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  1. We're running a Star Galleon Carrier in our campaign. Four launch bays plus a hold bay conversion for 12 points of launch strength. It's been an interesting campaign with no guns to speak of, closer to a battlestar than a out and out warship. Good points is that we have an entire fleet at our command and it makes the ship extremely versatile. Bad points would be the sheer amount of space those bays take up, limiting what else we might want.
  2. Encountering an ancient Xenos space station used by dozens of pirate ships to raid the koronus expanse, you dock to learn that your rogue trader family has owned it for some 250 years and said pirates have built up a small fortune as tribute to you. "Wait...we're the pirates?" At which point you take the tribute, wish the pirate consortium all the best and promptly activate the station's self-destruct mechanism on the way out. "Well, that takes care of that." On activation, the misunderstood mechanism instead transfers the Xenos station instantly into the warp along with the seven docked pirate ships. Your GM casually mentions "If anyone wants to make a pact with the ruinous powers, you've just given them a pretty significant sacrifice." Your first (and best) idea is to quietly leave and pretend it never happened. "I foresee no negative consequences from this turn of events" Following a detailed description of the serious ramifications from your navigator, missionary and a now giggling GM, you decide to ACT! In an effort to un-wreck the situation (possible space hulk, multiple new chaos raider ships, a xenos station that can transfer seemingly at will between the warp and real space in the hands of chaos and a very angry pirate lord about to become your personal nemesis) you jump into the warp, boarding the now daemon-infested station who are fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) distracted by the monumental feast you have accidentally provided. Your objective is to bring the station back into real space and cleanse it of everything. "Get those fate points ready guys." The night then ends with a large "To be continued..." tacked on to the end...again.
  3. Hey guys, after much discussion we decided to use the repair bay once per encounter, not per squadron. The reason being that our explorator can get immense results from a tech use roll and effectively ensure we never lose any ships if we use it per squadron. Thanks for all the feedback!
  4. Another clarification called for. The small craft repair deck repairs lost small craft at a rate of 1 per tech use success after a battle. Is this per squadron or overall? So let's say I lost 2 squadrons in a fight for a total of 6 and 3 losses in each, do I get to roll twice, capped at those losses or just once against the 9 lost ships.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. The BFK rules look like the best option and we're going with those
  6. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone here can clarify exactly what the acquisition role to acquire a squadron of small craft is. This is what I've got so far... For example A single star fury is extremely rare (-30) and gets and additional -10 for being a vehicle, +30 for only getting one and you've got a role modifier of -10 overall. A squadron of star furies involves getting a unit (-20), are extremely rare (-30) for a modifier of -50 overall. Have I got this right? A minor (30) amount of items would normally be +10 so the squadron could be acquired with a -30 check. Which is the correct rule?
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