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  1. gamblertuba

    Dear devs: are we required to buy new ships?

    Go back and rewatch the beginning of the devs "unboxing" stream. The devs hold up little baggies and say those contain the wave 1 upgrades. They have not been spoiled to the best of my knowledge. Edit to add: If the kits add extra generic bases, that would be really, really nice.
  2. gamblertuba

    Dear devs: are we required to buy new ships?

    Thread title should be: "Dear FFG and Asmodee decision makers, how much are you going to charge for the ship upgrade packs?"
  3. If TIE Phantoms have crew instead of Gunner, I'll eat a 1e upgrade card.
  4. gamblertuba

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    I'm very excited about the Gunner upgrades. (At least the ones that don't rhyme with juke pie stalker.) The crew slot on the TIE Phantom was dumb. The fact that bombers could not equip bombardiers was ridiculous. Gunner slot is a great idea.
  5. How many crew carriers with reposition do we expect the Empire to get? Can't put him on a Decimator and boost out of Arc anymore. Where's he gonna ride? A Reaper?
  6. gamblertuba

    Reaper Article!

    How many cards in Saws Renegades and Landos Falcon are usable by the Imperials? The Reaper has to carry all those cards. Not sure how many new cards to expect in each 2e release. Some folks need to readjust expectations from 1e to 2e. We should not expect (or want) piles of upgrades from each new ship release. It's about time that the ships become the stars again. Not the stupid upgrade combos.
  7. gamblertuba

    X-wing second edition tournament at Gencon

    But will you get the promo damage deck for full size adult type people?
  8. gamblertuba

    Cards Still Unknown in Saw's Renegades

    Yes, that is what is shown but it's got to be an error. Just like the 2 Cavern Angel Zealot where U-wing pilots should be. If we got four servo cards, they should all be together. And more servos than renegade refits makes no sense. Something's missing!
  9. gamblertuba

    Cards Still Unknown in Saw's Renegades

    I'm looking at the random servo card that is right next to the condition card. It's gotta be something else.
  10. gamblertuba

    Cards Still Unknown in Saw's Renegades

    Not a bad guess at all. Single use only? As a modification... Not sure who would be excited about that. If not small ship only, it is intriguing.
  11. gamblertuba

    Cards Still Unknown in Saw's Renegades

    The above image is not correct. Top row needs to include Saw Benthic as a pilot and another (generic?) U-wing. X-wing pilot cards look correct. Top row of upgrades has two copies of "Th? Corr?" What is that? How long till we get a leak or final article? Odds are the random Servomotor next to Condition card is also a mistake/placeholder. So when do we find out what is actually missing or unspoiled here? Do we get the new generic for the U-wing? What is the Thrust Corrector and what does it do? (looks like something to do with speed 3 or higher maneuvers?) What card is sneaking in on the first upgrade row? (Where the servomotor card is currently shown out of place) Do we know why there is a weapons disabled token yet? (might be related to question 3) Glexor straightened me out here. Man, Targeting Scrambler Sucks...
  12. gamblertuba

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    Maaaaaybe. I mean yes you obviously can but would you. Maybe. Maybe all the other changes can bring the game back to a place where stuff dies and super defensive point tanks aren't winning every game at time. But maybe not.
  13. gamblertuba

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    The issue with pricing Luke-G is he is extraordinarily match-up dependent. On Han against a pack of B-wings, Luke provides a force token and that's about it. On Leebo against Soontir, 30 points is probably a bargain.
  14. gamblertuba

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    This is exactly what the designers should be avoiding. Autothrusters is a perfect example of a card that simply should not exist in 2nd Ed.
  15. gamblertuba

    Is Luke Gunner Actually That Good?

    After a good deal more reflection, I find I still disagree with the designers. I think I understand their intentions but I think they are missing the mark. I get that Luke-G is supposed to be a "beginner" card that helps newer players learn the ropes and not get punished by higher skill (and higher initiative) pilots. But that helps in exactly one case: new player with Luke-G against a more experienced player with repositional Aces. What about a new player with Aces against a more experienced player with Luke-G? Or most importantly two new players with only one bringing along Luke-G? Imagine Remember the frustration of gradually realizing that no matter what you do, no matter how you fly, you cannot ever dodge the arc of a turret. Ever. There is no counter play. None. There is literally no choice you can make in the game that will allow you to shoot without getting shot back. Your only chance of finding an advantage is already long past in the list building phase of the game. This is the experience we want for new players sitting across from a turret in 2nd ed? Again? Yes, it's frustrating to spend the whole game and never get to shoot because you can't get an opponent in arc. But it's also frustrating to never, ever be able to dodge an arc. No. Matter. What. Luke-G will ruin the fun for just as many new players as he will save it. And losing because you got outflown is not the same as losing because you came with the wrong cards. One leads to (hopefully) buckling down and getting better at planning dials. The other leads to X-wing the Gathering or just walking away. The designers should know better. And frankly, so should the players.