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  1. A few Most of the higher PS generics are just ridiculous. They either need an EPT or a cost reduction to have any right to exist. Many of the first run Aces packs added some pretty uneven pilots as well. Lots of TIE interceptor pilots with no EPT for no good reason. And Horton freaking Salm is number one on the list or you're doing it wrong.
  2. That's part of the reason I suggested a rule change to bombs that specified that bombs could not be dropped if the template overlaps a ship. Bombs are not usually a melee weapon. (this was before the genius nerf)
  3. Whelp, I just finished my eighth game on xwvl. It's either this or get to sleep at a reasonable hour...
  4. I was definitely just goofing around as well. But, there are a lot of words thrown around on this forum by folks that don't really get the game. If biophysical starts a topic, I'm going to read it carefully.
  5. Biophysical was crushing people with double defenders before the X7 title... Naive he ain't.
  6. Is this too many points in a gunboat? Rho Squadron Veteran (21) Expertise (4) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Linked Battery (2) Long-Range Scanners (0) XG-1 Assault Configuration (1) "Quickdraw" (29) Draw Their Fire (1) Fire-Control System (2) Harpoon Missiles (4) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder The gunboat will probably be target #1 for most opponents but that leaves you with two pretty solid end game options. How many shots for your Rho to pay for its points?
  7. I'm also very happy that the Ghost crew was not involved in getting the X-wings for the Alliance. Gotta leave something for all the other rebel groups to contribute. I'm willing to bet a novel will be coming along that fills in that particular story. Sooooo.... what are the odds the unannounced SKU is a Rebels themed X-wing pack with Hera and extra copies of Flight Assist Astro?
  8. Gameplay? Sunny is a 12pt ship with same pilot skill and flies way better with the Vipers than a Z-95. Fluff? Sunny is the leader of a Swoop Racer Gang called The Black Seraphs. Not sure why the crew get the best ships... Maybe Sunny just really likes her bitchin camo paint job.
  9. Theoretically what space invader said. In my experience, the cockpit definitely does not "pop off." The amount of glue in there seems to vary quite a bit from model to model. Trying to pry them apart may work but I was way to worried about stabbing myself (again) or breaking the model. I followed somebody's advice on here and just popped them in and out of the freezer a few times and applied gentle pressure to the wings trying to break the glue. It mostly worked but I did have to use some superglue on the dark blue one to stabilize when it was all done.
  10. Reporting a great trade with chief4ryan. Thanks again man! Saved me $40 worth of Starvipers.
  11. Is damage deck basically the same as the regionals participation prize?
  12. Maybe something like this? Wes Janson (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Tarn Mison (23) R7 Astromech (2) Integrated Astromech (0) Rookie Pilot (21) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Rookie Pilot (21) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder The rookies will be low priority targets but can do some work, especially if Wes is stripping tokens. Tarn is an annoyance if you leave him to late game. Maybe not better than 4 T-70's but doesn't feel like it's leaving points on the table.
  13. My thought was to change a fundamental game rule. Add a line to the rules reference that says: "If the defender is not in the attacker's firing arc, the defender rolls one additional defense die." I really don't think it breaks the game. Turrets still have the uncanny advantage of always getting to shoot.