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  1. I like your squad, nice weird ace hard counters. But what about Palob instead of Torkil? Is it so that to can hopefully wipe aces before they damage your ships? Tell me more about your squad please, I love meta hate squads. Thanks! I like Palob a lot, but stripping a token from an ace doesn't do too much if my other ships are at range 2-3, as their two-dice attacks usually can't hit at that range anyway. If my other ships are at range 1, they'll be using autoblaster turret or feedback array, for which it doesn't matter if the opponent has a token or not. With Torkil, as you can say, I can try to kill an ace or other ships before they kill my ships - this can be especially helpful with the Z's, who otherwise can often get killed before they can feedback array. Torkil is also one point cheaper, which allows me to take Moldy crow and tactician on him; the tactician provides yet another threat an ace has to avoid. However, I'm by no means sure Torkil is the best way to fill out the rest of the points. I've tried other variants of this squad which used a PS1 Starviper instead with reasonable success (see here and here). In the next wave, I'm also looking at something like 4-Lom with Tactician and other stuff to fill out the points.
  2. It's worth noting that the Team Covenant aces season two final featured both players having lists with two ships similar to "soap bubbles with bubble blowers": Blair's list had two Binayre pirates (no upgrades) and Matt Shadowlord's list had an Academy Tie and a Epsilon squad pilot (the base Tie/FO). In the hands of good players, a pair of PS1 blockers like these can be of immense value and should not be so easily dismissed.
  3. Results from Gamezilla Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada) store championships today (14 players, 4 rounds swiss): 1st: - Soontir Fel + PTL + Stealth + Autothrusters - Carnor Jax + VI + Hull + Autothrusters - Captain Yorr + Palpatine 2nd: - Vader - Omega Leader - Colonel Jendon (Not sure of upgrades, will hopefully update later) 3rd: - Poe + VI + R2-D2 + Autothrusters - Gold squad + TLT + R3-A2 + BTL-A4 - Gold squad + TLT - Bandit (Heaver's world championship list) 4th: - Torkil Mux + TLT + Tactician + Moldy crow - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged Astromech - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged Astromech - Binayre pirate + Feedback array - Binayre pirate + Feedback array I played the 4th place list, and was 3-0 until the last game, just losing a very close game to the winner. I'll probably post a full report later.
  4. One thing to consider here is that Sam got a huge advantage by playing the Infiltration mission incorrectly. When it succeeds, you are supposed to look at the top two objectives and put one of the top of the deck and another on the bottom (from the "Powerful Allies" preview). Instead, each time he succeeded at that mission, he took one of the objectives into his hand. Since he was doing this basically every turn, this gave him far more objectives than he should have had otherwise, and so could score more points from them and end the game sooner. Had he been playing that mission correctly, he probably would have had 1 or 2 fewer points from objectives, giving Tom another turn or two to find and destroy the new rebel base. Another thing to consider is that I think the Imperial player should probably try to cut down the luck factor of the rebel player moving their base by trying to get new probe cards as much as possible. I don't recall Tom ever doing the "Gather Intel" mission (maybe once at the beginning?); this can give the Imperial player 1-2 new probe cards each turn, really cutting down the possibilities if the rebel player moves bases. Finally, as Tom himself mentioned, it's probably important to keep the mission that lets the Imperial player drop an AT-AT, AT-ST, and two stormtroopers anywhere until the rebel player moves, so that if the rebel player moves somewhere, if the Imperial player has a good guess at where they could be (having drawn lots of probe cards), the Imperial player can easily destroy that new base next turn.
  5. Hmm, that sounds a bit high to me; I would have figured around 50%. But I've only rarely flown with or against defenders in the past, and certainly the 4K is/can be used a lot. (I wonder how hard it is to try *always* flying the defender with 3-5 speed moves? An interesting exercise, perhaps). It would be nice to see the PS1 x7 defender's jousting efficiency as a function of what the evade rate is, or at least a few different values for its efficiency if one gets a different evade per turn rate.
  6. I'm breaking radio silence on the new Defender expansion for the first time. I'll probably make a separate post later. The MathWing numbers peg the PS1 Delta/x7 as having a jousting efficiency of about 102% for reasonable assumptions of how often you can get the free evade to trigger. What are those assumptions on how often the ability triggers? I wonder whether initially this appears very strong, but as people learn to fly against the x7 defenders, they will be better able to anticipate its moves, given that it wants to take a speed 3-5 maneuver, hence making it harder to consistently make those moves and end up with a good shot. That's pure speculation on my part, however, as I haven't flown with or against one yet.
  7. I've missed this topic since I normally don't check this subforum, which is a shame because I love the Starviper! I placed 1st and 2nd in two tournaments over the summer with the following list, which has an Enforcer as a key component: - Black sun enforcer + Autothrusters + Flechette torpedoes - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged astromech - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged astromech - Binayre pirate + Ion pulse missile - Binayre pirate + Feedback array Here's the first and second tournament reports. The first one, in particular, gives some detail about how I came up with the squad - it all started with looking for a good home for the PS1 Starviper. However, I'm not sure how well this squad would do against TLTs, which didn't exist when I was running this list. Since the arrival of TLTs, I've run the following setup on Guri with great success: - Guri + Predator + Autothrusters + Virago + Sensor Jammer paired with - Palob + Recon + Moldy + TLT + Engine - Black sun ace + Crackshot and - Kavil + TLT + R4 + Crackshot - Graz + Glitterstim I think this setup on Guri makes her one of the best ships in the game, especially if one expects TLTs or other turrets. I'm not sure what the best support for her is, but anything that gets her into the end game should work well.
  8. Quick question: in this analysis, are you counting all TLTs as turrets? (Since the ones with BTL-A4 aren't turrets any more).
  9. Oh, you're one of /those/ players that always Focuses no matter what. On ships that will shoot last yes because anything else is throwing a ship away a dead ship can't fire after all. Also on 2 attack ships TL and focus give the exact same chance to get a hit so there's zero downside. TL is for ships with three attacks not tie fo's. It doesn't matter what attack value a ship has, focus or TL gives an additional 25% number of hits. (On each separate die, unmodified chance to hit is 1/2. Focus increases this to 3/4, but TL does as well, since the chance to *not* hit with a TL is 1/2*1/2 = 1/4, and hence the chance to hit with a TL is 3/4 also. Since focus and TL can be applied separately to each die, it doesn't matter how many attack dice are being rolled, each die's chance to hit increases from 50% to 75% with a focus or target lock.). You may be thinking about the difference between taking focus vs. evade on defense, where the number of dice being rolled does affect how many evades you get. With all that said, TL is not at all useless on any ship. It has one enormous advantage over focus, namely it can last to later turns. As you say, not taking focus leaves one more defensively open, but this just means you take TL when the enemy won't be shooting at you. This can be achieved primarily in a couple of different ways: you move yourself into a position in which enemy ships will either bump you or go past you, or if you have a bigger threat available for them to shoot at. On such turns the F/O can take a target lock without fear of harm, and use it then or save it for a later turn, perhaps even getting the awesome focus + TL combination, which has a >80% chance of all hits on 2 or 3 dice. None of this can be done with the base Tie fighter.
  10. Not true - and this is an important distinction: mathematics predicts that the statline efficiency of Whisper is the same before and after the nerf. What has changed is the ship's positional capability, which directly affects its ability to attain the absolute "required efficiency" to break even with a bunch of low PS mooks like TIEs or B-wings. MathWing in that thread won't tell you exactly how much value to expect out of the post-nerf decloak, but it does tell you how effective you need to be at it to break even. What you are saying in the first part of your last sentence was what I was trying to say above. Mathwing says that the required efficiency of pre-nerf Whisper is 168.6%. Mathwing says that the required efficiency of post-nerf Whisper is 168.6%. Mathwing says nothing about how the nerf affects how well Whisper can achieve this required efficiency of 168.6%. That is, Mathwing can tell us how much a ship's non-statline abilities need to be used to achieve its required efficiency, but tells us nothing about how likely those non-statline abilities can help it achieve that required efficiency. Thus, Mathwing only tells us part of the story when considering ships that have significant non-statline abilities. And clearly, with the example of the Phantom nerf, the part of the story that Mathwing misses can have a large effect on the real-world effectiveness of the ship.
  11. Cost is the great equalizer, so stat line efficiency always matters. The question is if the "intangibles" can make up the deficit. Sometimes they can, and sometimes they can't. In the case of the T-70, we have strong evidence that it will not. By the way, for all those interested in how much difference the "intangibles" can make, comparing the performance of the Phantom pre and post-nerf is a useful example. The Phantom has the exact same statline and thus Mathwing predictions pre and post-nerf (for those new to the game, the Phantom nerf only changed when it's decloak happens). So, Mathwing alone (at least, the public model we know of) predicts that the Phantom would perform just as well before and after this change. Of course, that's not what we've seen in tournament results and usage - the Phantom has dropped off substantially in popularity and winning tournaments since it's nerf. Thus, this is a prime example of how much factors outside the pure jousting efficiency of a ship can make a difference to a ship's real-world performance.
  12. There's a difference between having a TLT and being a TLT spam list. Do you mean that half of the top sixteen were spam lists, or that they simply included one or more TLTs? If the information on List juggler about the Nova Open is correct, then only 4 of the top 16 lists had TLT in them. None of them had more than 2 ships with TLT, so I wouldn't count any of them as TLT-spam lists.
  13. Since their green moves are almost as good as an Interceptor's and they have a great variety of actions, I think PTL on any of the FO's that can take it looks good. So, right now that would be on Omega squad (PS4 generic), Zeta Ace (PS5, super barrel roll), and Omega Ace (PS7, all rolls to crits). PTL also looks good for both Zeta and Omega Ace's abilities. With all of these ships, especially if you have other higher-threat ships in your list, I would take one of their two actions early on as a target lock on an important ship, then save it for when you get a range 1 shot. This is something regular Ties and Interceptors can't do (unless they equip the rarely-used targeting computer).
  14. A couple of days ago, I took the same list to another local tournament: you can read about it here.
  15. A few weeks ago, I won a small (8 person) tournament with the following list: - Black sun enforcer + Autothrusters + Flechette torpedoes - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged astromech - Syndicate thug + Autoblaster turret + Unhinged astromech - Binayre pirate + Ion pulse missile - Binayre pirate + Feedback array You can check out my earlier report to see how I came up with such a strange list and how it fared in its games. I decided to take this list to the next tournament I went to, a 20 person tournament at Stomping grounds in Truro, NS. It was great to see so many players there - I think it was one of the largest X-wing tournaments in the Maritimes, with players from Moncton, Cape Breton, Halifax, as well as locals. With 20 players, we would have four rounds of swiss followed by a cut to top four. Game 1 vs. Sable's IG/Boba list: - Boba + VI + Tactician + Proton bomb + Engine - IG-88B + VI + HLC + AdvS + Autothrusters In the early game he initially moves both ships away from me, I think trying to break up my formation by getting me to move through asteroids. After two turns, it looks like I've split up my list, with my three central ships facing towards Boba, and the two flankers towards IG-88. But on the third turn I swing everyone towards IG-88 while Boba drifts out of the fight. The following two turns I burn down IG-88 with the three auto-damaging ships for the cost of only one Z before Boba can really get back in the action. This leaves four ships to fight Boba, and they can get through enough damage while only losing another Z. Win (100-29). Game 2 vs. - Kath + Predator + Mangler + Recon - Torkil + Recon + Blaster - Black sun soldier x2 My opponent's comment both at the beginning and end of the game was that he wasn't used to having to move second! Of course Torkil also isn't much help to him here! The early setup is pretty straightforward: we send our ships straight at each other. The initial round of combat is very favourable for me: I get four of my ships with a shot at one of his Z's while he only has return fire from his two Z's. I kill his Z in exchange for a shield on one of my Z's. The next round I block Kath with the feedback Z, get a target lock on Kath with the other Z, and hit her with the IPM. This means the next round of combat all my ships have a good shot on Kath without getting hit by her rear arc. She dies that turn or the next in exchange for my wounded Z. With only small damage to my remaining four ships, it doesn't take too long to finish Torkil and the remaining Z without taking further casualties. Win (100-15). Game 3 vs. - IG-88B + PTL + AdvS + Mangler + Autothrusters - IG-88C + PTL + AdvS + HLC + Autothrusters This is actually my first time playing a double IG list with my build. I slow move towards him initially, feeling out where he's planning to go. He keeps the IGs relatively close together. The first round of long-range combat surprisingly sees no damage: I think his HLC IG shot at my Starviper who rolled well on defense. The next round is very big, with his IGs and my ships meeting near a cluster of three asteroids. This works well for me, as he doesn't have many good shots while I hit him with the range 1 auto-damaging abilities. After two rounds of this I've killed IG-88C, taking away the big hitter in his list for the cost of the IPM Z (he was very focused on it, worried about getting Ionized while stressed). I get a bit of damage through on IG-88B, but while trying to get away and get a good shot, he just flies him off the board. Win (100-15). Game 4 vs. - Kenkirk + Predator + Palpatine + Ysanne + Engine - Vader + Predator + Advanced targeting computer + Engine My opponent was experimenting with new cards from the Raider, and came up with a (as I found) very effective list. He sets up in the middle. I initially move slowly forward, again feeling out where is going. By the second movement round his plan becomes clear: he is moving Kenkirk and Vader away, forcing me to go through a line of three asteroids in the bottom left of the board. Recognizing this, and guessing that he will take Kenkirk around the asteroid in the bottom left corner, I move my ships to get to this exit point. On the 3rd or 4th round I get some slightly unfortunate luck: the IPM Z has a shot on Kenkirk with the missile. However, the shot is through an asteroid, and even with the re-roll from the target lock I only get one hit through. He uses Palpatine to get an evade with his one evade dice, negating my chance to really rush in on Kenkirk. I have a good chance the following round, however, as Kenkirk makes the expected turn around the asteroid. I setup my leading Y in a great position to block his turn, hoping to send his turning ship off the edge. Unfortunately, the Decimator stays on the board by mere millimeters. The next two rounds I continually block Kenkirk near the bottom of the board, also getting a bit of damage in to him while doing some auto-damage to Vader. Vader falls the following round, but Kenkirk gets away with 6 hull remaining. By this time, though, we've had some many rounds of combat that his two guns have burned down everything of mine but the Starviper, who has 3 health remaining. The following rounds are agonizing: I move small amounts, hoping to have him fly past, but he moves slowly to bump me. I probably didn't play this correctly, but I was very worried about S-looping then getting hit while stressed. By this time, the round is nearly at an end, but I have one chance. We've done a loop around the asteroid again, and I'm in a good position to try and block him off the board in the final round of combat. I move into place and barrel-roll to where I think I have the best chance of blocking him. At this point, at least half the tournament players are watching as we resolve the bump and the tension is palpable. Again, however, he remains on the board by millmeters, and wins on points. Loss (37-71). After the four rounds of swiss, my record of 3-1 and MOV of 637 put me in 3rd place. The other three semi-finalists were three of the lists I had already faced - my opponents in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th games. (Meaning I had probably the toughest route to the semi-finals!) My opponent in the semi-finals was the one I had faced in the first game of the day - after losing to me, he had won each of his next three games 100-0. Semi-finals vs. - Boba + VI + Tactician + Proton bomb + Engine - IG-88B + VI + HLC + AdvS + Autothrusters After our earlier game, I thought my opponent would be very wary of the threat of losing IG-88 quickly, but less concerned about Boba. I moved slowly towards him, looking for an oppourtunity to jump on either ship. He initially moved away from me, putting a screen of two asteroids between myself and him, with Boba closer to my position. The first key moment occured in the third round. I moved the IPM pirate and got a lock on Boba, who did a 4k, no doubt worried about separating his two ships as had happened last time. However, the 4K was perfect for me - no modifiers on his dice means there was a very good chance I could ionize Boba while stressed, a perfect combination. Indeed, this was exactly what happened. The next round all my ships advanced into a good position to hit Boba hard; the close packing of ships also meant that his IG did not have a good chance to shoot at anyone (he tried to do a 4K with IG to get a good shot, but that landed him on a rock). That round I got Boba down to 1 health (in return for the death of a Z) and he was still stressed. The next round he tried to get Boba as far away as possible by doing a 4 straight; it was probably his best choice to get out of range of the Autoblaster Y's. However, I still had 2 range 2 shots with the Ys and a range 1 shot with the Starviper, while he had no focus or evade tokens. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't get a single damage through to finish him off! Even worse, with Boba still alive, the next round he dropped his proton bomb, hitting my three most valuable ships - the 2 Ys and the Starviper! One damage card knocked out the Viper's flechette torpedo, another did 2 damage to a Y, and the last reduced the other Y's agility to 0. Brutual! On the other hand, the bomb also hit his IG, giving him the card which has a chance of damaging on red maneuvers. During combat, the only ship with a shot on Boba was the Starviper, but fortunately he managed to finish Boba off. With four ships still on the board for me, he had to give his IG some distance between it and my fleet and try to fight at long range. To do this, he did a boost then a 3 bank, landing just near the edge. But this was the end, unfortunately - the move had taken him too far at too much of an angle, and next round the only move that would give him a chance of staying on the board, a 1 turn, did not quite make it. Win (100-15). Finals vs. - Kenkirk + Predator + Palpatine + Ysanne + Engine - Vader + Predator + Advanced targeting computer + Engine Going into the finals, I had a gameplan - focus down Kenkirk as fast as possible. I had seen how useful the Emperor can be from our first game, and how tanky Kenkirk can be if he survives to the end game with Palpatine on board. Unfortunately, I didn't stick to my plan, and it probably cost me the tournament. The initial setup was almost exactly the same, with the first move seeing us both move slowly towards each other, with my ships angled slightly towards an asteroid screen on the left. I thought for a long time about my second round move. Eventually, I decided that he thought I would continue my ships towards the asteroid screen, thinking that I would think he would go that way as he did in our first game. So I decided his Decimator was going the other way, and setup to move my ships accordingly. I was so happy to see his movement was exactly as I had anticipated. I was in prime position to get a lot of shots on the Decimator next round! But Vader was also in a very tempting position. He movement had left him at the entrance of a tunnel of 3 asteroids. If I could block him in, there was a good chance I could use my auto-damaging abilities to kill or severely cripple him. And so I made the fatal choice: I moved almost everyone to block Vader's possible moves, for now ignoring Kenkirk, going exactly against my gameplan. And my opponent anticipated perfectly, doing the one move Vader could do to escape, the one move I had forgotten the Advanced had - a 5 straight. It put him clear of the tunnel of 3 asteroids and clear of all my ships. This was real bad - the Decimator could get a couple of rounds of free shots, and I had to bring around almost my whole fleet before I could get at him again. If I followed my plan, I would have had two solid round of hitting the Decimator while Vader didn't have a shot. I still had a chance, though, and when I brought my ships around, I brought down the Decimator reasonably. But I made another mistake at this point, barrel-rolling the Viper into a bad position, and losing him to shots from both Vader and Kenkirk. The two Z's died soon after, and Y's, while tanky, didn't have any blockers left to get in their auto-damage, meaning the result after that point was pretty much set. Loss (0-100). The mistakes in the final aside, I was very happy with how I played, but also with how well the list had done (again). It pulled out some great wins, including against double IG and IG/Boba lists which I hadn't faced before. The list's overall record is now 14-2 (7-0 in casual games, 7-2 in tournaments). However, I'll probably retire the list for now - one of the big threats on the horizon, Twin Laser turrets, would probably rip this list to shreds. But if two ship lists start dominating again in the future, I'd be more than happy to return to this wacky scum mini-swarm.
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