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  1. Has there been any discussion of whether certain upgrade cards that are available to both factions can only be obtained through a certain squad purchase? This occurs in X-wing where an individual upgrade card that is usable for all factions (and sometimes essential) is only available for purchase by buying a ship that might belong to a faction that you might not fly, therefore rendering the model useless. I am assuming that most people will pick a faction over the other (due to costs and painting) and it would be annoying to have to buy a particular Legion squad just to get an essential card that is need in the other faction.
  2. Moohnzie

    Need help making a 100 pt team to beat my friend

    These comments lead me to think that your friend puts a lot of time into X wing when you are not playing each other. He already has the new ship and kitted properly but you don't know its name yet. He runs Miranda which is a very popular ship but it took you by surprise (and how TLT works). It looks like your friend has the mechanics down while you are still struggling with some game concepts. If I may be so bold, your friend's dedication to X Wing is a lot higher than yours and this is why it puts him at a very significant advantage when your battles start. If your priorities don't match, which is perfectly all right (lots of things in life are more important than a game), this will be a barrier. You will have to match your friend's commitment or he will most likely get the better of you each time. .
  3. Moohnzie

    Proxing unreleased upgrade cards

    Hi, OP here. I asked how other X wing communities handled unreleased proxy cards and I think it is hard to compare communities in regard to that question. “Casual Night” I think means something different to each community and I probably should not have used that phrase. We don’t have a “casual Night” per se, just some FLGSs where everyone is expected to bring a 100/6 list and then play whoever is next in line. With the exception of newer players (sometimes), all lists will be competitive and tournament worthy. In our community, if someone brings a theme list, they will have to expect to play Fenn boats, Dengar/Tel, Miranda/Dash, etc. Nothing wrong with this, this is how our community has evolved over the years (good players with solid lists all the time). Members will be trying new lists, certain synergies or jank but you can be assured that it will be thought over and carefully constructed to win their games for that night. Our community is great with some excellent players. We all have fun by the end of night but it is still an appropriately competitive environment. Thanks for the feedback, I just found it mildly annoying about bringing unreleased cards, and even though I would not refuse to play, I would definitely prefer it if they left that for their own kitchen table.
  4. Moohnzie

    Proxing unreleased upgrade cards

    So this isn't really a big deal but was wondering what other communities think. This has happened twice in 2 weeks. On casual nights an opponent has brought out the titles for the Scum "Guns for hire". Both times I said "ok, if you want to play with different rules" and the response was "its just a casual night" and I reply "whatever, lets battle". In our community proxing released upgrade cards has never been frown on, no one cares, which is great IMO. I think this goes too far though. We are now playing with 2 rules set, a current and future one. Who knows what the FAQ will be then or what list I would have built knowing the new titles are out there. Now, if someone said to me"this week let try out the "Guns for Hire" pack, I would be all over that because it is now playing with same playing field and would be fun. I know it doesn't matter who wins on a casual night but I feel we should be able to expect to have a fair battle. Maybe it irks me because the opponents just assume it is ok and they are not thinking that I want to win/lose without asterisks Like I said, It isn't a big deal and I don't want to be "that guy", so I'm not going to mentioned it in our community (maybe will, we'll see how frequently it happen) . Anyone run into this or your thoughts? Should I not even worry about it and "fly casual"?
  5. Moohnzie

    bad matchup help

    Bombers - I think you are going to have to drop your strategy of keeping them together for swarm leader and run them in a pincer movement to avoid the bombs hitting all or most of the ships. It will be tough. TLT - rush as best as you can one TLT at at time and hopefully PS kill. It will be tough.
  6. Moohnzie

    Right call on accidenly thrown die?

    Cheating was definelty not the issue. Like I said, ideally he would have picked up the die and rerolled them together (like it is almost always done) but the moment he rolled intentionally the 2nd die before picking up the accidental die, it changed the way it is normally done. So we were in between the whether to allow the reroll of the intentionally thrown die.
  7. Moohnzie

    Right call on accidenly thrown die?

    So, this happened at a FFG kit tournament and I wanted the community's take on it. My opponent had a range 2 untokened A wing attack on an untokened Firespray. One dice accidentally came out of his hand while shaking and he acknowledged this but then he intentionally rolled the other die in his hand which was a focus. The discussion now was whether he rerolls both or whether he just rerolls the accidentally thrown die. Of course, ideally he should have picked up the accidentally thrown die right away and rerolled them both together but we are in middle ground now. I insisted that the intentionally rolled die remain. He would have to be lucky and I unlucky for this to have any real impact but you know how dice goes. We are X wing friends and it did not become a big deal however after the tournament we are both having beers with 2 other members of the community who both did not agree with the call. I was very confident with my call at the time but am now wondering what others would have done. Note: the TO is not very fluent with X wing rules so our decision together would mostly likely be better however my opponent might have let me have my way because I am about 2 years more experienced.
  8. Moohnzie

    Alternate Casual Tournament Format

    It would still be a competition so it would be random pairings. If you think that you can fly Echo better than everyone else, that would be a good choice for your list. Our community is small, so others using your ships shouldn't be an issue. We generally don't have players that show up at seasonal tournaments for the first time, but if they did, granted some ships are difficult to master.
  9. Moohnzie

    Alternate Casual Tournament Format

    Our community is experimenting with mixing up the formats of casual tournaments. (team, Epic, etc.). What do you guys think of this format? Each players brings 100 pt squad, following normal squad building rules. At the start of the match (after asteroid placement (or before, doesn't matter)), one player rolls a die. A hit/crit result, the players switch squads. a blank/focus, the players keep their squads. Not too dramatic, but could make for some interesting build designs. A lot of opportunity to fly ships that they wouldn't even own. I think it would be fun. Keep in mind, a very casual tournament setting.
  10. Moohnzie

    Proxy "ing" cards, personal dilemma

    The practice utilized in the Raider should bother you. I know players who purchased the TIE Advanced expansion and not the Raider. I do not know that any of them feel spurned by FFG, but they are stuck with the poor performing TIE Advanced while people who made a subsequent purchase have access to the fixed TIE Advanced. The current discussion is about whether or not X-Wing is pay-to-win. I think that certain aspects of the game, notably the titles that are made available to fix ships with no in-game cost, are pay-to-win because they provide advantages in exchange for cash. Whether everyone can buy them and whether alternative options are available is a question of magnitude of impact and not the existence of pay-to-win with respect to those ships. Fine, then a new rule. This rule, which was just added through an errata, states that no Canadians can play in tournaments above the store championship level. Now, imagine yourself at a regional tournament. Your opponent seems nice enough, but, when he is placing his shield tokens, you notice a particularly well done maple leaf tattoo on his arm. When he asks you to flip a coin for initiative, you also detect a slight "eh" that he attempts to suppress at the end of his sentence. Do you call a judge and have this suspected Canadian removed? It is a rule after all - who are you to say whether it is a good or bad one? You know the difference between a good and bad rule. While you are correct that it can be subjective, but a rational person has no issue determining that a rule that exists for seemingly no purpose and is a detriment in some way is a bad rule. Just as i would not call a TO on proxied cards, I would not call a TO on someone I suspected as Canadian. I do not see the advantage they gain over me in either case. However, rules are set and in competitive environments, players should adhere to all rules. There could be reasons why Canadians are excluded that we don't know about (they have access to alternative tournaments, they have access to French cards that provide an advantage, who knows, maybe FFG has special plans for Canadians). Since Canada was shut out of the System Open Series, i kinda feel like this actually took place. I'm Canadian.
  11. Moohnzie

    Proxy "ing" cards, personal dilemma

    But the reason can be more important than the conclusion. What is the difference between casual play and tournaments that makes whether or not you opponent has the actual card important? I guess it is that in a tournament you win prizes so the rules should be followed as written. In casual, no real consequences on whether you win or lose other than how it makes you feel. Even the bad rules? To really test your conclusion, what if the game had a rule that all players must stand on one foot when declaring an attach with Dash Rendar? Should that rule be followed? Rules change in this game. Sometimes they change because the game needs to evolve or because the game faces an unforeseen problem. Other time, they change because the provide no benefit while also limiting players (i.e. the old faction dial rule). If no one can state a compelling reason to require an original version of a card for each upgrade on a ship, then we have a restriction that does not provide a benefit. So, why do you think that proxies create a problem in a tournament setting? If there was a Dash rule about standing on one foot, then yes, it should be followed in a tournament, casually it would be up to the players. "Bad" rules are subjective. I think the ID rule is bad but I would recommend some one use it if it guarantees a spot in the cut. I think the 2 damage decks is a bad rule, but I would suggest someone use the old one if they are fielding generics w/o upgrades. Rules should be followed as written in tournaments unless the TO wants to change a rule before hand to change up the format (cross faction, 125 pt, etc). I personally do not think that proxies create a problem at all as long as they are easy to read and your opponent can not misunderstand what you are fielding. However, it is not allowed as per rules, so should not be allowed. We might not have all the reasons that FFG is privy to to make the rules; we might not have the information required to make a decision on whether a rule should be followed or broken.
  12. Moohnzie

    Proxy "ing" cards, personal dilemma

    But the reason can be more important than the conclusion. What is the difference between casual play and tournaments that makes whether or not you opponent has the actual card important? I guess it is that in a tournament you win prizes so the rules should be followed as written. In casual, no real consequences on whether you win or lose other than how it makes you feel.
  13. Moohnzie

    Proxy "ing" cards, personal dilemma

    When I was starting out, I would not look favorably at someone proxing cards even in casual play. I figured, if you wanted to beat with C3PO on the Falcon, you better have the C3PO card. I would never proxy a card. Now that I am a regular tournament player, I have no issue at all at someone proxing cards in casual play. I proxy cards in casual play because I like to try different things but I have a printout of the card, put it in a sleeve over an upgrade card of the same type. My opponent does not know that I have one proxied Sensor Jammer card and the other official on my wired IGs. I don't ell them because it does not affect their enjoyment of the game. Its an issue that will not even get raised because my opponent can see the card, touch the card and read the card. My experience is that less serious tournament players have more issue with proxies than casuals. In tournament play (even seasonal kits) I feel you should follow the rules as written and only use proper cards.
  14. Moohnzie

    Proxy "ing" cards, personal dilemma

    I'm not quite sure that is the ideology you are referring to, because that doesn't sound too bad.
  15. Moohnzie

    Is a K-Turn considered a straight maneuver?

    no, same with the crit that does not allow you to go straight. K-turn legal though.