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  1. You can always have the player out on the hunt for mods as well. He can upgrade the Sleuth with extra armour, shields or countermeasures etc. The sleuth has 3 Hard points for this.
  2. players should be constantly moving up and down and gaining/losing obligation. I use Obligation as place holders for adventure hooks. You sweet talked that spaceport administrator into erasing the fact that you docked at all? Thats 5 Obligation "Favour" You threatened a local official to keep his mouth shut about a crime you were apart of "Or else!" Well thats 5 Obligation criminal. Think of ways to tie in what the characters are doing with obligations. Always roll to see what the next obligation to trigger will be, at the END of a session. That way the GM can plan for it for next time.
  3. I typically give out 15 XP for a 4ish hour session that I run Bi-weekly. A pretty good rule of thumb is 5xp per encounter. Social/combat.
  4. Just curious if there is any Star Wars FFG RPG goodness happening this year at Toronto's FanExpo?
  5. Thats a great idea! Thank you for clarifying GM Stark
  6. Are there any guidelines on applying characteristic damage?
  7. There could be an opposing race team that is made up of more than just the driver. Perhaps the night before the race the PCs meet a group of fun loving people at a party. These people make sure the PCs stay out late having way toooo much fun. They are in fact associates of an opposing race team. If the PCs stay out late partying then maybe they start the next day with some strain (or have to beat a resilience check to half the strain penalty.) Heck if a dispair is rolled during the party maybe the PC is sick on race day. Next the opposing team sends their tech head to sabotage the PCs speeder. Nothing overt at first, but there is a block die to every piloting check. When the player asks what that block is from you tell them your not sure, but that the controls seem sluggish. They will need to make a mechanics or computers check to fix it. Or make a pit stop. Costing them time. Im also thinking that this opposing team could be hiding out on the course and causing trouble for the racers. There could also be spotters linked up via comlink feeding the opposition up to the second course info. Giving the opposition a boost or two until some of the other PCs can Jam the signal or otherwise shut them down. Also if you are running with Obligation maybe someones Favour gets called in. And they are told to throw the race. Or some such. So that the person they owe the favour to can win a bet.
  8. I still use the adventure in the back "Rebel Breakout" as my intro to my Age of Rebellion campaigns. WEG started my love for starwars and Ive never looked back. Have the entire collection minus a couple Adventure journals. The FFG system is to me, the spiritual successor of the WEG system. Made me very happy to see this becoming available.
  9. Im kicking myself for not thinking to post here sooner. I'd recommend following Chris on social media for updates and opportunities. twitter: @Mapcrafter Facebook: Christopher West, Cartographer and at https://maps-of-mastery-store.myshopify.com/
  10. That Han Solo is amazing! Well done on all your figures.
  11. Hey gang! Christopher West the creator behind https://maps-of-mastery-store.myshopify.com/ has a Kickstarted campaign going right now! Please check it out, only a couple hours left to reach more stretch goals! These maps are awesome for Star wars RPGs and any other Sci-fi setting. Here is the link to the Kickstarter page
  12. So pumped for this! And very pleased and relieved that the line is moving forward with more content!
  13. awesome ideas! The PC who is in jail probably isnt in solitary confinement. At some point during the day they might be working the Laundry area or have physical exercise time in the yard etc. During these excursions they meet other inmates, guards and possibly are able to spot patrol routes or other important info to help them escape or to use during a rescue. But whatever you do, bring Obligation in. They have a criminal record now. They have garnered new enemies or persons that they owe. Use it.
  14. The Adversary decks are card decks that contain NPCs with all their stats and equipment. Its basically all the printed NPCs from all the Core Rulebooks in playing card format. The GM can pull out the ones he/she needs for the adventure and have them handy. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-roleplaying-accessories/products/scum-and-villainy/
  15. Would love: Setting Books (Places, Governments, organizations, Imperial etc) More Adversary decks (Jawas anyone?) Era books (clone wars, ToR etc) Adventure/Campaign books