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  1. Last night we had a disscussion about this situation: Player A plays "To be a Lion" Player B plays "Paper Shield" to cancel "To be a Lion" Since "To be a Lion" says: "Response: After you win an Intrigue challenge, stand a House Lannister character you control to choose and kneel a character without an Intrigue icon. " my question is: Will Lannister character stand as a part of the cost of event, or will not? Cards that have text: Do blah bla blah To Blah bla blah, have always been treated like cards that have cost to do some things. Whole point is that this card have benefitial cost, and benefitial effect, but some cards have negative cost for benefit. Thank you in advance
  2. I still don't get it from your second sentence. If i kneel 2 characters from 2 different opponents with King Joffrey's Guard, do i kneel only 1 character with Queen's Guard, or 2 characters?
  3. What happens when in a multiplayer game i play "King Joffrey's Guard" And Already have "Queen's Guard" in play? Since King Joffrey's Guard say: " After King Joffrey's Guard comes into play, choose and kneel up to 2 non-Army characters. ", and Queen's Guard says: " After you trigger an effect that kneels an opponent's character, choose and kneel 1 character controlled by a different opponent. " Do i kneel 1 or 2 characters with Queen's Guard? What makes me confused is that Queen's Guard doesn't say "...effect that kneels 1 or more opponent's characters..."
  4. Effect says Response After Dale Seaworth enters play or leaves play, choose and return 1 Baratheon card from your discard pile to your hand. Can i trigger its effect if i dont have any cards in discard pile to return him to my hand. Thanks in advance.
  5. Player A controls Distinguished Boatswain and Captured Cog. Player B controls 5 cards in shadows. In Dominance phase, Player B has 4, and Player A controls standing Distinguished Boatswain and Captured Cog. Question is how much Player A has during dominance? Minus 2 or plus 4? Does character counts value below 0? Thanks in advance.
  6. Melee game. Player A controls King Roberts Host. Player B has Crown Regent title. Player C initiates Power challenge against Player B. Player B use his title to make player C attack another opponent. Since Player A controls King Roberts Host which say While King Roberts Host is standing, opponents cannot initiate Power challenge against you. Can Player C attack player B. Thanks in advance.
  7. Is this situation legal: Player A controls 4 characters, and one of them is Beric Dondarrion (IG), and plays with The Brotherhood Without Banners Agenda. Player B reveals Wildfire Assault plot. Can player A choose 3 characters other than Beric Dondarrion, and to have all 4 characters remain in play? I will appreciate explanation. Thanks in advance.
  8. Situation: -Melee game. -Player A Baratneon has Fury of the Stag plot and is Active player. -Player B Martell controls Arianne Martell (PotS) with Thirst for Blood attachment and 4 Power on her. -Player A wins a Power challenge against Player B, and chooses Arianne Martell to take control of her. -Next round Player B Martell plays Arianne Martell since he doesn't control her anymore. -On the same round, Player C Stark wins a challenge in which Roose Bolton (DB) participated, and triggers his effect: "Response: After you win a challenge in which Roose Bolton participated, all players take control of each character they own currently in play." What happens with Arianne Martell which controls Player A Baratheon? Does she returns to Player B as a duplicate on current Arianne Martell he controls at that very moment? Does she returns as main Arienne Martell and current Player's B Arianne Martell becomes a duplicate? What happens with Power on returned Arianne Martell and Attachments on her? I found this very interesting situation, and probably not so common situation as well. Thanks in advance.
  9. After enough played games, i found one question that bugs me. During the Plot phase, Player A revealed plot "Into the List", wins Initiative, and chooses to be the First player. Effect of the "Into the List": "When revealed, each player may choose and kneel 1 non-Army character with a Military icon he or she controls. The character with the highest STR knelt in this way claims 2 power." Does the player A as the first player has to kneel character first, or he chooses which player kneels his character first? And, for the final question, if any of similar circumstances occur during the game, is the First player the one who chooses in which order effects will be resolved? Thanks in advance.
  10. If I attack with Pyat Pree alone, and i have revealed plot with 1 Claim value, and win a challenge, when defender has Loyalty Money Can Buy plot, what happens? Do i choose and kill one of his characters, or nothing happens because my claim is lowered to 0? Thanks a lot in advance.
  11. Another question about character gaining Stealth came up on my mind: Player A Initiates a military challenge with Benjen Stark (Core), and use Benjen's "Stealth" on player's B, Arya Stark (Core). Can player B use Arya's ability to gain "Stealth" from Benjen, or any other in-play character with "Stealth" to prevent "Stealthing"? Is there any space for doing that?
  12. Yes, i did. That is why i am a bit confused about some things like defending and removing from challenge, and about Stack which doesn't exist in this game. Question about Smuggler's Cove was just dumb... I could answer myself if i have read it once more. Thanks to Grim, and 40k for lifelike detailed explanation .
  13. Hello. I have few questions, that are probably matter of Timing Structure. I read the FAQ, but couldn't find answers myself. 1. Player A Initiates a power challenge with Benjen Stark (Core), and declares "Stealth" on player's B Ser Cortnay Penrose (KotS). Can player B use Smuggler's Cove (KotS) in response, to give Ser Cortnay Penrose "Stealth", so he can't be the target for player's A Benjen Stark's "Stealth"? 2. Player A initiates a power challenge with Littlefinger (Core). Player B Declares John Snow (Core) as a defender. Player A passes, player B trigger Swamps of the Neck (TPoL) to Stand John Snow, and remove it from the challenge. Is the player A challenge opposed or unopposed? 3. Player A initiates a power challenge with Littlefinger (Core). Player B Declares Catelyn Stark (Core) as a defender. Player A passes, player B trigger Catelyn Stark's Response ability, player A passes, Player B trigger Swamps of the Neck (TPoL) to Stand Catelyn Stark, and remove it from the challenge. Does Littlefinger's Strenght counts to determine winner of the challenge, even if Catelyn Stark is not in that challenge anymore? 4. Player A controls Ser Ilyn Payne (Core). Player B controls Marya Seaworth (KotS) and have Painted Table (TbC) location in play. Player A triggers Ser Ilyn Payne's ability to kill Marya Seaworth. Can player B cancel Ser Ilyn Payne's ability with Painted Table? Is that effect to cancel next triggered ability on the stack, or next triggered ability that is about to activate somewhere during that phase? I am sorry for this wall of text, i just coudn't find answers myself.
  14. Hello. I am playing AGoT for some time, and 2 days ago i participated at my first tournament. I was pretty surprised when my opponent start to look at my plot deck?! I mean, what the... He said that it is normal thing to present your plot deck to opponent, so we can know if anyone of us is running Wildfire Assault, Valar Morghulis, or any mass removal plot. So, we looked at each others plots, and start playing. I didn't saw anyone else looking at other player's plots, and i didn't asked any of my next opponents for plot cards, as any of my opponents didn't asked for my plots. So, what's the deal? Is Plot deck public information? Is a Discard and Dead Pile public, since he played with Discard and Dead Piles face down? Thanks.
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