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  1. And he won the 1st Spanish Championship with that Caldara deck...
  2. Could you provide a decklist? I would like to play such a deck.
  3. Poor Headache Dwarf! Erestor is coming, we will forget soon that we have been rewarded with a defending dwarf with migraine in this cycle for keeping on buying the latest adventure packs.
  4. Northern warg shocked me, too. We are discovering different warg breeds, it is enjoyable such a vivid imagination.
  5. If it is only exclusive for gencon attendants, then this Gimli will be an excellent candidate for Strange Eons+ printer's studio Edit: however, I am pretty certain it will be included in the PoD adventure.
  6. That Headache Helm he seems to wear could be an attachment in this cycle that could possibly work with him making him way better, but at the moment he may be the most disappointing heroe in Angmar awakened.
  7. Not unique. 3 different characters you control (not unique only).As it's been said, I can't imagine a deck or situation it would be beneficial to use his response instead of direct defense, maybe against some enemies like the hill troll, for example, when you don't want to recieve the consequences of non defended attack points? Edit: first part corrected before by Asfaloth! And yes, he is a dwarf, it is easy to increase his stats but...I still don't see him in any of my most played decks.
  8. Then you will do even more hard the preparation of games with partners which bring a random deck (meaning not prepared in coordination with the other players). We spend usually tons of minutes changing our unique characters or attachments, I cannot imagine to start counting the copies of every single card...
  9. Yes, PsychoRocka, the deck is insane, it's the old SuperBoromir deck split into two decks to increase even more the power of this superhero. He is without any doubt the best hero in the game due to his almost unlimited readying effect. However, I think that some fair decks should be on extinction if FFG limits his action (some decks uses him with gondorian shield as unique defensive strategy). It is a different thing regarding to songs, because I think that some song cards are only played in combo insane decks, like the one posted by Rouxxxor that led to the errata in Will of the West.As regards for store/friends games, it is true that you don't want to see your partner being the lord of drawing and resource production for 40 minutes before you can play a single card, and only the official errata could stop these gamebombers. However, in my whole experience, and afrer some insane combo decks (all nowadays fixed with errata) I have not seen a single player of this type, with a broken deck. In a month we have a National tournament in Spain, held by the community of players, with really good prizes. I hope none of the attendants will bring insane, unfair decks. In my opinion, that event could be a good scenario to confirm the attraction of these power decks.
  10. Excellent deck(s) and admirable effort. Thank you for such a contribution!
  11. I'm always surprised of how a discussion about a really strong deck here turns into a discussion about errata. This game is coop with no tournaments at all, I prefer not to propose more errata to fix a problem in the game design (being the inability of the encounter deck to respond to our game in any sense). You can always just avoid such a deck, And you will obviously do after one or two games, there is no challenge in playing those decks.
  12. I was hoping to see Círdan, Galdor or some other renown characters, but... Rossiel?? She could be named Arwen and also be appropriate in terms of theme, isn't it?
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