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  1. That is incorrect. The store had 3 or 4 employees present at all times during the first day. None of those employees were part of the TO staff. They opened early and closed late to accommodate the tournament. The store is normally busy on Saturdays with most of the tables taken up by card games, and other miniature games players. The sections of the store that are normally used for RPG, board games, and painting/modeling were filled with tables for X-Wing as well. The store had had flyers posted weeks in advance telling their regular customers to not even bother coming in on Saturday unless they were attending the event. Outside of the X-Wing tournament the store was essentially closed. Other than $25 per person what revenue did the store bring in for the entire day? I know I didn't spend anything. I didn't see many other players buying stuff while they were there either. This isn't like throwing a local tournament, where the cash you spend to give fat prize support is likely to come back to you in the form of loyal customers. How many of those players from LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and elsewhere are ever going to show up in that store to shop? Even if it had zero prize support, it was an expensive event for a game store to host. It was a well run event, everyone I know that attended had a good time. This is my home store and happen to think they the Staff, TO and Judges did an excellent job making my experience as Awesome as any other day I show up to play a casual game of X-wing with friends or League Night. I feel sorry for the people who did not enjoy themselves and the excellent comradely\conversation with fellow x-wing players. I personally did not come to win prizes (Would have been nice but I had an off day 1-5) but to meet new people test my ability against other players and have fun...
  2. Huh good question but would it really matter? What ever became of the of the Tantive IV after its capture?
  3. I was kinda hoping that the Caron Spike would make an appearance
  4. I maybe wrong here but wasn't Twin Suns Squadron a mix of Chiss craft and X-wings?
  5. Yeah the other 2 I have have the problem
  6. I've only opened my 1st one so far and it seems fine. I'll check the others tonight!
  7. Probably not on the dials...
  8. Never really had the need... Good enough dice mostly!I have done the same list but put Airen Cracken in the mix instead of 2 bandits with some success!
  9. She comes in my list with Advanced and Regular torpedoes, Dead eye and Munitions fail safe and has often made up for her cost! But in defense of others I regularly fly her with an Outer Rim Smuggler with Recon Specialists and 2 Bandits with Proton Rockets... I really like Ordinance
  10. As I said before I really hope its another CR 90 with 2 new cards "Night Caller" Which was an Imperial Designation or The "Ession Strike" which it was named after Wraith Squadron captured it
  11. You will find that many of the ships in the prequel have a place in the current war we play in and that some of the ships that we play now also have a long history...
  12. Sinclair01

    Flying blind

    This seems like a great way to stop seeing the same lists being matched time and time again
  13. If they do Wraith Squadron then Rebels will have to get a few Tie's to fly and maybe get the The Ession Strike, originally named the Night Caller,which was was a modified CR90 corvette. Which would also give the Empire a large ship
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