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  1. Well, at our regionals a couple of weeks ago, running Dengar / Howlrunner / 3 Interceptors off a flight controller ISD. Attacking a group with Shara and 3 generic A-Wings. First attack- 6 crits. Re-roll 1 to a crit. Second attack- 6 crits. Re-roll 1 to a crit. Third attack... I think it was 5 crits and an accuracy... re-rolled a crit to another crit. Its well known in my group I can roll blanks on blues. Almost epic level of failure every. single. time. Reading another post reminded me of last year’s regionals... an ISD attacking a speed zero gozanti at close range. Blues were accuracies, reds and blacks were all blanks or accuracies. Re-rolled blacks and reds to the exact same result.
  2. emsgoof

    Armada Monday Minutia, Roguey Wings

    Rouge... Rogue...
  3. emsgoof

    VSD quartet

    JJ, 4 Vic 2 with Gunnery Teams and DCaps (leaves DCaps off 1 of them for points). Targeting beacons, contested outpost, solar corona. And none of my 8 Victory models have broken antenna...
  4. emsgoof

    AT-AT Paint Color Suggestions?

    It’s a huge monolithic galaxy spanning empire that rewards conformity and uniformity. I’m fairly certain they’d paint their standard walkers the same way.
  5. emsgoof

    AT-AT Paint Color Suggestions?

    Like Sorastro’s AT-ST guide?
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    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Well we are all certainly glad you’re here to tell us how to live our lives. 🙄
  7. Yes... the “Lets break 1200 point games”, and questions of “How do objectives, Squadron overlaps, ship rams, flotillas, etc work” indicates this is a brilliant system. 🙄
  8. FFG: Here’s a ship you can’t really use in regular games Armada Fans: ehh... cool I guess? It’ll look nice on the mantel. (6 months later) Armada Fans: Throw us a bone FFG! FFG: Here’s a rehash of the CC All Out Assault rules so you can use this huge ship (which we STILL haven’t really given you much information on) that didn’t really fit in anywhere else. Armada Fanbois: Yay! Armada is the best ever! Everyone else: Meh... too little, too late, FFG.
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    Is it worth starting Armada?

    Do you desire to experience the gaming version of Stockholm Syndrome? Then by all means, yes! Yes, get started in a game that requires substantial monetary investment, little to no communication from the developer, questionable support for ongoing product development, and hyper-inflated online auction prices of expansions that are “reprinting soon” but haven’t been available for some time and are all but necessary for full enjoyment of the game.
  10. I had been a 40K player from the RT days. I left for a while, but decided to come back into 40K during 4th ed and built up a Blood Angels battle company plus assorted support pieces. Our group played a weekly Apocalypse game at the local GW, and had a lot of fun. 5th edition hit, and we all loved it, right up until flyers hit the scene. Then the super heavies came into regular games, and I was done. They had a game in the past that had super heavies and flyers, and it had been (in my opinion) one of their best games - 2nd ed epic. Now, GW dares come out with Adeptus Titanicus, and it’s good fun! Curse you FFG for being so bad with your customer service that I went back to GW (we won’t even get into Knight Models and their complete absence of quality control lately).
  11. List building, like many things, is about choices. You choose to not put a bid in your list. Someone else may decide it’s important to them, and include one. This is a basic function of the game. In the space of 10 seconds, I was able to build an 8 activation list, which still has a 12 point bid in it. It’s a rebel fleet, and it’s probably something that a person better at the game than I am could do well with. No last/first against that list. There are options out there. Changing one of the fundamentals of the game because you don’t like it is just laziness.
  12. Already have too many of each. Will be very hard pressed to buy any more expansions after seeing how FFG has crapped all over us this past year.