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  1. best announcement ever!!!!!!
  2. I encourage my players to flip a destiny point in order to remain conscious when they exceed their WT. They have to narrate the moment though. And it better be epic. No reason why you cannot do the same for your villians.
  3. Leia and Fleet troopers

    ya the troopers on the Tantive would most likely have been House Organa loyalists. And therefore from Alderaan. But what about the other ships troopers?!
  4. Leia and Fleet troopers

    Id prefer to see more variety in sculpts such as you know maybe a female figure or two... Some Aliens would be nice as well. Accepting all species in to their forces is a hallmark of the Rebel Alliance. The miniatures should reflect that.
  5. Imperial Army

    pg 418 of the AoR Core has Imperial Army info and adversary stats. If someone already mentioned this, my apologies for repeating.
  6. so at this point its pretty well a given that we are not seeing any of the books before the new year right?
  7. The wheel is controlled by an AI or droid of some kind called Master-Com. All kinds of droid gone crazy scenarios could play out. Maybe some organization is attempting a hostile take over of the station by reprograming or hacking Master Com. Entire areas of the station are being locked down. Some are being randomly depressurized, losing power etc. Master Com is holding every sentient hostage. Why? The PCs need to find out to survive. The Wheel is famous for its many many large casinos. Hi stakes sabaac game perhaps. And unknown to the winner (Hopefully a PC) the prize is the losers royal daughter/sons hand in marriage. There is also to the death Gladiator fights on the station.
  8. Are you looking for FFG source material only? There are a few really great books out there by other publishers. The Bounty Hunters Code Galaxy Guide 10 Bounty Hunters Scum and Villainy The Force Unleashed Sourcebook
  9. Anything from SWG that you use in your game?

    Nytwyng if you dont mind my asking, what server did you play on? I was on Naritus.
  10. Visual Aids

    in addition to all the awesome advice above you can also use X-wing, Armada and Imperial Assault miniatures for visual aids. They are great at showing players who may not be as knowledgeable about the setting what exactly a certain vehicle/creature looks like. Most people know an X-wing or an Imperial Star Destroyer. But only die hards know what a YV-666 or a TIE defender are.
  11. Need some help please

    Also check this out!
  12. Need some help please

    Check out the GM section of the Rule book its really full of great advice. Also I strongly recommend listing to podcasts. http://thehydianway.com/ http://start.d20radio.com/home/the-order-66-podcast
  13. First game - so much fun

    Yes!! Welcome to the awesome! Was there any particular result that sold you? What was the situation?
  14. I feel your pain. Really disappointed. Especially since I have been very proactive with my FLGS and making sure they know what I want.