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  1. emsgoof

    Let's Make a Fleet for Truthiness

    For the record, while preparing my Imps for a SC tomorrow (good luck @duck_bird!) I counted... and have 9 Nebulons in my case...
  2. emsgoof

    Let's Make a Fleet for Truthiness

    Wait, how did I not hear about this? And all three of you know I have entirely too many ships for a sane person... I think I only have 6 nebs though, I’ll check Saturday. We should have insisted he use this fleet the other day at Bel Air.
  3. emsgoof

    Silly SSD you got me... What did I miss?

    We have these things called forums... you may have heard of them. Go start reading...
  4. emsgoof

    I already got a SSD.

    Congratulations. Would you like a cookie?
  5. emsgoof

    Squadrons soft nerf

    Wait... aren’t you doing rebs in our next CC?
  6. I wasn’t going to rub it in. 😂
  7. Can’t wait for @Truthiness doing his write up on driving over an hour to a store championship just to face me again instead of one of the many new people for the final match 🤪 (and us beating on each other so hard that someone from table 2 won the thing).
  8. emsgoof

    helpful Armada sites (for wiki)

  9. emsgoof

    Howard/Arundel Co, MD Armada

    After GnS treated the Armada players like crap during a regional event, their Armada community died. Bel Air Games, Play More Games are both pretty solid, you may get a few bites if you post here or on FB in the NOVA fleet group for Third Eye in Annapolis or to meet at GnS.
  10. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    I destroyed 4 Z95s before I lost my 3 ships!
  11. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    Third round is against 4 Bandit Squadron and Chewbacca. Who knows, I may actually destroy an enemy ship!
  12. emsgoof

    First store monthly

    While I play Armada regularly, I haven’t really played X-Wing since Armada came out. Today, I decided to go to a store monthly tournament to get out of the house, and took a triple T70 list with me. Poe (PS9), Snap, Jess. First round was against Shara, Nora, Fenn Rau. I lost 100-0... Second Round was against Ryad, Omega Leader, QuickDraw. I lost 100-0. Third round will be posted shortly.
  13. If I’m using Poe in his trusty T-70 Black One, and have his faithful sidekick BB-8 along, is it possible to remove two target locks? One for the BB-8 free barrel roll and one for the regular boost action.