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  1. Flew a 7 vulture and O-66 list against Boba/Dengar. Drove Boba away and through some hot dice, killed Dengar with 8 ships still on the table before Boba could fully engage. Was still not confident of the outcome. Boba Fett is a beast. Yes, that is largely due to upgrades on him but it's the fact that he can take all the upgrades. Crew, gunner, bombs, mods, and titles. Slave1 goes up obvo. But unless you want to price his other upgrades out of competition, Boba needs to eat the increase in his pilot cost.
  2. Boba Fett is the only one on that list that I would say is a straight up problem right now.
  3. Is it opening drop downs when you try to scroll? That seems to be my only issue but I figure that's just my clumsy finners.
  4. Sadly, I'm guessing we'll get the new points then. But waiting an extra month is really going to suck the joy out of list building in the meantime.
  5. I'm in two different online league/tourney/things right now and it's all just kinda come to a screeching halt because we expected new points and now... I open up YASB, I stare for a bit, I sigh, I close YASB, I go about my day. I mean, it's... fine? The game is still playable. Nothing's terrible. But the hangover from expecting something new and then getting bubkis, it's kinda left me unmotivated to play.
  6. Stress-less double reposition is almost impossible to cost correctly. Even more problematic on a three red die ship. 7B Anakin, Obi (and Plo, Mace too for that matter) are very dangerous ships when it comes to balance. I sort-of, almost, nearly enjoy CLT Jedi. I kind of want to forget that 7B exists. Give it the Luke Gunner/ SNR treatment. Soft ban via ludicrously high price point.
  7. Went back and rewatched the announcement here. "Familiar ships with new paintjobs" "A bunch of new pilots and a whole bunch of new upgrades cards" "Not limited to Rebels and Empire" but those factions will be "getting some of the exciting ones soon" "Little more thematically oriented" paraphrase here centered around a rebel cell at a time, particular imperial battle group or a first order organization of what have you "Pilots will thematically link together" "Pretty hefty on upgrades." but sounds like a lot of them will be old upgrades so these will help new people get into the game. "But a fair chunk of which are also new" The upgrades will also be thematic to the time period or media for that pack!? "Tricks that you saw them do." Hera turning and blasting with foils closed? "Revisiting some iconic pilots at different stages of their life" "New subtitle, new ability, a new initiative if it is a significantly different stage of their life" "more options with those characters" They even were supposed to have a slide with an example but the slide was missing and Max just decided to "let that float" meanie. "Similar price point" to Guardians of Republic and Servants of Strife "not as much proportional reprint content" "similar not exactly the same" more about "getting a thematic squad on the table" "First one is going to be for the resistance." "New movie" "New pilots and iconic pilots returning" "Bright orange X-wing will be in there" So take the original announced info and then re-read the speculation here and I think a bunch of the comments are barking up the wrong tree. Do not expect new ships that have not been seen in 2nd edition. Expect new pilots and old pilots to show up with new abilities. We haven't even discussed new upgrades that I have seen. And thematic new upgrades at that. If fugitives and collaborators ain't the resistance, I's cornfuseded.
  8. Looking back at the announcement of these things, they said: 1 New paint schemes for previously released ships 2 Brand new pilots for established factions. 3 New versions of existing pilots. So I would expect A-Wing and X or B wing? But Hera is likely to have a brand new ability.
  9. Dion sure sounded like he had "sources" that claimed new points would drop by this weekend. Hope so. ESC are not hyperspace legal. I find that hyperspace has kind of won out amongst a lot of online players anyway.
  10. X-Wing Vassal League. It's the best X-Wing there is, IMO. Most of the folks in my division are waiting for new points to drop before starting games this season.
  11. I so want a free config that adds a mobile arc like the RZ-2 but every time you use it, you have to roll a die and have a chance to flip the card and lose the rotate action. Too wordy and the printed arc wrecks it but man it sounds fun to me.
  12. Point changes? I'm hoping for a hike on high initiative pilots. Dropping most generics doesn't actually fix anything. Hit the obvious problems: Slave1 and Zizi. I'm more curious if Hyperspace is going to get all shook up. I'm guessing they already had a plan in place for where it was going next?
  13. gamblertuba

    N-1 Exclusive

    My son and I both had Tix to play at Adepticon. Part of the reason I went ahead and signed up was the lure of a LE ship. The purpose of these shinies is to get people to shell out for con tickets and it worked. Adepticon ain't cheap and getting a shiny, limited model is a neat incentive that has no effect on gameplay. Now, the flip side of that is some people are going to be upset because they miss out. You can't have one without the other. Special incentives only work if they feel special.
  14. Spoilers for first campaign mission. In first campaign mission using the app after tutorial. After rescuing the hostages, IG-88, Agent Blaise, a probe droid, 2 Imperial Officers, a squad of storm troopers and a squad of snow troopers all spawned at once. Is this the "normal" difficulty?
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