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  1. I was mostly with you @Blail Blerg until you said Arcs should be 41 points. I think you're undervaluing the rear arc by quite a bit. And medium base is a feature for low initiative blockers. Init 5 and 6 are still too cheap overall. Hit em again. As for Regen, give it the Luke Gunner treatment.
  2. C-3PO is a good budget alternative as well. With the red coordinate giving you some flexibility.
  3. Great write-up. I also don't hate a 6 Vulture and Bulbasaur list. TA-175 is amazing but I agree that fitting a tax relay feels like you're making too many sacrifices right now. I flew the Ocho (4 Trade and 4 Sep) to a top 4 at a Hyperspace trial. Still like that list too. It's an 8 ship list that flies like a 2 ship list. Actually pretty relaxing for a tournament squad. Having an I1 block to block and an I3 block to hammer was nice in a few games. Can I ask for a full article on Struts please?!? Haven't put them on the table simply due to not being comfortable with how they friggin work.
  4. Seems like a reasonable place to post this. Went through the trouble recently of adding initiative values to the meta-wing data. Excel file here. Drive spreadsheet here. Just beginning to play around with the data. Here's maybe the most relevant bit. Can look at initiative breakdown of the top "X" pilots according to meta-wing breakdown. Note that the final point on the graph (wave 4 to present) is based on a very small amount of data.
  5. The word y'all looking for is "stalling" which is distinct from slow play. Slow play is legal play at too slow a pace. Stalling is illegal play at any pace. Now what exactly qualifies as stalling and how slow is too slow?... *runs away*
  6. Just a little weird edge case that I have worked out. It is possible to land on a rock/debris and barrel roll on to a gas cloud. Requires some careful set-up but if your opponent brings gas clouds, it would be extremely sweet to fire through them with no effect and then get the extra green and autothrusters on all return fire. Worth it? Probably not but it is some next-level shenanigans if you can pull it off.
  7. Don't have the rules in front of me so could be misremembering. I believe buying a ship from the market causes its market card to be removed from the game. The ship card is returned to the supply when bartered. So used ship can be any ship in the supply, even one that has been bartered. Makes sense thematically anyway.
  8. Can't coordinate passive sensors. The action can only be performed during your (the ship with PS) perform action step. I like the idea of the card but the limitations are going to make it a niche use. Torpedoes without a focus are super dicey. Tried these with Bravo Pilots and generic X1's and not super impressed with either.
  9. Also the Used Ship card is the only way to purchase a ship that has been bartered away for a new one.
  10. Looks the cost of Passive Sensors is wrong? Should be 3 points not 2.
  11. I'm convinced Rebels and Resistance should be looking at Initiative 1 Squad Leader A-wings.
  12. You pick your availability and get put in a division with players that have similar preferred start time. It's not too hard to schedule games if you have a couple open times a week.
  13. I know they aren't excited about changing cards but... There are a number of more elegant fixes that could be made by making some ships and upgrades limited. For example, make the Sympathizer 66 but don't allow more than two in a list. Could do something similar with Juke. Also, maybe just don't allow certain combos. Maybe the Rebel YT-1300 keeps the illicit but you can't have the Inertial Dampeners on Han. You lose some accessibility and gain some finer adjustments to balance. Part of the issue here is that a number of players take this game more seriously than the devs do.
  14. Right now I'm either looking at the Ocho with ESC and Struts or Grievous (TA-175 and Title) with 6 Trade Fed ESC carriers.
  15. Eight vultures with ESC and Struts is 200 points now. Well OK FFG, twist my arm...
  16. No more illicit on the Rebel YT-1300 Leia is going up to 6 Many Imperial crew going down Drea going up ( by 7 points?) Initiative 6 and many init 5 went up 1-3 points (mentioned Wedge is 55) Decimators "getting some love" Whisper is going up and generic phantoms going up (four phantoms only going to fit 2 jukes now) Separatist ships (Vultures) are going down and upgrades (ESC) are going up. Naboo N-1 has an interesting pricing structure. V-19's are getting discounted (except the cheapest) Dash unchanged Named B-wings going up Cassian going up TIE Aggressor coming down Scum generics including Kihraxz going down Kihraxz lose mod gain 2nd illicit Illicits getting cheaper Resistance Leia is most expensive crew in the game TIE S/F down, Upsilon up, Silencers down Gencon Inflight Report will announce wave 6 which will include info on card packs! Discussed making Strikers limited so that you could only fly five and decrease cost. Rigged Cargo Chute triggers immediately when dropped on a ship Wave 4 pushed back for a simultaneous worldwide release. (sounds like Europe was going to be late?) Huge ship announcements coming soon and release early quarter 4. Wave 6 by the end of the year too. No ships removed from Hyperspace so far. Plans in place for removing ships from Hyperspace in the future. Alternating player 1 was felt to be too much extra complexity. Was tested and decided against it. Bid points counted as lost has also been discussed. No "easy, obvious win" has been decided on yet. Final salvo was considered but no change being made at this point. That's most of it anyway. Might have missed a comment or two.
  17. Cost dependent, Baktoids could be solid Energy Shell carrier. Can't tell you how many times I've rolled 2 blanks on an ESC shot. Rerolls on droids might be worth a few points. Have to wait and see.
  18. Just to point out:. Baktoid does not say "another friendly" so they will work on their own. Can use passive sensors to lock and then fire Barrage (or ESC) with rerolls and Networked. I agree they definitely should still be cheapish but just wanted to make sure people realize they will work independently.
  19. Dash. Always and forever. Dash is a $#@&! 90's Fake Han with his Rob Liefeld pouches and Xtreme 'tude. Dash also was everything I ever hated in 1st edition. Watched a Dash vs Triple Jumpmaster match and I was rooting for the Jumpmasters. That's how much I hate Dash.
  20. I'm pretty sure 2B3X is too strong. And I think it is time for a price decrease on the generic TIE with a price increase on Howl, Iden and maybe a few other named pilots.
  21. Just to point out: the main ship from BSG was called BSG.
  22. Your LGS will be selling them when points hit. Not like you can actually play games with new ships yet.
  23. Spinny. Flappy. B-wings. B-wings. That spin. And flap. No reason? You shut yer **** mouth.
  24. Imagine the game clock gets extended to five hours. If your tactics would then call for waiting 4 hours and 50 minutes before engaging, you're doing it wrong. It's really not that hard folks. The indignation on display here seems oddly misplaced. I doubt very many of us are going to have any of our games impacted by this at all.
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