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  1. Thanks. so i was not so wrong about hex tokens. and I understand Plague Cloud is a special case but I'm with lucaster about the recursive nature of Plague Cloud. I read CRRG last night after posting here. why is that step 1 and 2 repeated?
  2. I always bit confuse with hex token here. let's say there is two hexed monsters (A and B) with two hex tokens each. I'm performing a regular attack targeting A. now there are total 4 hex token on the map. can i remove all 4 hex token (2 from both monsters) to add 4 dmg on attacking A? is that how you get +20 dmg on your dice roll? right? for me, this doesn't make sense to me. removing hex token from non-targeted monster to add dmg to targeted monster. If that is allowed, then here is another situation. here is another story. if there is two monster A and B. only B is hexed with 2 tokens. can i attack A and remove 2 tokens from B to add 2 dmg? Enfeebling hex says "When performing attack targeting a hexed monster, a hero may discard any number of hex token.." . it specifically says targeting a hexed monster. I interpret as you can discard hex token from targeting monster. Am I wrong about this?
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    any progress on finding group?
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    Act II

    well.. sorry for such a late time replay. it seems there is no answer to where you can find which act you are in. if you look in your journal, underneath the fame, there is number I or II. I believe that's the act you are in. hope this will help others who come here.
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    New content coming in the future #GAMA Q&A

    OOOOoooooohhhh this is fantastic news!!!
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    oh I love to play descent again with other people. I can play both Overlord or players. I'm little bit far from Hamilton. I'm living in Toronto. I will keep watch on this tread. if the time is right and all the other people are gathered, i really want to play with other people.
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    Stalker Ambush skill

    alright. Thank you Zaltyre~~
  8. hi guys I have question about Stalker's skill - Ambush. so if i use this skill as a monster enters a space within 3 paces from a trap token, after the attack resolved, is that trap token discarded from the map or is it stayed on the map? all the other skill are clearly stating that trap tokens are discarded after the effect such as "Set Trap" or "Poison Barb". there is nothing about what happens to the trap token after Ambush.
  9. hi guys I have a question about stun on a healer. I'm playing as OL and one of the hero is playing Disciple. He got the Cleansing touch, which allows hero to remove a condition when Prayer of healing is casted. So if I stun another hero (let's say warrior), before that stunned warrior takes his turn, Disciple starts his turn first and come adjacent and cast prayer of healing to remove the stun. Then warrior is now not stunned so he takes full two actions. I understand this. what if I stun Disciple himself? when Disciple takes his turn first, before he takes any actions, could he cast prayer of healing on himself to remove stun and take full two actions? this is where the discussion is taken. prayer of healing doesn't take up an action. and stun card say "Discard this card of token. this is the only action you may perform on your turn while you have this card or token." I think, technically this is okay. but this mechanism makes stunning healer is absolutely pointless. He can just take off stun without spending any action. What do you guys think? p.s. sorry for bad writing. I hope you guys understand what i'm talking about
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    Timed turns, what do you guys do?

    He's played one tripwire. What if he's waiting to play the other? Perhaps he only took the one, and instead has poison dart? If that's the case, maybe we should have our knight go open that door, he has high might! No, we need him to attack the ettin, he's the only one who can get there. If he moves up one space, he can use Oath of honor- but what if he get's tripwired? He's played one tripwire... this sounds exactly same as my group. they just go over every single possibility of actions. one time they talked about one card for 20 mins that i don't even have on my hand.
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    Timed turns, what do you guys do?

    sorry. accidental multiple post
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    Heirs of the Blood Expansion

    i'm very excited about the new expansion. Yeah big box expansion would be better. new heros and new monsters are always welcome. That's what the hero and monster sets. Still base games and existing big box expansions have a lot more potential for more fun quests. hopefully this costs little less than big box expansions and later FFG releases more expansion like this for SoN and LR.
  13. Hi everyone wow it's my first time to post anything here. I've been reading a lot here. here is the situation. I'm the OL and we are in the Act II of SoN. I've won the first quest "Overdue Demise" Now I need to choose second quests between "Into the Dark" and "Widespread Panic". As OL, I have Basic I deck and I've been building "Shadowmancer" cards. and I have access to pretty much all monsters from every expansions (expect a couple of small boxes and Hero and Monster collection boxes). As heroes, they are super annoying. Logan Lashley - Shadow Walker (the untouchable shadow is just op) Tetherys - Wildlander Andir Runehand - Disciple (hero ability is just the definition of annoying) Pathfinder Durik - Beastmaster (wolf is just another hero) Any of those quests "Into the Dark" or "Widespread Panic" seem favours hero. I don't see any glimmer of hope for winning. That's why I need some advice. Which quest would you guys choose? with what monsters? and what strategy would you have in mind? Thx
  14. well. I don't think you are losing faced down skill permanently. in the reward section, it states "Win or lose, each player receives 1 XP. Heroes flip any facedown class card faceup." So my guess the loss of skill is only effective in this quest.