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  1. Herra + Nien still works you just have to select a naturally blue Herra Manouver. The same way you can select a naturally red Manouver and then execute any Manouver affected by Damaged Engine. Which is how I played Herra so far anyway. You either dial in 1 straight or a 4K turn and the make the actual choice of where you go at I5.
  2. We need a name other that XXX Cova, sure as **** ain't Googeling that or suggesting younger players to Google it.
  3. Since this kinda blindsided me do this weekend I'll run. Pava with BB Bastian Wexley with Black One and Composure Cova with Heroic and R4 And Ill report back next week.
  4. Cova + R4 + Heroic is cheaper than Finn. And confirmed to work.
  5. So do we still think Finn is worth it? I lean yes.
  6. Herra + Passive Sensors + Saw is a nice combination. Double modded Proton Torpedoes each round, all 3-4 of them before she dies. I tend to pair her up with Nora and Luke since they are defensive end game closers. Send Herra straight in to wreck havoc, use those two to clean up. Works fine-ish. Went 3-3 with it at a System Open.
  7. Inspired by this awesome post about the recent diversity of the meta I went to MetaWing and searched for the worst performing list archetype. Now truth be told I didn't notice that it only went to 120 and that there are probably worst lists out there but I choose this one. https://meta.listfortress.com/ship_combos/859? A Star-fortress and a X Wing. It's most notable and only notable appearance is an 11th place at a Hyperspace Trial. So why not give a shot at it and try to build something semi useful out of those components. The X is the easier component. In a 2 ship build there are only two realistic choices. Poe and Nien. The most obvious candidate to me is this. Poe R4 Heroic Black One Proton Torpedoes 86 points of simple and efficient ace flying. Proton Torpedoes is the only luxury compared to what I would consider the standard Poe build, and with 200 points available between two ships might as well get him the best ordinance. Now while Poe is the sane choice, since this whole thing is an exercise in stupidity might as well go full silly and propose this Nien as an alternative. Nien Numb Pattern Analyzer Proton Torpedoes Black One Static Discharge Vanes 84 points of ship that depends on you flying like a suicidal maniac. Perfect alternative. As far as building a serious attempt I guess Poe makes more sense, giving you a end game closer, with the only debate being if the Proton Torpedoes should be exchanged for a more flexible Modification + Tech combination to give him more maneuverability. On the other hand the Star-fortress gives up a plethora of options. Instead if going through them all. I'll just highlight why I choose the ones I choose. Pilot: Vennie With the emergence of "Can't touch this" Finn it's safe to say that adding a green focus result makes a ship frustratingly survivable. Especially one with 12 health. Crew: Perceptive Copilot Continuing the trend of Finn and honestly I couldn't find anything more useful to even argue for. Tech: Pattern Analyzer Yes. Its literally a super fat Finn. The ability to stop in place and still have actions and launch bombs is cute. Sensor: Trajectory Simulator With two bombs slots, enough points to not care about this cost and the ability to stop and still have actions, makes this a no brainer. Gunner One: Rey Again cost be damned its not like we are strapped for points. With Vennies ability, 2 focus tokens and Reys ability, its not unrealistic that the opponent needs to throw down 4 shots at range 3 per turn before the damage starts to push through Gunner Two: Veteran Turret Gunner With only two ships the ability to generate more red dice is crucial. The only alternative I was debating was Paige and that was only before I noticed that Trajectory Simulator says only in the System Phase. Devices: Proton Bombs and Seismic Charges I picked the two I can launch since that's half the fun. In short the final list is : Poe Heroic R4 Proton Torpedoes Black One Vennie Perceptive Copilot Pattern Analyzer Trajectory Simulator Rey Veteran Turret Gunner Proton Bombs Seismic Charges Total 199 Bid be damned. Poe has the initiative upper hand against I5 and against I6 the best thing to do with this list is buckle down and pray anyway. The token 1 point bid is for the chance to block I2 swarms with Vennie. General game plan is for Poe to act as the sweeper and make sure nothing flanks Vennie and for Vennie to bravely charge straight at the enemy and go down in flames. Is it a competitive list? No. Is it a good list? Eh. Is is the worst list currently in the game? Probably not. I could see this grabbing a top16 spot in a smaller Hyperspace trial where a half the people cancel. On the other hand playing this list in Fly Causal against an AI that obviously isn't planning on bombs and likes to joust is hilarious. Vennie is both incredibly hard to take down in a straight joust and is doing obscene amount of damages with all the dice and devices he is throwing out. In short I think the game is in a great state if this list is considered bottom of the barrel.
  8. The problem with this list in general is that Lulo wants freedom, he really doesn't like being in formation especially one as slow as the one that has Cova and Finn. Also totally forgot about Pattern Analyzer on Finn. I edited that in after you already quoted me. He is the most important piece of Finn as far as Im concerned. Join us here for some more discussion since you are mostly building from the same ships. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/288789-resistance-xxxx-three-and-a-half-x-wings/
  9. Cova really loves Leia and pretty much nothing else. So you could exchange everything on Cova for Leia + Heroic, and exchange C3PO and Shield Upgrade for Percpetive Copilot and Pattern Analyzer on Finn. Then drop Spare Parts on Pava.
  10. Thats what I get for going out on the weekend, everybody else already chimed in But yeah Ill agree with the smarter players above. In general the more I think about Cova the less I like her in a 4 ship build. If you think about what made all the previous good Resistance builds Good, it was the similarity of all the ships involved. 5A is all literally the same ship, Resistance 5 was a combination of 4 pocket aces which could maintain time on target at a similar pace and all the various XXX or XXA was 3 straight up aces. Same goes for the Big XXX deal, they all have roughly the same capabilities and speed. There is no clear workhorse in that list. If you pair Cova/Finn with Snap/A-Wing then they slow them down while Pava/Bastian only present a clear target in Cova compared to the Big XXX deal. Cova with Leia and Heroic which is all she really needs is great in a vacuum. Im just not sure how she gels with the Resistance. With Rebels she would be perfect, surrounding her with other beef/Selfless ships. Since Ive got some time before the next tournament, I will be experimenting with a fully loaded Poe and Nien with Cova. Her ability to run away directly from the enemy and still maintain actions might suit ace play, plus she gives Poe those 1-2 turns when he cant clear his stress with R4.
  11. Right after 3 high level tournaments with this list time for some recap. Played at the Paris System Open Hyperspace Trial, European Championship and European Championship Hyperspace trial with it. Current win rate is just shy of 70% which is spectacular for high level tournament play with such an average pilot. Anyway onto some analysis. First the list. I really like the way it flies but something I noticed is that the list really lacks the one point bid. Two games that I did lose I would have won if I had the bid which would ensure my I2 would move first for easier blocking. Unfortunately the only thing that can be removed is BB from Pava but that got me thinking. I noticed that I rarely if ever use BB for its intended purpose and just use 1 or even both rerolls on that clutch turn when everything is shooting at everything. But I also noticed that those turns only happen when I'm flying against a joust list. And joust lists are the only list archetype that I don't feel comfortable flying against. So with that in mind. Switching from BB on Pava to Black One on Wexley both gives me a mini bid and solidifies Wexley as a mini ace against jousty lists. In general what do you guys think is the correct approach against lists that can outjoust and outblock you. I got dismantled pretty bad by a 4U list at the Europeans. Other than that I can't really see any complaints against the list. Its easy to fly but gets a bit monotone after a while. Advancing forward I'll still probably play it but will start experimenting with some combination of Finn + Leia Cova + some combination of X and A since that to me is a bit "smarter" to play but gives more flexibility.
  12. This got me thinking. I played 1.0 until TLT showed up and then returned when 2.0. I can't remember a time when Empire wasn't a top faction. Even in 2.0 after two straight nerfs, they are still a top2 faction. Everything else rises and falls but the Empire remains constant. I'm pretty sure if we combine all the data on Metawing from when they were released to today Soontir, Whisper and Vader would be the top 3 ships.
  13. Option 2. A 4 ship build with Finn + a mixture of A and X is the way to go for Resistance unless you are flying pure aces.
  14. Since we're already adding feedback from the Euros. First, I'm pretty sure we played the Finn mirror match up for the last game of the day. And I must admit one of the more fun games I had. That being said, for Euros in general most of my matches were fine, but there were two matches that completely threw me off my game. Now what I am about to say might came of as a bit bad, and I apologize for stereotyping, but after playing the Euros and playing a couple of other international events, I am starting to notice a theme. My enjoyment of a match greatly depends on the nationality. Swiss, Dutch, British and especially Spanish players are awesome. Austrian and German are reserved, polite and a bit strict but I see no harm in that. On the other hand if I never play against a Polish person again I would not be sorry. It's come to a point that I legitimately think of conciding the match from the get go just to preserve my mental state. I once again apologize for the broad generalization, and I know there must be plenty of awesome Polish people, but it appears they are not playing competitive X-Wing
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