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    First responses were negative, and suggested someone else.
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    Thoughts? Vader Iden 786/800 Darth Vader (Force Push, Saber Throw, Force Reflexes) 2× Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Medical Droid, Targeting Scopes) 2× Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes) Royal Guards (Electrostaff Guard, Recon Intel) Iden Versio + ID10 (Hunter, Offensive Push, Environmental Gear, TL-50 Repeater) Commands: •Vader's Might, •Implacable, ••Incapacitate, ••Fear and Dead Men, •••Darkness Descends, •••Master of Evil, ••••Standing Orders
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    Anyone look at running Vader / Krennic? Thoughts?
  4. Yes. Rather tongue-in-cheek, but it really depends. If there’s a model with a lot of hard to reach places, I tend to at least paint those locations before assembly.
  5. It has to be one of the most lazy, boring designs. Why do people want this floating rectangle?
  6. It helps that they’ve been stored since the last time I used one at the Sullust event.
  7. 8, all ships have antenna intact.
  8. Wow, someone managed to get on my ignore list the first day back after being away from this nonsense for months. Congrats!
  9. emsgoof

    New op article up

    So I haven’t played X-Wing pretty much since Armada was released, other than one store monthly at the end of V1. What’s the difference with these two types of tournaments? Yes, looking to maybe get back into X-Wing casually.
  10. Could be worse. Knight Models (Batman Miniature Game, DC Universe Miniature Game) finally released some new stuff for DCU. I haven’t purchased from them in a while due to quality control issues, and I’m glad I sat this one out. Example- one person received their new Superman model, pack had 2 right legs and 2 heads, but no body or left leg. Ive ordered directly from KM before and it took over 3 months after release date to get my stuff, and even then it wasn’t right (miscasts and missing pieces). I finally stopped buying their stuff because I was tired of the failures on their end. The one time I had an issue with FFG stuff (a missing Death Trooper forearm), the replacement was sent quickly and the interaction with FFG was painless.
  11. Just going on my ship cards, because I have stuff packed away in various places, and don’t keep everything immediately available... 1 SSD 1 Chimera 3 ISD 2 Interdictor 8 Victory (all with complete antennas) 1 Quasar 2 Gladiator 2 Arquitens 3 Raider 2 Gozanti 2 MC80 Home One 2 MC80 Liberty 1 MC75 4 Assault Frigate Mk2 1 Pelta 6 MC30 8 CR90 9 Nebulon B 1 Hammerhead (2 Ship pack) 2 GR75 Too many fighters
  12. Out of curiosity, what’s the point of SFO on the Raiders? It’s a Command value 1 ship, so you’d essentially have no dial at all.
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