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  1. When I get called a forum whiner for calling out Redline, it's time to call it a day. Good gravy, you're gonna defend Redline? Srsly?
  2. What symbols? Upgrade slots were intentionally left off the cards to allow exactly these sorts of changes. Best example would be to remove the sensor slot from the Punisher. That does a lot to rein in some of the bonkers combos without touching points.
  3. Pretty much my exact list. Nice job! Although the gunner on phantom will be pretty much useless until new gunners come out.
  4. I'm fine with the random first player option IF we see some price increases as well. Take a hard look at any list that is competitive at 185 points and give it a 15 price hike spread out over the pilots and upgrades as seems appropriate. Bidding to move last is super-dumb but at least it forces those Ace players to tie 7-10% of their points behind their back.
  5. Couldn't you just as easily say that the unique pilots are undercosted? It's just a point of view thing. Decreasing the generics is much more likely to create unintended consequences than an across-the-board increase for all high initiative pilots. Not sure FFG would be willing to go that route but making the aces actually pay for their initiative is going to be required before generics see widespread use.
  6. I am dreaming about the Toronto System Open but don't want to start practicing a list until I see the new points. Hoping to see some discounts on Rebel generics or at least Leia crew. Some combo of X-wings and B-wings with Leia in a Sheathipede sounds really fun.
  7. I'd like to see the X-wing get marked down 1 point and the servomotors config get bumped up to costing 1 point. Lock the s-foils open and run five of the buggers. For the Kihraxz, it could definitely use some sort of flavor-sauce to make it more interesting. Power-level, it's probably in an OK place once some of the S-tier crap gets a serious price increase. I'd argue for maybe a double mod slot upgrade that gives a discount to the third mod? Gotta be careful because the 1.0 Vaksai was almost OK during an era of crazy, crazy OP combo-wing. As an aside, does anyone have an idea where I can get some decent stand-ins for Vaksai engines? I'd love to mod a couple of my Kihraxz with the dorsal engines shown in the engine upgrade art but digging through my old model kits has given me nothing so far.
  8. Have to try both. But if you aren't doing two damage, the ion is the same as primary and can cover the whole arc even with foils closed. That linked focus is a big add for either Xwing if you can get it without losing offense.
  9. Idea is to run around with s-foils closed a fair bit. Ion cannon is pretty cheap and the control option just gives you another route to win that isn't available to pure damage lists. Kyle or any number of other ships can shrug off a hit here or there but they absolutely must Dodge your tractor shots and ion can potentially end the game at times.
  10. I'm intrigued by control T-70s. Two with ion cannon and two with tractor cannon.
  11. Real curious if the Imperial Generic TIEs are set for a point reduction in January. If not, I think the Scum TIE is too cheap. They don't need to worry about 9 ship lists anymore due to the rules.
  12. I refuse to buy any on a matter of principle... Yeah. Principle. Not because I don't want to drop $20/ea on a whole swarm or TIE Fighters. Sure. I'm principled, not cheap.
  13. Don't take things out on poor Sunny Bounder. They def should depend on initiative. What're the odds we ever get there?
  14. A lot of the balance in the game is hamstrung by not scaling upgrade cost with pilot cost. That is probably too much fuss for FFG's vision for the game but I definitely think some upgrades could and should scale with pilot initiative. Munitions and repositional upgrades are much more valuable on higher initiative pilots. A blue squad B-wing should not pay the same price for Advanced Sensors and Proton Torpedoes as Redline. In answer to the OP, Redline. That ability is just stupid and dumb and badly written.
  15. I'm hopeful that resistance is balanced against the January prices.
  16. I'd be surprised if FFG doesn't at least attempt to balance extended format. I'd be astounded if they did a good job of it. Hyperspace should be much more manageable to balance. Especially because they can just boot a card if they want to. I'm going to say that Hyperspace format around wave 5 is going to be the "golden age" of 2nd edition that everyone looks back on fondly in 5 years. Right now, Hyperspace is a little constricted.
  17. I'd imagine that four wardens with barrage rockets could be pretty solid. Maybe two with seismics and two with proton bombs.
  18. I painted one in military green and tan and another blue, red and silver like a Cobra Rattler. Both are a massive improvement over the default scheme.
  19. I think you are underestimating the advantage of a swarm ship that can fly through rocks with impunity. I'm just guessing, obviously, but in my head that seems pretty darn potent for a TIE swarm. No Howlrunner or Iden means you don't have to fly close together... Based on past FFG decisions, I expect 26 points minimum to avoid the asteroid ignoring ocho.
  20. Right?! And did I see not one but two different lists with a Scyk? I'm playing this game all wrong.
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