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  1. I play with my daughter 11 and my son 9 with all expensions. No problems at all. So three players, including me, but the game is never short with us. It can last up to 10 hours. We began like two years ago, so my son was 7, and he understood immediatly, it's not much difficult. I don't think it's a problem if the game last more than two hours, as you can always come back later. We bought little by little other expensions, and he adapted without problem. Sure an adult should read the rules to explain, after that as long as he can read the cards it's fine. I don't know this game dragon, but it sounds as a similar universe as talisman, so talisman shouds definitly please him. We all agree it's the best game ever. I will never play monopoly again. Strangely it's the adults that find the game complicated. My wife tried 5 minutes, my father's wife 5 minutes too, he suddenly forgot an appointement after the game started (lol). Also a young lawyer and an architect found the game "sooooo difficult". But it's not, and it's always an adventure.
  2. Original ending: 0/10 (Crown of Command) Revealed ending: 5/10 (The ones marked with a Sun symbol in the top left corner) Standard endings: 0/10 (Played as revealed standard ending) Hidden ending: 5/10 (ie draw a random from standard+hidden endings) But we have time, as we play in family. Sometimes the games stays one week one more on the floor due to school, work, etc... Half time it's revealed, half time hidden.
  3. We played this morning (game still not finished). Normally I chose a character at random but this time I wanted to play the elf with the idea to go in the woodlands and just from woods to woods, as I find this funny. Si I'm the first to play. Fine. I go in the woodlands in the Thicket. I take two cards: The Rasalka strenght 5 AND the Red Cap strenght 4. If you are lightbound and lose the fight, you're killed! Which happened of course, strenght 3 vs 9 no chance. First turn killed! Who says better? Later on I had the warlock and had to go in the timescape (we use the homebrews version). I took one of the worst cards from the deck, the one who makes you sick and lose 1 life every turn. Do I didn't last long also. Now I have the ghoul, we'll see how it ends!
  4. I remembered played this trick with the alchemist (but on day one we all agreed we could only use one warhorse), and I just circled in the city to buy everything, including ALL pets. But it was boring. Yes I got powerful and won, but it's no fun. I picked him another time, tried the same but lose, cause my son know how to make the troll a monster pretty quickly.
  5. Talisman Island rocks! Anybody making a site on is own just now how much it is difficutl to keep it going. And it is a site of passion. I just wish John goes on with his passion and I'm sure it's not going to end soon. Good work, all my support!
  6. I still don't have the harbinger (shame on me), but I surely will as soon as I get back home and order it. Well, the point is I'read the rules on the great talismanisland site, and I wonder how it goes exactly with the cursed objects ans followers. For example: can you transmute the cursed objetcs in gold? How can you get rid of cursed followers? It says they can be discarded as normal. So I'm a bit confused. Did some of you having this expansion already have problems with this rule? How do you play this? Thankx
  7. So after reading than quite a lot of people complained about the dragons, I've waited quite long to purchase the expansion (I try to buy a new one every 4 months or so, and we still miss 3 or 4 of them). We did our first game today, me, 40, my daughter 10, and my son 8. Firstly, I thought the rules would be insanely difficult, but it turned out it's quite easy, no problem at all. Then we did like I've read in one thread: one player take care of all the dragons scale for evrybody and the dragons, so we almostdidn't lose any time. Then the new decks are quite cool, looooot of dragons. The new characters are also cool and somehow powerful. Normally I always take one character randomly and let my children chose the one they want, but this time, I wanted to try the conjurer. My daughter took the drigon rider and my son the dragon hunter. It turned out that with all the dragons the game"only" took three hours, instead of 6 to 10. We all boosted quite fast, and took the two cards when you can end directly at the CoC. My daughter got there first. One turn after, I went there. My son tried to get there too with one of the two cards. My daughter took the last life of the dragon. But we decided before than after killing the dragon, we take an ending card randomly. She took the THieve's guild. We almost rob all objects of my son, and finally he arrived also at the CoC. Then we count all objects and gold. I won! (yeahhh). So we all have a good time and agreed that the dragon expension is really good and a must have. Next time I'll copy one face of the two-sided board, and if we have to go directly to the CoC, we will go the the middle of the first side and then have to climb the tower to really get to the CoC. Oh, and my daughter had a little green bag with dragons that matched just perfectly for the pool of tokens! I don't understand all the complaints, really it's great. Ok, too much talking now, let's go.
  8. We did this before: whenever someone was killed, he had to miss 3 rounds, heal one life, and keep everything as before. But we all agreed after a few games to turn back to the official rules, because it killed the game in a way.
  9. Could someone link me where I could find a detailled description of all these characters?
  10. I wondered same as you. I would say that he could only decide for only one dice: "You may use Weighted Dice before you roll the die for your move or attack roll." The die, and not the dies. For me it's clear.
  11. I guess yes, because you only need a talisman the place right before. By the way I don't like too much this "easy" way to go directly to the COC...
  12. I guess I missed a lot of thing between the first original french talisman and like 30 years later 4th revised edition
  13. Are you talking of the unofficial one? I've printed it and we almost never enter in it. I don't know how closed it is to the original, but I personnally don't like it because there's not too much to gain in there, and lot to loose.
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