion tokens on a phantom have precisely the same effect as one ion token, ships clear all ion tokens as soon as they take the 1 white straight. The second token from ion missiles only matters against large ships.
  2. Here's my crazy idea. Make up some astromech that is super useful but then make its point cost equal to pilot skill. Wouldn't see Wedge or Corran sporting one too often.
  3. Oops sorry for multiple posts but just found it funny that Crabbok posted the same crazy idea slightly ahead of me. Was not trying to poke fun at you but laughing at what I thought was my own crazy idea. Can't see the spend a shield token idea showing up in a box with a one shield ship. Not sure how any of these ideas line up with calculating either. Maybe spend a focus to change all hits to crits?
  4. Would it be too crazy for it to be a Keyan-like ability for anyone with an EPT. Spend a stress to change all eyeballs to hits? I can't see FFG doing that but I am stumped as to what else it could be. Wouldn't be an evade token coming with a ship that cannot evade. Doesn't seem to be room for target lock in the text. Spend a shield token? Ha!
  5. Too long. After "results" there is at most one line of text. Looks like only enough room for "When attacking you may spend a symbol token to change all symbol and symbol results to symbol"
  6. Anyone else shed a tear when the article compared the cost of the Viper to the cost of an X-wing. Poor X-wing... At least the game is named after you.
  7. I was pretty close. Did not guess the extra bit about range and was a little too restrictive throwing barrel roll in there. I like their version better than mine. If you had a lucky roll, it does nothing but if you had a crap roll it can be a lifesaver.
  8. Do we have confirmation that FF means the same thing we think they do when they say Q4 2014? When I hear 4th quarter, I immediately assume fiscal year which can mean something like April 2014 to April 2015. Which means Q4 2014 would be sometime after January 15 or so.
  9. Thought about this a while back. Would be fun for a crew-member. Imperial shuttle only. Increase pilot skill of all friendly ships within range 1-2. (Battle Meditation) You receive a stress token the first time you are fired upon each turn. (Your carrying the friggin emperor, don't get blowed up!)
  10. gamblertuba


    Any swarmy rebel list works well with Roark. Amazing what he can do to a phantom list. Rebel Aces is definitely worth the investment I would say. Keyan Farlander makes the B-wing even better and the cards for A-wings are almost necessary to make them useful.
  11. Attached this question to the daredevil topic but I think it deserves its own thread Daredevil "Action: Execute a red (1 hard turn) maneuver. edit- this has been errata'd with the FAQ, should read "white" instead of red. Tycho "You may perform actions even while you have stress tokens." Rulebook pg 17 "While a ship has at least one stress token, it cannot execute red maneuvers or perform any actions (even free actions)." Seems like "Psycho Celchu" will not work. Anyone else disappointed? Or am I missing something? Tycho can take the action but cannot complete the maneuver. If someone did call the action while stressed, not sure what happens then? My guess is the action is simply cancelled but I suppose you could argue that the opponent gets to choose a maneuver? edit- Sorry, missed the update to the most recent FAQ. Is Tycho the only pilot where this really matters? Maybe some pilot crit cards?
  12. But if you have stress, you CANNOT pull a red maneuver which is exactly what this is. Just figured it out as I read the thread. I already had a "Psycho" Celchu list made up with PTL, Daredevil, and Experimental Interface. But, now that I think about and read more carefully, Celchu can't complete any red maneuver if he already has stress. Am I missing something?
  13. I will even go further to say that your move was not only legal but absolutely kosher in every way. I can't imagine anyone taking exception to your move. Used as intended and in no way cheesy or exploitative.
  14. gamblertuba


    Hopefully is kosher to share a link to the outside webs because I think the OP should check out themetalbikini.com Great list building resources and discussion on pretty much every card for the game.
  15. One word... (or two with a hyphen) Mag-Pulse. Not sure how to implement them but as an x-wing and tie fighter PC fanatic, I wants them in the game somehow.
  16. My guess is free evade token when attacked from outside firing arc. edit- probably once per turn and only on ship with barrel roll and boost actions?
  17. Maybe I'm squinting too hard but the PS5 firespray card looks like it starts with "Mandalorian"
  18. gamblertuba

    Newbie Questions

    1. Restocks do seem to be coming out slowly. I would not pay more than MSRP for any ships if you can help it. Wave 1 and 2 are selling pretty high right now but none of the ships are retired. They will be available again... eventually? 2. Some folks have been walking away from the game so ask around your FLGS and see if anyone is planning on parting with their collection. I got a pretty good start by buying in that way. 3. Buy the ships that you and your buddy think are fun! So much of what makes the game entertaining is playing out your star wars memories on the table. Loved the A-wing in RotJ? Buy it and love running circles around the map. Imperials more interesting to you? Go for interceptors. I would recommend rebel aces as a good way to throw some really fun pilots and cool looking miniatures into your collection.
  19. The movement options on the scum dials have been confirmed as identical. The pilot cards will be an issue and cardboard inserts but only if you wanted to run all bandits or something. As long as your opponent does not mind the dials being a different color, I think you can make it all work pretty easily without forking over extra $$$. I have heard that your dials must match your faction at tourneys but for local games you should be fine.
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