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  1. Thank you for the clarifications! This game is awesome.
  2. Another question, and in retrospect, this question should have preceded my previous question: If I have Forge as one of my cities, does another player conducting a siege on it have to meet the 9 Strength cost first and then conduct combat with my army defending it? Or do the armies just conduct combat?
  3. I checked FAQ and forums but could not find the answer for my question: When a city of mine (with auto defense bonus) is exhausted because I spent the influence points earlier, can I still apply the auto-defense bonus when another player is conducting a siege against it?
  4. Thank you very much, Julia. That's what I thought but I wanted to ask to make sure.
  5. For a 2-player "Escape From Dol Guldur" scenario, can each player play an ally, or is it 1ally/2 players?
  6. Cheers! Thank you very much for the clarification!
  7. Legolas (attached with the Blade of Gondolin) used Rain of Arrows (pre-combat stage) to eliminate a Hill Troll's final HP that was engaged with the other player. Does Legolas get to use his and/or the Blade's Response special ability of adding progress tokens to the quest (or buffering active Enchanted Stream location in this instance)?
  8. I checked FAQ but I couldn't find anything. (Unless I overlooked it....)
  9. If you don't have progress tokens on a quest but you do on an active location, shoes Despair remove tokens from the active location?
  10. Legolas is using Quick Strike to a Wargs with 2hp left. Flipping the Shadow card would reveal the Wolf Rider. So even though the Wargs are vanquished by the Quick Strike, does Wolf Rider remain in play to make an attack before going to the top of the Encounter Deck?
  11. I just started playing, and it was solo. There were no cards in the staging area. I drew the encounter card and it was "Driven by Shadow". I resolved the "surge" effect by drawing another encounter card but then another treachery card, "The Necromancer's Reach" came out. Do I continue to draw until a card can go into the staging area? Or do I resolve questing as if the enemy number to beat is 0?