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  1. Which preview will be out today?

    Stupid Runewars with their silly double dials and clunky lego style bases. WE DON'T CARE!!!
  2. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    The FAQ entry for M9 is a real sticking point. If the FAQ read this way, it would be better. When using M9-G8, the source of the reroll is the ship equipped with M9-G8 is the one modifying the die, not the ship attacking regardless of which player physically rolls. For example, if a ship is attacking with Snap Shot, a ship equipped with M9-G8 can cause that ship to reroll a die.
  3. Was thinking about a PS11 Corran build and you start to run a little shy on points. It's not a top list for any number of reasons but since Corran can't shoot after his double tap anyway, this might be a decent use for Targeting Scrambler. Lowhhrick (28) Selflessness (1) Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20) Veteran Instincts (1) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Corran Horn (35) Push the Limit (3) Targeting Scrambler (0) R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 97 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  4. Which preview will be out today?

    It's possible? I doubt that they spoil anything for Reaper or Saw's during the May 1st presentation so maybe a preview still drops today. Especially if they have new stuff to announce on May 1st which will get previewed later.
  5. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    Yeah, if M9 did not work on friendlies, this whole mess doesn't happen.
  6. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    I'm back to agree with you this time! Let's focus on R7. When R7 forces the enemy attacker to reroll, who is modifying that die? It happens during the defender modifies window. The attacker probably doesn't want to reroll the die but they must. R7 is modifying the die by forcing a reroll. The fact that you don't get to physically roll your opponent's dice is a red herring. R7 modifies the die the FAQ makes this clear. When M9-G8 is used on an enemy ship, it is almost identical. M9 chooses the die and it is rerolled during the defender modifies window. The opponent picks up and rolls the die but M9 is doing the modifying. In other words, FFG has ruled that the player physically picking up and rolling the die is not necessarily the player that is doing the modification. Where your brain starts to cramp is that M9 also works on friendly ships where "the attacker" is controlled by the same player as M9. So the language meant to keep your opponents filth-ridden hands off your dice now seems to imply that M9 allows the other friendly to modify their own dice which is not really what is happening as described above. tl:dr R7, M9, and Omega Leader apparently contradict RAW because choosing and forcing a die to be rolled is considered (by FFG) to be the dice modification, not the physical act of throwing an octahedron.
  7. Which preview will be out today?

    I'd be surprised if they devote time to the Reaper or Saw's Grenades at the May 1st thingy so we might still see a preview before then. Maybe. Not holding my breath.
  8. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    I'll concede that your logic is convincing and well expressed, thank you. I also remember feeling the same way about M9 and R7 right up until FFG ruled it exactly the opposite. Currently though, I believe you have the correct interpretation. Edit: How do feel about Lowhrick's ability and Omega Leader? OL has Miranda locked at attacks her. Can Lowhrick spend the reinforce and Miranda add an evade result?
  9. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    Again, I see your point and FFG might even agree with you but M9-G8 and Palp both work (when on another ship). You can't use that to convince me that Jonus doesn't work. You argument can boil down to either or both: Who chooses the die Must vs may Choosing which die to modify may or may not be sufficient difference. Must vs may could be sufficient difference. We don't know how it will be ruled. FWIW, before the FAQ, I was 100% behind the idea that M9-G8 would not work when attacking OL and R7 would work. FFG decided differently.
  10. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    You keep saying this but don't provide evidence. R7 cannot be used unless the ship carrying R7 is defending so not really illuminating. M9-G8 and Palp do work just fine if they are on a different ship. Howlrunner is the key question. Does Howlrunner let you reroll when attacking OL when OL has you locked. Is there an official answer on that question? Edit: Until we get an official ruling on Howlrunner and OL, it's all just a guessing game as to how the designers want it to go. You're position makes sense if "cannot" overrules "may" but "must" overrules "cannot". Not sure if that exact linguistic hangup appears elsewhere in the rules. I can see FFG ruling it either way. Going to be confusing to most newer players regardless.
  11. Capt. Jonus and snap shot

    I'll just toss in a vote of confidence for KO. His interpretation meshes with every single ruling that has been spelled out in the FAQ by FFG. Is there an official word on Howlrunner and Omega Leader? It's not in the FAQ that I can find.
  12. Amazon Clearing out the X-wing Expansion?

    Wondering if this means anything other than a good deal on the X-wing expack if you still needs any.
  13. Reinforce token

    Advanced Sensors on B-wings is crazy good.
  14. Reinforce token

    Timing. Attacker modifies defense dice before defender so the reinforce evade result is added after Juke's trigger.
  15. Reinforce token

    Just a reminder. Back in the day, swarms were considered the counter to Fat Han because multiple attacks blunt the effectiveness of an evade token or 3PO or other one-off defensive shenanigans. Reinforce is a problematic for many reasons. One of the biggest is that a reinforce token is effective against almost every match-up. You can't juke it, you can't jam it, you can't overwhelm it with lots of attacks. Even Crackshot isn't very effective because they get to add the evade to all the follow-up attacks.