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  1. Someone used this on me tonight and while it seemed weird, I didn't argue it. Glad to know he was in the right and I didn't look foolish.
  2. The agility for the Empire USED to be their saving grace; however, with so many cards out there to boost the accuracy of hits, the agility value for Imperial ships doesn't mean nearly as much. Dealing with regen ships is a pain in the tush. I usually target them first. The most frustrating match I played (Emp Aces vs Poe regen another Ello Asty with regen [i can't remember which one had R2-D2 and which one had R5-P9] & stresshog. I took out the stresshog, but everytime I plinked a shield or two from his other ships, he would bug out that ship to recover shields. The match lasted the full 75 minutes and he took out Vader and my shuttle to win on points. In a match where your opponent is just as maneuverable as your best ship AND they can recover shields, it's just a matter of time until they can wear you down.
  3. PTL doesn't let you use card actions, just action bar actions. Experimental Interface however........ Oh, I see that now. Awesomesaucey. I guess I gotta put that YT-2400 on my list. So much to buy.... Ex Int + Gonk allows the following four interactions : Perform an on-the-bar action, followed by banking a shield token on Gonk Perform an on-the-bar action, followed by recovering a banked shield with Gonk Bank a shield token on Gonk, followed by recovering a banked shield with Gonk Recover a banked shield with Gonk, followed by Banking a shield token on Gonk Note that options 3 and 4 are basically the same, though there may come a day where the difference matters. Could I bank a shield, use PTL to do a focus (TL, evade, whatever on the bar), thereby triggering Ex Int to recover a banked shield? (and receiving 2 stress tokens)
  4. I play Soontir, Vader and Palpshuttle. Most people tend to target my Vader first. Of note, I don't run him with Engine upgrade, which most people are aghast when they see that. (I run hims with Stealth Device, Juke and ATC.) I also take a bit of heat on my shuttle, as I fly into combat with it. Most of the other people I see flying this build keep the shuttle away from combat. Personally, I prefer people to go after Soontir, as he has done an exceptionally great job at dodging everyone's shots (first experience playing against Crack was eye opening and only the 2nd time that I lost Soontir before my other ships.) The one time I lost Soontir early was against someone playing 4 Tie/Ints and he successfully blocked my move. Wasn't pretty. Also of note, both Soontir and Vader do a great job dodging TLT's. (My first target, if it's on the board, is the Stresshog, as that is the most dangerous ship to my build.)
  5. As others have said, the Stresshog will probably be killed first. I know when I fly against it, it is usually the highest threat to my aces. With that said... when I've played the stresshog. Once I get a stress on him, I don't expect to take any more actions for the rest of the game. I also don't try to do green maneuvers to remove the stress. His job is to stress the heck out of a high value target so your other ships can destroy it. It's a lot of fun to play. I've only come across the ion variant one time and he died before he could fire in the second round. It's bad enough to be stressed with fragile ships that need their evades and focii, I didn't want to be forced into a one forward white maneuver as well!
  6. Shhh. I'm looking forward to flying a bunch of tansarii vets off the map at store champs next month. "Alright, I'll do a 5 k-turn with him, and with him I'll-" "He has mindlink. They both get stress." "Oh! Of course, of course! ... .. . Oh... Ya. ... .. . Well, good game! Good luck in next round!" I laughed so hard at this! I wonder how many people will make that mistake the first time?
  7. What Zerotc said. Recently I started using the card Predator, which I never used before. I've missed a lot of opportunities and re-rolls, even when I am focused on the game. I'm not used to any of my ships having that ability. Not a single person has said "Hey, you can Pred that roll." Usually, when that ship dies or at the end of the match, I groan and kick myself for having forgotten about it. That's my fault, not any of my opponents. You did nothing wrong. Enjoy your win and don't worry about it.
  8. Late vote and I know it may not get in the results, but I would give it a 3. It was a decent enough action movie that I feel most people would like it. However, for those of us who grew up watching the movies (and yes, I saw every one in the theater when it was released), I feel it was a rehash of episode 4. Additional reasons... Finn's switching sides is totally unbelievable, two individuals who have never used a lightsaber in a duel hold their ground against someone who has been trained, the "death star" has a flaw on the surface that will take out the whole base/planet (plus flashback to Episode one when little Ani enters there droid control ship and says "THIS is pod racing")... On the plus side... No mention of Jar Jar.
  9. Not competitively. I've played around with ordnance a lot. I always envision a scene from Robotech where the mechs open their missile bays and launch dozens of missiles at the enemy. It's a beautiful scene. Alas, in X-wing, the price is just not worth it. You can't survive long enough to use a fully loaded ship and if you just want to use a missile twice, the Tie Bomber is perfect for the job and costs a lot less. The extra point cost just for the new ships, plus adding the ordnance, means too many sacrifices for a competitive list. For casual play, my group messes around with it from time to time, but usually a fully loaded bomber is a huge target and dies quickly. From my experience, ordnance is still broken. It would be interesting to go through all the Nationals and Worlds top 16 or 32 and see if anyone used a bomber.
  10. I've tried to work ordnance into my ships. I love the idea of tons of missiles being fired at the enemy. It just does not work on a ship that is not at least "chunky". I can have a Mangler Cannon which effect lasts the whole game or I can have a one shot missile/torpedo for the same cost that does roughly the same amount of damage. Since the Heavy Scyk doesn't have access to "extra munitions", again, it's a waste. For the missile/torpedo title cards, they need to have a built in "extra munitions" ability. In all my game play, the handful of times I've seen the scyk played (mostly when it was brand new) I have never seen the missile/torpedo variant.
  11. I went through the list for Worlds (Top 32) and Nationals and only one person used Echo. "They" (no person was identified) were from New Zealand and scored 9th overall (New Zealand seemed to love the Empire, which is a good thing.) I know my skill flying her currently isn't there... yet, but I have gotten pretty good with Whisper and hopefully that can translate over to Echo as well. I'm just worried about the PS8's and 9's killing her off while she is uncloaked. I wonder if the best players in the world choose not to use her for the same reason.
  12. I was toying with the idea of using Echo to replace Whisper in a list to be able to add an upgrade to a different ship. (The two matches I tried, long ago, I failed miserably at flying her. The last time being that I decloaked and my maneuver placed me perfectly in front of 2 Tie Defenders - Vessery & Brath's white K turn. Some garbled transmission of "it came from behind... auuuuugh!") However, the few videos that I found of her within the last year, she typically died quickly, except for one where she was paired with Whisper as well. I know flying her is a lot harder, but for competitive play, is she even viable? Her amazing ARC dodging means very little against a high PS turreted ship. That can throw a ton of dice at her 2 agility. Have you seen anyone using her with great success? Specifically in a store championship/regional setting?
  13. I did a similar list for last regionals. Instead of Guri, I used IG-88B. Won half my battles, but got a lot of credit for being unique.
  14. Here's from my experience playing with them... I did a Kavil, Palob, +2 Scyk's w/ Manglers. The Scyk's came in as flankers. Most people I played against ignored the scyk's, instead going after juicer targets such as Palob or the higher threat of Kavil. They performed well, but aren't "tournament" winners. At least not by me. I didn't joust with them and I tried to keep them at range 3. In games where I saw people putting HLC's on Syck's, they would usually be targeted and destroyed fairly quickly. Too many points on a ship that can't arc dodge. I am definitely in favor of a series of title cards for each type of ship and one for the non-heavy scyk. Maybe a -1 pt Charrdaan refit with a special ability such as free target lock for missiles, free focus for torps, 1 blank for cannons becomes a hit and +1 agility & boost (or push the limit) for the naked scyk. Just some ideas. Flying a scyk reminds me of when people play a fat han and have Z's or the BBBBZ combo. The Z isn't the main threat, but if you aren't careful, that little ship can keep pecking at you enough to make a difference in the game.
  15. It doesn't matter. Be the player you want to be. If you want to win on a mistake, take the win. If you want to win a game of X-Wing, let it slide. Either way, there should be no argument. At Nationals, the other player should have known better. I have accidentally flown one ship (Tie Defender) off the board doing exactly that same thing. I didn't ask to "flip the dial", it was my mistake, yes an honest one, now I have to live with it. I have never accidentally flown another ship off the board. (Yes, I have purposefully done it once, but that's a different story.) Personally, I would not have wanted to "win" a game where you let me keep my ship. That's why I hold myself to the rules as much as possible. It's not about sportsmanship or being "fair". Competitive play is about being the best you can and if you make a stupid error, you pay for it. Good sportsmanship is following the rules and not gloating when someone gets penalized for doing something wrong. If you do a dance, laugh in their face and calling them names for their mistake, then that's being a poor sport. Fair play is following the rules because it's FAIR to both sides. You make exceptions to the rules and it's no longer fair. One side benefits, the other side doesn't. People need to stop confusing being a good sport and fair play with bending the rules and saying "I fly casual." At a casual, local hobby store game night, If I try to do a K-turn and misjudge so I bump into you instead of behind you, will you let me change my dials? What if I land on an asteroid? What if the asteroid kills me? Then will it be okay? (For me, the correct answers to all of those is: NO.) You can be a good guy, you can be good sport, you can be fair, and you can still be the NICE GUY even if you hold someone accountable for WHAT THEY DID. Next time, they will have more attention to detail and not make the same mistake again. If they rage quit or give up right there, that's on them. I finished my match, didn't win, but I still learned as I was playing.
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