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  1. Thanks for the list. One of the FLGS here just started carrying Army Painter (like, last week), so I was finally able to get Monster Brown. I agree with you on the match as well as consistency. The closest I was able to get with Citadel was by mixing equal parts Zandri Dust, Steel Legion Drab, and Skrag Brown. It's not as close as Monster Brown, but the coverage is better (although still not excellent). YMMV. I'm less concerned about the other colors. The main body of the CIS drone looks like neutral grays, so I can use black and white to mix up and down until I get what I like. Likewise, the blue seems like a "true blue", so there should be a match in almost any paint line.
  2. I'm also intrigued by "one dial per wing". If it means you only have to use one TIE fighter dial to move 6 TIE fighters, that will take some of the sting out of the dial shortages in the conversion kits. On the other hand, it might mean there are special new "formation" dials in the Epic pack, which could mean needing to buy multiple (more!) packs to field large collections, which would be... much less enjoyable. I'll be waiting to see how this is implemented.
  3. Does anyone have good color matches for the Trade Federation browns? Citadel Dryad Bark seems pretty close for the dark brown. The lighter color is eluding me; everything I try seems either too yellow or too orange.
  4. Two ideas: 1) Buy the kit and sell/trade off the X-wing bits. 2) Get a new (rectangle) dish to swap on your falcon. I know I saw at least one of these on Shapeways, even before the official FFG model.
  5. Card packs. I don't want to derail into discussing whether or not they're feasible, or if FFG wants to do them, or about how they will or won't fit into FFG's business model. I just think there are so many ways these could benefit players, that I hope FFG figures out how to do them.
  6. I have to say, this is a level of detail I would not have even noticed on my own, but now that GuacCousteau pointed it out, I am all the more impressed. I will keep it in mind for when I do my own repaints. Someday...
  7. Impressive work! What did you use for reference pictures? (please post links if applicable)
  8. To be fair, I'd never seen the ship on screen, so when I heard the wings moved, I assumed that's how it would work too. It was only after I got one that I found out it was otherwise.
  9. I would wager that's an "R", not a "K", making it a "[Something Tur]ret Gunner". Which would be even more to your point.
  10. I just tried it with Firefox, and it seems to work. I haven't explored it enough to know if it is doing what it's supposed to do, but I click things and stuff happens. 😜 I'll have to look at it some more. A few first questions to help me understand more: 1) The ship icon in the upper right corner (along with the other info pages) shows you tables of maneuvers for a ship. When you click on where the ship's target is, the app 'rolls' on this table to pick which maneuver to use? Does it pick one column, or does it roll separately for each condition (closing, retreating, etc)? 2) Why the free target lock? That seems kinda big. Do the AI ships need it that badly? Good work, it looks good so far!
  11. Your math may be fine, but your logic is flawed, because this isn't how anyone builds a collection. This is like when a newspaper says it has "$1340 in coupon savings!". Yes, if you add up the face value of every coupon, I'm sure the total is correct, but using every one of them would be absurd. No one is going to get $1340 in savings, they're going to save 15 bucks at the grocery store, and maybe another 70 if they happen to buy that new TV they've been pondering for three months. How many players have a collection that exactly matches a conversion pack? [feel free to take this question as genuine rather than rhetorical] This is it, right here. Second edition has a lot of positive things going for it. The rules changes are fantastic; they read like a wishlist of every rule- and balance-fixing design thread on these forums since, like, Wave 2. Adjusting points on the fly is good, but making them only available electronically is... inconvenient, at best. I'll admit the conversion kits are probably the best way to implement the change, given the structure of the game. It's the proportions that I don't like. I have a nice, Goldilocks type collection: not too big, not too small. I checked it against the kit contents, and one of each kit will cover everything I have, with a few notable exceptions: TIE Fighters Y-wing (one) X-wings So, the things the kits fall short on, are the most basic and iconic ships in the game/lore/universe/IP? Does that look right to anyone? And yes, I know I don't usually need to field every one of my X-wings, but... what if I want to? I mean, that's why I paid money for them. So what do I have to buy to upgrade the rest of those? Well, it would take an entire second kit, that's what. Because - whether it's for legitimate logistical reasons or not - they aren't offering any other options. Can people not understand why that sucks? Can you not understand how this might diminish my enthusiasm over "how completely awesome" 2.0 is? Yeah, it still looks good, but the "awesome" is most certainly not "complete" in my eyes. - H8
  12. How about the Starviper? I want to make the wings foldable, but it's such a thin and wispy model I'm afraid I'll break it before I get it apart. Knowing where to crack it without endangering the model could make it an almost trivial mod, given the way the parts appear to be separated. - H8
  13. Very nice program! Minor card error report: Squad Swarm command card is listed as limit 2 (and program allows two), but the card clearly shows limit 1. Keep up the good work! - H8
  14. This is why you don't use Canadian tables. Hey man, leave him alone! It's not his fault they only have metric tables in Canada. - H8
  15. No, but that's not a bad idea, if you get in a situation with lots of dials crowded on the table. - H8
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