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  1. Nytwyng if you dont mind my asking, what server did you play on? I was on Naritus.
  2. in addition to all the awesome advice above you can also use X-wing, Armada and Imperial Assault miniatures for visual aids. They are great at showing players who may not be as knowledgeable about the setting what exactly a certain vehicle/creature looks like. Most people know an X-wing or an Imperial Star Destroyer. But only die hards know what a YV-666 or a TIE defender are.
  3. Also check this out!
  4. Check out the GM section of the Rule book its really full of great advice. Also I strongly recommend listing to podcasts. http://thehydianway.com/ http://start.d20radio.com/home/the-order-66-podcast
  5. Yes!! Welcome to the awesome! Was there any particular result that sold you? What was the situation?
  6. I feel your pain. Really disappointed. Especially since I have been very proactive with my FLGS and making sure they know what I want.
  7. still waiting for my local shop to get the book. I bug them everyday and they seem to be experiencing a great deal of frustration with the supplier.
  8. personally I like to upgrade the difficulty
  9. Armour for male/female is identical. I am basing this off the 501st Legion costume requirements. Which go to extreme lengths in maintaining screen accuracy and canon. As a member of the Legion I attended FanExpo Toronto this year. Out of 32 Original trilogy Stormtroopers present, 25% were women. In our group picture you cannot tell until the buckets come off. Pic attached from Anaheim
  10. I use Kainrath's stuff for quickly finding what I need and then being able to grab the right book its in. However I find that when I want to print any info out that the site is not printer friendly... Unless Im just a noob and do not know how to print stuff properly lol. Kzloy your stuff really makes it easy. It also is organized into category. Like "Hold Out Blasters" etc. Which is REALLY helpful. Id like to see Kainrath and Kzloy's ideas come together to make the ultimate super reference baby!
  11. Thanks very much satkaz! Went and did some digging based on your findings. I have been using the 418 since West End days and never even realized there were variants. Really cool!
  12. The following questions pertain to the module "Onslaught at Arda I" It contains spoilers. --------------------------------- I am running my PCs through Onslaught at Arda I. They are just getting ready to start chapter III. There is a chance of running afoul of an Interdictor Cruiser. I noticed the stats in OaAI are vastly different than the ones is the core rulebook... Anyone have any insight on that? Is it an error? Which stat block do you think is more accurate? I am leaning towards using the Core rulebook stats.
  13. Everything you need should be in the box. Including a condensed version of the rulebook. As the GM you should read over the adventure a couple times and do your best to understand how the dice symbols interact and cancel each other out. Other than that, just have fun!
  14. SHIPPING!!! Yay! Now hopefully my FLGS brings one in for me.... I told them to back when it was announced but I bet they forgot.
  15. The Map in Arda is out of scale, as pointed out already. I think the silhouettes are bang on. T-47s are tiny and that is by design. They don't have a hyperdrive or concussion missile launchers. They don't have the power to leave a planets atmosphere let alone provide life support for a crew. And no shield generator. Think of it like a P-51 mustang. An Awing is a space superiority fighter. It has hyperdrive, life support, shields, missile launchers, the most powerful sub-light engines on the market. Think of it as a F-22 Raptor.