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  1. Hello everyone and happy holidays. Unfortunately a few hiccups came up when scaling up my experimental keyboard changes to the full prototype. I wanted a new build this week, but it may be a few days more before I have the new changes ironed out.
  2. Hello everyone, while there is not a new build available yet, some of my experimentation has paid off. The next prototype build will be able to catch keyboard input as an alternative to mouse clicking. For example, Characteristics can now be selected by hitting an appropriate key. I want to use rulebook's abbreviations instead of single keys for consistency (WS compared to W), though I should be able to put out a new build by next week.
  3. Hello everyone, there is not a new build this week as the keyboard-entry work continues. Still, I did want to take this time to answer a question some of you may have: Why are you working on X when you could finish the sheet instead? This is a fair question, seeing as I could more easily duplicate the old Excel functionality than work on new functionality. Alternatives exist to vanilla character creation, whether one uses the official app, my old Excel file, or something else entirely. However, none of the character sheets I know of have the functions I am looking for. Additionally, while the official app meets aesthetic and content needs, there are a number of usability points I would like to address. The solution, then, is to make a character sheet that meets my specific standards. My ultimate goal is a character sheet that is not only satisfying to work on but work in, being able to stand on its own without my intervention. In short, I hope that the character creation alternatives can suffice while I work on a new user experience. Will the prototype be complete in a timely manner? Likely not, as the scope is rather large, but I am invested in seeing this through.
  4. I apologize for the lack of updates, as I had to temporarily direct my efforts elsewhere. However, I have returned to working on the prototype in my pockets of spare time. My current goals are based on the lack of complaints on the dropdown approach. There are a few refinements I would like to make, such as having a consistent icon representing a dropdown menu rather than having text be the main indicator.
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to go over the results of the poll. The most popular responses are as follows: These priorities align neatly with my goals, though gameplay tools are among the last things I can work on. Having all of the gameplay elements in place first is a requirement. I am working to clean up Home World entry and make the parts recyclable. For example, the process for choosing Home World Aptitudes can be reused for Background Skill selection. I hope to have some visible progress, and a more in-depth post, next week.
  6. I went ahead and kicked this new build out the door. The goal was to minimize not only the typing required for the character creation process, but the number of mouse clicks as well. However, I can see how the "hover-only" approach could cause some frustration. As I have a few blind spots regarding my own work, please leave any questions and comments here. Pardon the mess. I front-loaded most of the functions to get the updated structure ready for testing. My next goal is to cut down on the clutter and restore some of the functions I disabled. I prefer to keep my JavaScript and HTML separate, but that would have delayed the build further. However, with the work I accomplished here, I am almost ready to begin work on Backgrounds and Roles. There are a few more changes to the structure planned, but the format I established in this build gives me a clearer idea for the future.
  7. November 9th Status: The new dropdown menus are finished, and I am updating the "save" function to use the new framework. After that, I am hoping that updating the "update" function will go smoothly. I am aiming for a new build later tonight or November 10th at the latest.
  8. November 7th Status: I am rushing to put together a crude test build for tomorrow. I would like to have an updated version floating about since the back-end complexity is increasing.The major changes are dropdown menus instead of text fields and storing interim data in hidden text fields. Your comments are very important during this period as exploring different approaches is harder later. In other news, the poll recently passed 10 unique responses. The votes fell largely within expectations, though there were a few interesting outliers. At some point in the near future, I would like to cover the poll results, what my personal rankings are, and the roadmap for the app. Hope to see you then.
  9. I apologize for my lack of shared progress lately, as work has first priority. I have settled on a passable multi-column dropdown layout, but I have not yet tweaked it to my preference. As well, the Home World functions have been disrupted while I worked on the new foundation. I am hoping to set aside time this weekend to get a working new build out the door, as what I have currently is less usable than what I currently have available.
  10. Ah, I understand the issue. To that, I can include General as one of the options as a temporary measure. However, the situation you are describing involves simultaneous users rather than the isolated users of today. In the distant future, I want to be able to designate "gamemaster" versions of the app that gamemasters can distribute to their specific players. Gamemasters would be able to easily guide and review player choices with built-in tools. Any player-defined options would have to be manually reviewed for now, though.
  11. The General Aptitude is more for Skills and Talents; everyone is treated as having the General Aptitude implicitly. If the goal is to allow free choice, I would simply list "Pick One" as the Aptitude rather than General. Having a Home World give the General Aptitude is poor design, I feel, when there is an opportunity to finalize the details at the end of character creation. That being said, the prototype's character creation flow will change in the future. I am considering a few alternatives, such as removing the "Preview" section and using only the entry fields. An explicit "Compare" option would be better for comparing two options. Selecting a new option with the fields already populated would bring up a save/discard changes prompt, or simply shunt the unsaved values to a temporary location. This change aims to reduce the number of actions needed to change an existing character option: Old: Select Home World -> Preview Home World -> (Optional) Update Home World -> Make and Save Changes New: Select Home World -> Make and Save Changes
  12. Ah, that was my bad. I wanted to shrink it down as to not be obnoxious on the forums, but I must have overdone it. Provided a link instead here and above.
  13. The changes I have been working on can be seen in red here. Having a drop-down menu is much easier to use than having to type everything manually (compare 2 clicks to spelling out "Ballistic Skill"). However, as seen with the 9 Characteristics and 9 Aptitudes listed here, a drop-down menu of 18 options (or 21 including General, Influence, and a blank space for readability) is unwieldy. My goal is to replace the standard drop-down menu with an equivalent that is both more usable and able to be graphically enhanced later. I am aiming to have the new menus established by Tuesday, if not the interface changes I plan to couple with them.
  14. Just wanted to stop by while I had a chance. I have been unexpectedly busy these last few days, but I will definitely make some time tonight to share an image preview. This image would describe the issue I would like to address before posting the new build, though functionality for that build may be broken while I work on the interface. The new build will couple usability improvements and a new layout for future use. I would to slot it for November the 1st, depending on how much progress I can make in that time.
  15. As advance notice, I will likely not have a build ready to share tomorrow night. I am currently replacing a number of the textboxes with drop-down menus. A drop-down menu 20 options deep does not meet my standards, however, so I am exploring options to make the menus more palatable. The new menu would be used in Backgrounds and Roles, so doing the work now means less work later. I also need to revise the back end once the new menus are in place. I am hoping to have image previews to share tomorrow if not the actual new build.
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