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  1. I have no more information than anyone else, but I imagine at the time you exchange your lists, you will also likely exchange which objectives you have selected as though they were part of your build/list. I would expect tournament play to involve submitting your scenario choices along with your legal list, if that makes what I'm saying a bit clearer. That way you don't have the ability to tailor your list to someone else's objectives, which would kind of defeat their purpose a bit. Again though, grain of salt, as I know as much as the rest of you. The way they've got it, which is brilliant if I do say so, there's effectively 4 benefits, and you only get to have two at any given time. A choice of 3 objectives which best suite your list/play style First turn or The better scenario advantage provided on the objective card The choice of which scenario you wish to play AFTER exchanging lists, to hopefully maximize your own advantage out of the 3 provided. It's really an interesting set of choices and both seem very interesting. I don't know that I feel one is necessarily better than the others.
  2. Just posting that this group is alive and well, and has expanded to a handful of players now, with most of us having enough models to lend to anyone interested in giving the game a try. Feel free to respond here for details.
  3. My local gaming group is at a disagreement with the way the rules are written. At present, the rule we're quibbling about it this: "....a player may purchase new units for his force (or replace lost units. Players may only use AP from their AP reserve to purchase additional units. Players may choose to save unused AP for use in later Campaign rounds." To some, this says "Players may only spend AP on units." To others, it's, as written, saying you can't use AP from other sources (re: teammates) to purchase units. The other argument given to support this is that it specifically forbids you, in the rules, from buying UNIT upgrades at all, and differentiates that heroes further cannot gain unit upgrades (save for hades vet) and can't purchase upgrades. It also doesn't forbid you from purchasing platoon upgrades in the beginning of the campaign when initial lists are built, but it does forbid, as mentioned above, buying unit upgrades. In some instances, the rules are very specific in what they allow and disallow, and in others, it's confusing and up to interpretation. The FAQ does not answer the question. What I need clarified: Can you buy PLATOON UPGRADES during a Hades campaign, or only at the very start?
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