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  1. New player you might just turn them off to the game for good. Experienced player may have just taught them a lesson in a way that they are unlikely to forget. No single right answer. Treat others the way you would want to be treated works in most instances though.
  2. Might try to get a pic later but I went with sky blue. Grey is too boring. Even if it makes more sense.
  3. There are other more colorful ways to phrase the question but I'll go with that. Setting aside the silliness of jungle camo in a space combat game, what color for the underside of Sunny's Scyk? Can't see the bottom of the ship on the card. So? Light gray? Grey? Sky Blue? Green? Camo? What say you?
  4. 4 Z-95's with Cruise and 3 with Thread Tracers sounds pretty solid to me. Not easy to fly but you could get some work done. Expensive list to build though.
  5. Now I should be able trade away a few Kihraxseses without running short on Crackshot.
  6. Don't even have the C-Roc yet but Genesis and Sunny have rides all ready for them.
  7. Reminds me again that ships should be able to take multiple zero(printed) point cost mods. Bombers should not have to choose between long range scanners and guidance chips. They really want both. LRS let's Bombers threaten a 5K and missiles from behind. But without chips, that attack is lacking accuracy.
  8. 2-dice attacks are kind of crap. Rebels and their 1-agility barges are addicted to Biggs. Could these problems be at least helped by the following: When defending, replace one of your green dice with a white die. White die is a green die but one of its evade faces is replaced with a double evade face. When attacking a target (with your primary weapon?) in your primary firing arc, replace one of your red dice with a black die. Black die is a red die with a double hit side in place of a regular hit. Why? The black die will provide a larger benefit to multiple attacks with fewer red dice. The white die will provide the largest benefit to 1 agility ships and might help Rebels get over a Biggs addiction. (i.e. Biggs could be nerfed "safely") Makes all ships care about arc against all targets. I'm not positive on the best way to enhance the two "super" dice but this is the simplest example I could use. The idea is to maintain the overall balance so that the odds of a standard joust would be unchanged. I know this would undermine the costing of current ships. (e.g. turrets and aux arcs are weakened) But, the idea of making the first die rolled a stronger one keeps the power curve from bottoming out so much on low attack or low agility ships. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I feel like the idea has potential.
  9. Well, TIE Fighter was the far superior computer game.
  10. You realize the nerfening has nothing to buffing ships right? Is Hired Guns a bad thing because it makes us wish for new Titles on other ships. Some of these forum goers have been saying the Starviper was about three points too expensive since it was announced.
  11. That is exactly what the card should have been. Not sure if they would be willing to make that change now though. My pet tweak for the Firespray is to allow them to equip small ship only upgrades. I'm curious what it would look like B-wings got a title or something that would allow B-wings to take large ship only upgrades.
  12. I second the motion that A-wings really, really want Autothrusters.
  13. The reinforce token should cancel one damage during the deal damage step instead of adding a result. Would make the Huge ships immune to TLT. Unfortunately the Wookiee Winnebago makes this rule change unlikely.
  14. Haven't listened and don't get the (Warhammer?) reference but I am now desperately hoping that someone has an IA Rancor miniature that has been modeled after the "Putting on the Ritz" scene from Young Frankenstein.
  15. If you are playing casual games, I would recommend a house rule to outlaw Engine Upgrade on large based ships. Rey was a conscious decision by the designers to encourage a large base turret to care about arc. Heroes of the Resistance is one of the easiest to recommend expansions in the game. It's all good stuff. On that note, I hope the designers get a little more information and lead time for the Episode VIII stuff. HotR was kind of a do-over because they did not have time or info to get the Ep 7 stuff right in the first place.