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  1. But thats the point. The only popular lists are the ones that are overperforming, especially when overperforming with a player of average skill level. Fat Han is not overperforming.
  2. Whatever makes you feel most smug I guess.
  3. I love that you ignored the rest of my post
  4. But competitive performance is the only discussion relevant. If you are flying casually down at the local club with some friends, just tell them to not be a **** and not fly a meta list. Unless I'm practicing for a tournament in which case I even inform my opponent I brought a meta list, I use casual nights to try out new stuff. So in summary. Fat Han is performing like the good list that it is but is not overpowering. And if you feel it's a NEP just tell your mates to not bring them casually. So where the problem?
  5. Then explain it to me like I'm five years old.
  6. I'm always up for a Vasal game if you want to prove Hans brokenness. I'll even let you pick from several lists of mine what should I fly.
  7. There is literally a single Han in the top cut, and its a semi slim one with Lando in another Falcon. But yeah please don't let me interrupt the ****** of banning all lists that aren't throwing red dice piew piew level of complexity.
  8. So the results from the Denver System Open are in. Not a single Fat Han + Jake two ship build in the top 32. https://listfortress.com/tournaments/583 Since we have an 18 page thread based on a sample size of exactly one System Open, surely we should now also discuss how that build in underpowered using the exact same sample size of one. So how do we help this super obvious easy to fly list that apparently steam rolls through everyone? Maybe a drop in points?
  9. And yet every game I played against it I landed a shot each turn. At least one shot. Its an incredibly difficult list to fly well.
  10. Yeah how dare you have fun here. We must whine about plastic ships here.
  11. Its a lot easier to fly something like Rebel beef, Resistance 5 or Quad Phantoms than Fat Han or some of the wierd two ship stuff Phil GC is flying.
  12. Eeeh not really. Against something like my Resistance 5 Jake has either the option to completely run away or die as soon as he engages because there's no hiding against I5 ships. So what ever happens its suddenly Han against 4 ships, even if you are a semi competent players its super easy to set up kill boxes against him in that situation. This is a list that can be a monster in the right hands, but I'll quit X-Wing the moment FFG starts nerfing lists that are interesting and only a problem in the hands of an expert.
  13. So a friend and I've playtested it yesterday. His Fat Han vs my Resistance 5. I won 200:0 every time. Its a list that completely depends on a player playing out of his mind and positioning perfectly. Unless its flown by a world level player its going to get torn to shreds.
  14. Yes. I'd rather trust people on the internet panicking about a list that literally was not even mentioned on here until the UK SO.
  15. My God. If smugness could be used as a power source, @Cloaker would solve global warming by themselves.
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