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  1. I think most of this is still current. I'll be buying some more magnets and ball bearings soon.
  2. But a galaxy with both TYE-fighters and Y-ties? What the butt?
  3. Does this count? I also "built" a Captain Jostero.
  4. Hey! I like those bases. The pegs are intermediate size and fit pretty well in new or old ships. I also like putting my pilot cards in colored sleeves that match the base color rather than use cardboard number dealies.
  5. If pilot skill were to cap at nine, there would be extreme bidding wars to control initiative... Which is great! That alone would be some help to generic pilots so they could hopefully fly 100 point lists against 90 point lists. Generics would still be the underdog but it would help.
  6. Pulse Ray- based on other interactions already in the FAQ, you may use PRS to ion yourself even if you cannot recover a shield. Look up Garven Dreis in the FAQ. "Garven may still use his ability after using R5-P9 even if he cannot recover any shields." I guess it could be ruled otherwise but would be exceedingly odd.
  7. Today's broken garbage will be replaced by new broken garbage. That doesn't bring anything back into the meta that was pushed out earlier. To say that the top lists change doesn't address the fundamental imbalances that are present. ^Yup On topic: What if bombs simply couldn't be dropped if the token would overlap a ship base? Too much? Not enough? Dropping a bomb when an enemy ship is right next to the chute probably is not advisable.
  8. I don't think it was/is intentional favoritism. The Kihraxz, Starviper, and Scyk were all objectively terrible and the G1-A wasn't much better. IG-88 and the YV-666 are solid but not above the curve. The Jumpmaster expansion was just a terrible, terrible mistake in nearly every respect. The Scurgg is the designers not quite learning from that mistake. Every other scum release is pretty well on the money.
  9. I dunno, Miranda is pretty good at eating souls all by herself. And Nym. And Kanan with Biggs. Unique-ifying is not enough. Just switch range bands with the blaster turret and call it a day.
  10. I tried to bold out the part that Autothrusters would no longer be an auto-include. That would be a good thing. Autothrusters has created a world where ships with the boost action can survive a turret-heavy meta and other ships can't. That's not good design.
  11. Unlikely but I would love to see TLT and Blaster Turret switch ranges. And yes, the TLT needs some sort of change and has needed it since release. Without TLT, Miranda (and Nym) become more bearable. Maybe not balanced but closer.
  12. Um... That's good? The whole point is to emphasize firing arcs again. The primary weapon turret mechanic was a huge mistake IMHO. TLT was a clumsy attempt to bring fat turrets under control that just made things that much worse. Expertise, Rey crew and a whole bunch of other upgrades have given red dice plenty of punch. TLT either needs to be banned or made unique in a wave 1-3 meta. It is just way too good in a way that nothing else available to those ships would be.
  13. May I suggest @Kdubb that somebody beg Mu0n to make a YT1300 with mobile arc for Vassal and we run a tourney with only wave 1-3 ships. All upgrades allowed except the TLT and Falcon gets a mobile arc and the rotate arc action. Probably after the next Vassal league season?
  14. My current idea is a TIE only Title that stresses any enemy ship that overlaps you.
  15. JJ Abrams has a pretty good track record of starting interesting and dynamic stories. He is less successful at bringing them to meaningful and satisfying conclusions. Alias (loved this show and watched it spiral down the drain) Lost (hardly watched but the ****-storm around the finale was fun to watch) Fringe (never, ever watched) Nu Trek I've got no problems with Force Awakens. It was fun and funny and X-wings blew stuff up and it had likable characters doing interesting stuff... Yay. I just hope somebody is holding JJ's hand and helping him tie this all together in some fashion.