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  1. Over here in SG all of us signed the Lend-Lease Act so we pretty much just holler ofver Whatsapp for stuff we don't have. Plus we got some leaving players that sell off their fleet and we pretty much prioritise the new comers over the old timers
  2. Few more you may wanna add - D ball - Blob of Defenders normally numbering 5 and above Jendon's Orchestra - Squadron builds with Jendon Neko/CL - Arquintens Task Force Zombie - Rieekan fleet Taichi - Redirect defence token (local slang in SG meaning you deflect or redirect something) Half - Brace (so you remember what the token does) Sato dice - When your opponent replace 2 dice with 2 black
  3. Drop Decimator. We tried it in our casuals and we didn't like it. It's slow. Defenders on the other hand... Can cause PTSD in players. Just completed the Second Battle of Corellia where my fleet of 2 GSD, 2 CL and Gozanti went to retake Corellia. My opponent had MC80, 2 MC30, 1 Pelta, 2 GR 75 and 6 As. Needless to say, Steele and 7 Defenders tore through the A wing screen and together with Lambda went to bomb his MC80 to dust. I was prettyuch relaying orders here there everywhere. In a follow up battle with him in a 400 point BLOCKADE RUN casual, Jendon pretty much asked the accompanying Ds to double tap any of the "fleeing Xs" In a previous game, 2 GSD and 2 Gozanti together with Jendon, Steele, 5 Ds and 1 Adv went up against 4 Xs and 4Bs. Lets just say that his CAP was quickly overwhelmed by Ds and Jendon. His CAP was totally obliterated when Jendon ordered a D to double tap the son of Skywalker. TLDR; Jendon's Orchestra is indeed powerful. All the double taps and countless possibilities. Just imagine he asking a TIE Interceptor to double tap. Throw in Howl's ability to the mix and the Interceptor is practically triple tapping.
  4. For me, I'm partially obsessed woth unit uniformity when I field them. Makes remembering attacks easier. That's why my CAG is as such. Speaking of which, I like it that Armada now is somewhat like a 4.5 Generation force
  5. Why would you want to install a 1 shot rack instead of being able to repeatedly using flechette on Fletcher RSD?
  6. Hot on the heels of Warithdt's Fletcher RSD list, lets throw in Screed's D-ball as well. We're in our local Armada Whatsapp group together and we were also talking about the strength of the D-ball. I've used massed Defenders and lately I've added Jendon to the list. I pretty much ran Jendon, Steele, 1 Advance and 5 Defenders. I'm just curious to find out what you guys think of it since here in our local alrea, we can't let go of our squadrons. We even have a Biggs Imortal Ball fielded by one of our guys.
  7. You can proxy them while you test it out. I got 8 TIE Ds organised into 2 fighter wing
  8. What to get? Go into the game store and pick out MC30 and Gladiator. After that make this unholy abomination - Gladiator (Demolisher title) Engine tech Ordnance expert Advance proton torpedo Get x2 of the Imperial Fighter Pack 2 a d field the TIE D together with Jendon or generic Lambda... Than watch on as the world burns.
  9. Anyway, the TIE D is the one that I've been waiting for. So why not flood the playing field with it!? If cab flood with 8 TIE Ds, that'll be awesome man... 2 full fighter wings.
  10. Interesting list you got there. That's what I did back in the early days but my Rhymer ball got decimated. I'm rather uncomfortable with the lack of fighter cover. Try this - -131 pts- 2 Firespray 1 Lambda 5 TIE D (My alternate air group for my replacement Correlian Defence Fleet) Alternatively, -133 pts- Jendon 5 TIE D Steele 1 TIE Adv (Or replace 1 generic TIE D with Rhymer) Both list may cause extreme headache and/or exponential increased salt levels in your opponent. With the TIE Ds, you can potentially one shot or cripple the enemy air group. The Firesprays and Rhymer are there to force you opponent to make a decision. Focus on the fighter battle or split them. Either way, if the enemy doesn't have enough air cover, TIE Ds will tear them apart. If they choose to go after your bombers, TIE Ds will switch over to bomber role. The choice is his. I won't comment much on ships as when I run the Interdictor, it's combat refit, G8 and few others, together with 1/2 GSD and squadrons.
  11. If it was me, I'd just put ECM on my MC80 and release up the points for more ships and/or squadrons. You may want to consider in investing in a squadron with Strategic? That comes with Relay which is useful
  12. Here's something for you guys to consider - -Ships- GSD Demolisher, APT, ET, OE GSD, APT, ET, OE, Screed Gozanti, ExHangar Gozanti, ExHangar, Chireneau -Squadrons- Jendon Stelle 5 TIE Ds 1 TIE Adv That list went up against 2 AF2 with RLB, GR75 and TRC90 and won. My opponent's 4 sqd Luke-Xball got jammed at round 1 and he was forced to drop his Bs on the spot. It was a close fight but Jendon and the D-ball pulled through. Demo killed the TRC90 and Screed killed his other AF2 by ramming. Of course Screed's D-ball is a risky list but hey, heck a lot of fun espionage with Jendon. Why don't you guys try it and enjoy the salted popcorn (if any)
  13. I don't see why we have to fault the finalist so option to field Task Force Zombie. All's fair in love and war. It's a competition, of course you want to win. Plus as a commander, you'd want to minimise your losses and maximise the enemy's and that is what the finalists have done. I don't see the point in all this chatter.
  14. Looks nice. I think I'll get it for ISD Impero
  15. They don't have the multi turret packs eh. They sold each separately
  16. I actually like the 2 man cockpit, You have the pilot and WSO in it. Tip: Invest in a thinner brush Apply wash on it. It'll make it look even better.
  17. I meant how did you pull off the Tiger stripes? Brush paint?
  18. Do you have the link to this? I might want to upgun ISD Impero from the Littorio ISD sub class
  19. At this scale and when viewed from far, it's lovely. Each of us will have our distinct style, theme and references... Though there are repaints which I find sacrilegious all thanks to the colour choices...
  20. Well Darthain, I thought I was the only one who painted the wing leaders differently. I pretty much put the ace pilots as wing commanders and they spot a different paint job than the rest. Though there are instances where the squadron leaders have a different livery than the rest of the men. I know it's shameless advertising but have a crack at some of my repaints. I pretty much make reference and homage to the shows, games and history. Thought that's once upon a time before they temporarily took down the repaint channel.
  21. Noce. Recently I did the same thing on both of my TIE Defender wings and mixed it with Knights of Sidonia. Quoting Kaiki... Even if imitation is not the real thing... It can end up much more real than the original.
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