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  1. First the points update which did nearly everything I was hoping for and waaaaaay more than I expected. Now a timely swing of the nerf-hammer to destroy a gross NPE/troll list. I'm pretty excited about the future of 2nd Ed. Has room to improve obviously but they're making some good moves.
  2. Most I5's are undercosted. The RZ-2 I5's are hilariously undercosted. Most of the issues here go away if FFG keeps pumping up the price point on the I5 and I6 pilots until the I4 finds some breathing room. Pair this with the idea that unused points are ceded to the opponent at the beginning of the game and deep bids would become pretty rare. As a low initiative swarm player, I love the 20 point bid but it is a symptom of a fundamental design problem that needs to be addressed sooner or later. I'm concerned that any version of Veteran Instincts comes in because then it just becomes an arms race again. But, the idea of a charge-based upgrade is intriguing. I would go with something like this: At the beginning of the activation phase, you may spend one charge. If you do, activate at initiative 6 instead of your standard initiative this phase. 1 charge or two? Single or double dot?
  3. Wave III is going to be the first X-wing wave that I will be buying zero ships. Wave IV though? Flappy B-wings. Flappy. B. Wings. Might be time to paint up my last two OG B-wings and sell them off so I can justify buying 4 new ones.
  4. They are one and the same. Crew simply add force to the pilot's pool.
  5. Bottom of the Probe Droid card calls it a "Remote." Expect to see an update to the rules to explain how they can be attacked and especially how they interact with overlaps etc.
  6. If they remember the ship exists, they might have been keeping 6 with ion turrets off the table. Which makes sense, honestly. That does not sound super fun to fly against.
  7. The unfortunate truth is I played maybe two games with my CR-90 and one with my Raider. None with my C-Roc. The fact that they aren't supported (yet?) in 2nd Ed. doesn't really affect their playtime much... I do want to see some Epic support sooner rather than later but I'm not super optimistic. I don't think it's very high on their priority list and the pace of releases doesn't leave much time for development of Epic. Hope they can get it right when it happens though.
  8. Are you referring to hyperspace legal or the fact that not all 1.0 pilots have been converted? I'm not holding my breath for Fel's Wrath.
  9. But what is the "best" way for us to get those new cards? New B-wing sculpt? Shut up and take my money. Going to be hard to only buy 2. Pack all the new stuff in there and I'm happy. But I don't want to buy an 8th Kihraxz when they come out to get a new title etc. I'm afraid FFG is building this airplane while they fly it and I'm real curious how they plan on getting new content to players that only fly OT ships.
  10. It's probably good that we are not getting new content with the re-released ships but I hope they figure out a way to put out new content for the rereleased ships. Not sure how they will do that though. If they had some new fancy crew included in the Falcon reprint, I would get seriously grumpy. I don't need another Falcon model. The B-wing though? I'm down for two of those. (Actually sold 2 of my custom painted B-wings so need two more anywho.)
  11. The designers giving the 2400 a built-in four dice primary was the worst possible news for Dash fans. It makes the ship almost impossible to price correctly. I expect the final price point will be lower than where it sits now but not by a whole lot.
  12. They can focus and then purple evade yes? The ability to token stack on 3 evade dice is pretty stinking good.
  13. I don't think Advanced Sensors should ever be cheaper than 8 points. Unblockable actions should be a premium. I would raise the price on high initiative more then lower it for the other end.
  14. The addition of initiative based scaling is one of the most exciting parts of the points adjustments to me. I hope Advanced Sensors gets scaled pricing eventually. It definitely deserves it. Although, as a huge B-wing fan, I'm probably not impartial here. Overall, I'm just super hyped by the points adjustments overall.
  15. This was on my wish list but I really hope they do make Advanced Sensors variable like the article said. AS on my I2 B-wings can be so much fun.
  16. Barely even functional for me. Raithos has to get a small army of keyboard monkeys to update his database.
  17. If we get spinning-kiddie Anakin in a Naboo fighter, I'll cop to the whole prequels=clone wars thing. The two factions entering the game did not exist in episode 1. We are getting Clone Wars factions. It just so happens that two of the prequels were occasionally centered on the clone wars. When they weren't about sand and parliamentary procedure.
  18. Episode 1 is part of the Clone Wars? Guess I missed that. OK.
  19. I think the answer needs to be a major cost increase for any initiative 5 or 6 pilot that can reposition or carry torpedoes. And an extra tax for any that can double reposition or double mod their torpedoes.
  20. There is a reason FFG has consistently referred to the new content as Clone Wars era. It's from the cartoon, not the movies. Granted the cartoon series was uneven but it's a durn sight more popular overall than the movies.
  21. No plans to buy any of the Clone Wars stuff. Trying to decide if I'll need to track down Gas Clouds. Who benefits the most from Gas Clouds? Don't have to worry about Vultures or Mining Guild TIEs so much. Curious what (if any) the penalty is for flying through them. Whelp, here's hoping enough players buy multiple squadron packs to make the gas clouds cheap. Or maybe a Rebel squadron pack will drop in the next wave?
  22. The one that gets me is meticulously marking a ship. Carrying out my maneuver. Maybe taking a minute or so to line up a bump properly. Placing everything just so... And then knocking a ship over as I remove the last template. I even bump ships on vassal when I try to select them.
  23. Do we really expect the app to be able to handle such a complex operation?
  24. When I get called a forum whiner for calling out Redline, it's time to call it a day. Good gravy, you're gonna defend Redline? Srsly?
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