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  1. emsgoof

    CAPA Cup

    3 Imp and 6 Reb.
  2. emsgoof

    CAPA Cup

    @CyborgNinja ended up winning overall, played an excellent final match. Hopefully next time he’ll pull out his large MC80 that he finally finished painting! A very well run tournament, I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time.
  3. emsgoof

    CAPA Cup

    Event has been very nice so far, getting started in round 3 now. @Truthiness and @CyborgNinja fighting it out at the top (I think)
  4. emsgoof

    2.0 - all who are leaving

    Can I have your stuff?
  5. emsgoof

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    Bye. Can I have your stuff?
  6. emsgoof

    Arquitens Rant

    Don’t listen to @duck_bird, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Arqs suck, and never win anything. 😂
  7. emsgoof

    The BRB Fleet

    It’s a fun list to play. It looks like a classic conga line on paper, but it’s actually pretty flexible with maneuvering to line up shots.
  8. emsgoof

    The BRB Fleet

    Snackbar, Home One Mc80A, 2x AF2B, ECMs on everything, XI7 on everything, Adv Projectors on Home One, 3x YT2400
  9. emsgoof

    CAPA Cup

    I just signed up, yes I chose Armada on Saturday but it popped as Friday in the email. Probably just an automated thing. When you go into eventzilla and look at your ticket info, it’ll show that you chose Saturday / Armada
  10. emsgoof


    Good job @Truthiness!
  11. emsgoof


    Pics or it didn’t happen
  12. emsgoof


    Really wish they didn’t charge an entry fee just to go in and watch.
  13. emsgoof

    A new home

    Stinkin’ Army. Now Bethesda as a Corpsman, that was awful 😂. More officers than enlisted.
  14. emsgoof

    Let's Make a Fleet for Truthiness

    For the record, while preparing my Imps for a SC tomorrow (good luck @duck_bird!) I counted... and have 9 Nebulons in my case...