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  1. I mean, you're not wrong, but the whole purpose of points adjustments is not to make them unusable, it's to price them appropriately. The argument is about what that threshold actually is. You're right that if you ONLY raised Soontir, he'd drop out of the meta, and people would only use other "big nasties". The ideal is that ALL of those should be at the correct points level, so there are no overpowered/undercosted monsters to fall back on. Again, the IDEAL situation is where any ship and pilot is a viable reasonably competitive choice, in at least some kind of sensible list. And yeah, "haven't been playing a long time", so you'd probably fall in the lines of what I said about seeing these things fail on your kitchen table. Full disclosure: that's me too. I tried and tried to make Fenn work like I hear people talk about, but I just can't. He dies like a chump when I play him. I feel like this is the single best piece of evidence that a list is undercosted. I mean, it's literally saying "my list works as well as other ones that cost 20 points more".
  2. I thought that was exactly the argument Boom Owl has been making all along. I think this is the biggest problem in setting an appropriate cost. That is to say, the glass cannon problem. Imagine a ship that has 6 attack dice and 6 defense dice, but only 2 hull. If it's in the right place, it will annihilate lots of enemy ships, especially smaller ones. But if you roll blanks on one defense roll, you could easily die to a single 2-dice attack. It's all variance. How do you price something like that? Maybe it die to the first Range 3 shot through a rock, maybe it will solo the whole enemy fleet. Now imagine we give that ship zero agility, but it has every maneuver, and they're all blue. It's got SLAM and reposition actions, which all link into each other. It's still a flying mega-cannon, but its survival is based primarily on player skill. It needs to perfectly avoid every attack: one mistake and it's basically done. How long can a good player make it last? If they make it into a 1 vs. 1 end game, it's almost an auto-win, but how many players can do that? And against which lists? Now, these are obviously examples at the absurd end of the spectrum, BUT: Soontir is on that spectrum. And a person's opinion of where he lies on that spectrum also differs, presumably based on the expectations of how he will be played. If you're someone who assumes top-tier champion play, you're likely to think Soontir will be positioned perfectly every time. If you only play your two buddies on your kitchen table, you're probably all-too-used to seeing that one important mistake that ends his day. And of course, you're going to think he should be costed according to those performance expectations. So maybe this is an appropriate question: If you look at the list of "accused" undercosted aces, how many of them fit this archetype? Because I don't think Poe does. Most posts seemed to say he's good, but not great, but he's reliable. In other words, he's not a wild, janky ace, he's an elite version of a widely-recognized solid workhorse. On the other hand, I see a lot of contentious pilots in TIEs, Fangs, etc. Not nearly as much wiggle room for taking a couple lucky hits.
  3. It doesn't support upgrade cards now/yet. That feature is on the "to do" list. Same thing with the other factions. You could do one of them as a "custom faction" if you had all the correct images, but I don't know where to get all of those. HINT: if someone else has them, I'd like to get them also. Especially Separatists. If you mean the silhouette in the corner, you can make it... well, any way you make an image. I made one for the Vulture Droid Fighter by using the one in the ships font to make a jpg image in Paint.
  4. Yes, that's what I meant by this section here: Usually, this happens one or two bristles at a time, although I did not make that clear.
  5. I agree. Don't try to "reshape" the brush tip like you're giving a haircut. I think this is what Laminidas was trying to say. You can get rid of a few errant bristles to improve a cheaper or worn out brush, but there's a limit on what you can gain. If I get some rogue hairs that need to be culled, I usually try to tease them out to the side with a knife, then pull them back and cut against the ferrule to just trim them right off the brush. Also, don't be dismissive about proper cleaning. I wouldn't use boiling water on your brushes, and be careful about solvents. You can soften or damage the glue that holds the bristles in the ferrule, which can cause them to fray or even fall out.
  6. Which adaptation is this? It looks like a bunch of different stuff mashed together, and some of it didn't load for me.
  7. It's also under 50 points, even with Fire Control System, which puts it in my library of ships for Aces High. And doing one quasi-"automatic" damage is clutch for grabbing a few First Blood points.
  8. Steam has options for streaming games to other devices via their Steam Link app (or device, if you can find one for sale somewhere), or via their "Remote Play Together" option. The idea is that you run the game on one PC, and other device(s) can stream video and input to it, acting like the remote device is just part of the original PC. In theory, anyway. The success and reliability varies, depending on the system(s) and games involved.
  9. Wow, awesome. That was every bit as comprehensive as I had hoped! 🙂
  10. Thank you, but yes, I knew that. I intend to fix that. 😉 I have a few alternate models as well as FFG ones, and I'm not squeamish about moving the droid socket either way. My point was to try an accurately depict which version a pilot is flying, either based on "historical" canon, or on the most likely tabletop configuration. So, I'm looking for something like, "Saesin Tiin had a base model and only flew that through the end of the clone wars", or "Plo Kloon had a base model up until the battle of XYZ, and then got a new 7B". Or alternately, "I always give Obi-Wan a 7B, but I feel the points are wasted on Ahsoka". Just something as guidance in a frivolous project.
  11. Having just finished painting a boatload of vulture droids, I find myself in need of a replacement task, and the obvious answer is... Jedi fighters. There are documented color schemes for all the X-wing pilots, but before I get into painting them, there's the matter of where the droid goes. So, my question is this: which pilots should have a 7b, and which should have a "standard" model? I'm interested in answers in terms of canon as well as game worthiness (i.e. who makes best use of the card).
  12. This summarizes all the best advice given so far. Keep it simple. Teach the minimum. Those who want to learn more will ask.
  13. This is awesome, thanks! For what it's worth, the main page was publicly viewable and had a lot of good links, similar to the above.
  14. Well, crap. I don't do Facespace things. I guess I'll look around.
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