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    Saving the RPG

    Send Asmodee customer service a letter explaining how you feel and showing your support for the product and the team behind it. Here's a copy of mine: Good day, I am writing to you today to stress my concern over the recent decision to lay off the majority of your Fantasy Flight Games Roleplaying game department. Since discovering the revolutionary Narrative dice system that the team created, I have never gone back to the old D20 ways. (Dungeons and Dragons) The Star Wars lines, Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny became our groups new number one game. Our community locally has embraced this system and invested in it completely. We have also recently started into the World of Legend of the 5 Rings RPG. And it has gotten us all very excited! The news of the lay offs has been very disappointing. I want to make sure that you know how much these games mean to us as community members and families. It is our sincere hope that FFG and Asmodee will find a way to move forward and keep supporting these RPG Systems with new content. The team behind these games is brilliant and have created something truly unique. Please find a way to bring them back and get them back to creating. Sincerely RT
  2. This is depressing. By far the best system out there. I certainly wont be investing in a new system. Between FFGs narrative system and my old WEG collection Im set for life. But I would have loved to see FFG continue to release books. Especially adventure books. Maybe there is hope? Possibly doing a restructuring internally.
  3. I have not seen any Drop pod announcement. Where can I find out more about this? Was it a GENCON announcement? Any links would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. YUB NUB! Yes I really hope Ewoks and Ewok gliders/catapults or traps become a thing for Legion.
  5. Yes thank you for this! I cant believe I only just now saw this thread. It is invaluable!
  6. Both Firefly and Outerrim have their good selling points. I own both and love them both for what they are. However, Outer rim is much easier to learn, plays in half the time and has so far always been close matches that come down to the last turn with most players neck and neck. Outer rim fits nicely into an evening of fun gaming with family and friends. Whereas Firefly usually requires a full day. (if played with all its expansions)
  7. About time!! **** this makes me happy. Nice sculpts, plenty of aliens and women figures! Well done FFG Well done.
  8. This has been bothering me since they released the Snowtroopers, E-web and Rebel Atgar. Im holding off on two themed armies now. First, Hoth. Missing Rebel troops. (Troopers, Tauntaun mounts, Hoth Leia) And Second: Endor. Missing EWOKS! Catapults, booby traps. And now they are adding another themed time: Rogue one. And we are missing Shoretroopers. These are all huge gaps that are needed filling in order to run thematic scenarios.
  9. So for example the new Imperial Comms Technician if added to a Stormtrooper unit, gains all the stats of a stormtrooper? Thanks in advance
  10. I am so excited for this!! Please carry on with more Rogue One figures. Shoretroopers/DeathTroopers, Cassian Andor! All of it!
  11. this book does not seem to be available in Canada
  12. so who do they fight? No rebel forces in cold weather gear yet.
  13. I have done this. And the one big mistake I made was making a rule that everyone had to start as some type of Ace specialization. If you plan on having this campaign grow and last, I strongly caution against doing what I did. Instead, ask the players what they were BEFORE joining the Rebel alliance. Have them start there. Then grow into Aces/pilots/Operators etc. (Also dont forget the universal specializations such as Ship Captain, Academy graduate from Dawn of Rebellion) Personally I would even give the PCs 20-30 free starting XP to be used on a second specialization that encompasses their new role in the Rebel Alliance. Mainly you dont want to railroad your players into all being expert pilots only. A couple ranks and a 3 agility is pretty good even without all the talents. The problem my group had was that they were all essentially the same. Nobody was the best at anything. And nobody had any flaws when it came to the space scenarios. But they all SUCKED anytime they were caught outside the cockpit. By doing something like I suggest above, your characters will already have a good idea of their backgrounds. They will at their core be different because of their prior life history. This will help them and you in coming up with awesome adventure ideas. Remember the movie "Saving Private Ryan"? The character played by Tom Hanks is a bad *** Captain. He seems born to do what he is doing in the war. None of his guys can imagine him being anything else. Later he finally reveals that he was in fact a school teacher (Colonist-Schoolar). That tiny bit of information tells us soooo much more about that character. Giving him depth and relateability. And a wealth of RP opportunity. In combat, ship speed is important because it allows you to do certain maneuvers like Evasive action and stay on target.
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