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  1. Already playing CIS. Crazy interested in the Nantex. The I5 guy that hands out calc has me more excited. I'm guessing/hoping that Sun Fax will be very expensive.
  2. I'm flying CIS at a HST today. I'm not saying the difference is staggering. But if you asked players which is better, I think the answer will be pretty unanimous. CIS has the better 7-8 ship list. Probably. Republic is better at every other archetype. Hilariously better at Aces.
  3. I'd be surprised if this wasn't the least balanced of the three options. I can't believe too many folks would argue that Republic isn't hands down better than the CIS.
  4. Well the timing specified is in the rules. After being destroyed means right before it's removed.
  5. Nope, the rules are actually pretty clear here. Edit: You do get the calc tokens but not until the ship is removed. Which means if your opponent has 3 ships at Initiative 5, they all shoot before you get any bonus calcs. You still get them but they may not do as much good.
  6. Well, apparently Struts just plain don't work at all depending on which judge you talked to at Gen Con.
  7. That's actually a major issue with TA-175 in certain match-ups. If you're opponent has a number of ships at the same initiative, you don't get any bonus calcs until all of their ships have fired. That kinda sucks.
  8. I was mostly with you @Blail Blerg until you said Arcs should be 41 points. I think you're undervaluing the rear arc by quite a bit. And medium base is a feature for low initiative blockers. Init 5 and 6 are still too cheap overall. Hit em again. As for Regen, give it the Luke Gunner treatment.
  9. C-3PO is a good budget alternative as well. With the red coordinate giving you some flexibility.
  10. Great write-up. I also don't hate a 6 Vulture and Bulbasaur list. TA-175 is amazing but I agree that fitting a tax relay feels like you're making too many sacrifices right now. I flew the Ocho (4 Trade and 4 Sep) to a top 4 at a Hyperspace trial. Still like that list too. It's an 8 ship list that flies like a 2 ship list. Actually pretty relaxing for a tournament squad. Having an I1 block to block and an I3 block to hammer was nice in a few games. Can I ask for a full article on Struts please?!? Haven't put them on the table simply due to not being comfortable with how they friggin work.
  11. Seems like a reasonable place to post this. Went through the trouble recently of adding initiative values to the meta-wing data. Excel file here. Drive spreadsheet here. Just beginning to play around with the data. Here's maybe the most relevant bit. Can look at initiative breakdown of the top "X" pilots according to meta-wing breakdown. Note that the final point on the graph (wave 4 to present) is based on a very small amount of data.
  12. The word y'all looking for is "stalling" which is distinct from slow play. Slow play is legal play at too slow a pace. Stalling is illegal play at any pace. Now what exactly qualifies as stalling and how slow is too slow?... *runs away*
  13. Just a little weird edge case that I have worked out. It is possible to land on a rock/debris and barrel roll on to a gas cloud. Requires some careful set-up but if your opponent brings gas clouds, it would be extremely sweet to fire through them with no effect and then get the extra green and autothrusters on all return fire. Worth it? Probably not but it is some next-level shenanigans if you can pull it off.
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