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  1. What are they doing with their credits that is disrupting the game? Many of the replies say to break their stuff, but do they even have stuff to break? The other most common reply is to hit them with bookkeeping fees. I agree that if they were going to be in the game then that should be talked about before implementation and only implemented to reinforce a “struggling on the rim” theme instead of just as a cash drain. In the end, ask yourself why them having a bunch of credits is a bad thing. If they’re just collecting them and not using them then they might as well not even exist.
  2. Humans are undercosted, but IMO only by 5xp. I recognize the guideline section doesn’t say to include a 5-ish xp ability, but nearly every species which easily matches the guideline template has one. The only thing humans have over other races is the second free rank (and the ability to semi choose where it goes). FWIW/to be clear, the elf nimble is not worth 20xp. It -sets- the defense at 1, not increases it. Any other race can get defense 1 against one attack type by using a maneuver or spending some extra money on better armor.
  3. FWIW, double flipping should only happen on some rolls. The player making the check has a chance to upgrade and the other side has the chance to respond, then the check is rolled. If the player making the check decides not to then they can’t later decide to flip “in response.” On other ways to get them to move, player will likely get talents which require flipping and you can also make up NPC abilities that use DPs as fuel. I agree with most of the above; it’s not a bad thing for the DP pool to go from totally light to totally dark and back over the course of several rounds.
  4. Something to also note, which might not be immediately evident to new players, is the XP totals for the RoT premade characters *include starting racial experience* in their totals. Each of the characters only has about 100 extra XP over starting characters. This translates to a couple extra skill ranks or talents, but not an exceptionally large power difference as compared to starting PCs.
  5. Listen to the beginning of the next episode, they go through about 3 rules points/other corrections they got wrong in the previous episode. This is one of them.
  6. IMO, the real benefit of Inspiring Rhetoric is the boost die from Improved which the character probably only needs to do once every few rounds (so only once per combat unless it’s a big fight) because the boost sticks around for rounds equal to Leadership. The character -could- use it every round, but unless the group is having major strain issues, why bother? As you and the player seem to agree, there are other, more interesting things the character could be doing. Just get the bonus rolling one turn and then do better stuff on the other turns. Every turn they spam the talent is a turn they aren’t taking down enemies.
  7. That’s very strange that one of the newest books invents a “move for objects” concept when for years there have been tons of threads/dev q’s/podcast discussions debating the best ways to use move on people. In what I’ve been able to pay attention to I don’t remember it ever being suggested move shouldn’t/can’t be used on characters. I even think Sam gave his usual, “I don’t see a problem with it if the GM allows it” answer when asked about using move to let characters fly.
  8. 1) Unless this person (these people) is (are) a good friend(s) of yours, I'd suggest finding a new player / GM / group. 2) That's why a session 0 is so important. 3) It's a narrative system; don't sweat reality and just go with what's fun. 4) I'd just be happy if they sold PDF's. 5) Read the long version of the talent. 6) Only let jury-rig apply to the first activation. 7) Don't let a PC reroll anything (even force power checks) unless they've changed the circumstances somehow. 8: That's not how the buying/selling/trading rules work. I have a megapost here: https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/6ynkpc/custom_rules_for_buying_selling_stuff/dmqkykz/ 9) Don't leave large objects around for your PCs to use Move on. 10) Two weapon combat rules are on FnD page 217 (or similar in other books). Any dice from the second weapon aren't rolled but any static dice results are applied when it is triggered. (First 4 credit to Vorzakk)
  9. Yeah, as a general rule make sure to read the long descriptions in the talents section. It clears up so many things.
  10. I will also be looking to form a group in the Boston area (and at/near Battleground Saugus specifically) after GenCon (so, 2 weeks from now). Either of you want to coordinate efforts or have advice which is north shore specific?
  11. OP is talking about NPCs lying; specializations have nothing to do with their ability to do so. It’s not disproportionate if the GM wants to have a a chance to get something by the PCs, or wants to highlight how good the PC is even against a skilled liar. NPCs should be built to serve a role in the story and if one has the role of deceiver they should be equipped for their role; giving them the talents mentioned should be in their wheelhouse anyway and is not a specific response to the Unrelenting Skeptic talent. IMO, it’s also a lot more “fair” than giving the NPC an ability like, “Silver Tounge: Spend a Destiny point to add [Su][Su][Su] to the next Deception check.” which is still entirely acceptable. All I can really say about, “value as a lie detector” is that each spec has a lot more than one thing it’s judged on.
  12. Do your super silver tongued NPCs somehow not have the Natural Charmer talent, plus a bunch of ranks in Smooth Talker and Convincing Demeanor? It takes a lot more than skill ranks to be a specialist in something. IMO, Unrelenting Skeptic should be an auto-win against anyone who isn't a master of Deception, and if they are then it evens the playing field into a really tense exchange.
  13. FWIW, female troopers were canon as far back as the Battlefront: Twilight Company novel.
  14. Ninja’d by c_beck, exactly what I came here to say. Assuming narrative sense, stun can cause normal crits, period.
  15. You could always use one of the levels from 1313..... oh, wait. In seriousness, why do you need a map of the undercity to have the game run? Any map, no matter how big, will only cover a fraction of a sector of a region. IMO, sketch out where important sites are relative to each other on some paper, find some cool undercity artwork to show the PCs, and possibly consider looking up some floorplans or single street maps for specific encounters you have planned.
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