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  1. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    I destroyed 4 Z95s before I lost my 3 ships!
  2. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    Third round is against 4 Bandit Squadron and Chewbacca. Who knows, I may actually destroy an enemy ship!
  3. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    While I play Armada regularly, I haven’t really played X-Wing since Armada came out. Today, I decided to go to a store monthly tournament to get out of the house, and took a triple T70 list with me. Poe (PS9), Snap, Jess. First round was against Shara, Nora, Fenn Rau. I lost 100-0... Second Round was against Ryad, Omega Leader, QuickDraw. I lost 100-0. Third round will be posted shortly.
  4. If I’m using Poe in his trusty T-70 Black One, and have his faithful sidekick BB-8 along, is it possible to remove two target locks? One for the BB-8 free barrel roll and one for the regular boost action.
  5. emsgoof

    Sometimes you really have no chance ...

    No chance? Here’s no chance- I’m playing in a store monthly this weekend, and I’ve never played X-Wig competitively, and have only played 3 games in the last 3 years (all last weekend). Triple T-70 inbound! What’s a harpoon? 😂
  6. I do like me some Avenger / BT. I’ve decided that even in the conflict, the Interdictor is a useless ship. It’s just too slow and the support it offers the fleet isn’t enough to offset the lack of firepower for the points you put out for it.
  7. That's actually what you've been doing this entire thread. Everyone else is wrong, and you're right, and it needs to be your way. (see below as just one example)
  8. If people started playing as @Snipafist stated above, it would lead me to call a TO for slow play. What we have right now is a fine balance that still allows us to play with little plastic space ships in a timely fashion. I personally would be more than happy to have squadrons completely removed from the game, maybe using them as an upgrade card for attack / defense or something.
  9. 🙄 Ships have a fixed movement, it's a core mechanic of the game. Squadrons have flexible movement, it's designed that way. Was it designed very poorly? Yes, but I think most people give enough flexibility to squadron movement based on the almost impossible way you're supposed to move them, with regards to how large the ruler is, and the fact that after the first turn it likely won't fit down flat on the board. If people want to start being jerks about it, and demanding players strictly follow the rule regarding movement, I'm fine with that. If the ruler won't fit on the board, sorry I guess you can't move the squadron there.
  10. Have you looked at Alien Luxury Miniatures on Shapeways? (https://www.shapeways.com/shops/alien-luxury?section=Modification+Parts&sort=) https://www.shapeways.com/product/7PKGMPJK9/small-ship-cannons-style-1-pack-270th?optionId=65269665 Thanks to @LightCraftMiniatureStudios for pointing them out.
  11. emsgoof

    Let's Make a Fleet for Truthiness

    You didn’t see the tears when he had to play Ackbar for that CC game 😂
  12. emsgoof

    Let's Make a Fleet for Truthiness

    Has to include Snackbar, he hates Snackbar.
  13. I know you said you weren’t redoing all of the old links, but any chance of getting a repost of some of the X-Wings? (Looking most for your Macross inspired stuff).
  14. emsgoof

    Like watching paint dry

    Curse you @Truthiness now I want to go to NOVA. Maybe next year (already burned too much vacation time this year).