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  1. not even a week ago I saw a post somewhere complaining that no updates had come in so long. Funny how quickly a new one popped up. Can't wait!
  2. I was referring to health damage to the monster, not sanity loss to the player, should have made that clearer For the second part - the example of it only having one success for a monster with only one to beat made me question things. If the monster has 3, and I roll 4 successes, it would take 4, and not the difference, and I wouldn't take any because I made the minimum 3. So what you're saying, is that a failed test, if I get were to get 2 successes of the 3, I would still do 2 damage to the monster, and keep 1 for the attacker? I was under the impression that the minimum had to pass in order to do any damage. Thanks.
  3. New player, simple question to make sure I'm reading this correctly. Combat. The horror/sanity check is, for most cases, just to see if I'm not too spooked to run the encounter, and in most cases, not used to apply any damage. When the strength test happens, I roll, applying any modifiers, compare the number of passes to the number beside the heart. if the number of passes is less, I take damage equal to the difference (if it's 3 to pass, and I roll 2 passes, I take 1). If it's equal or above, I subtract the total number of passes, not the difference, and subtract it from the toughness number in the top right? This would mean that if a monster had 3 hearts, I will at minimum take it down by 3 each round if I pass, is that correct? It's impossible to do less that the heart damage to it per round, barring a special item? Second clarification, no abilities/cards that affect monsters have any effect on epic monters, right, only those that would impact combat rolls? Thirdly, can't recall the spell, I'm tired and kinda dumb right now, allows me to investigate a clue without actually being on the space with the clue on it? With that, combined with the teleport spell, is it possible in theory to never actually use a move action? Only played 3 games so far so still waiting on things to click, first was a disaster, second was pretty rough, but the 3rd we came close, halfway through the final mystery, ran out of mythos cards again. Took out all the difficult cards to make it easier, definitely worked. Final question - is it considered bad form to know too much about the mysteries and expected mythos cards? It seems with Azathoth, everything that happens, does so around Tunguska and Sydney, so if I'm playing him out, it would seem that the best strategy might be to camp out there waiting for mysteries and rumors, while using the one persons ability to close gates and teleport, or another to remotely resolve investigations as they come up and are needed
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