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  1. If you're adding FD to the dice pool for Mechanics with the "Control: Mechanics" talent, can you look into adding it to the Vigilance and Perception dice pools for "Control: Vigilance" under Farsight. Assuming I'm interpreting it right, that is.
  2. Despairs are always my bread and butter. Even if the players are throwing 9 yellows, that big D makes for a happy GM.
  3. Consider having your "veteran" TIE Pilots have Full Throttle, allowing them to keep up. Have Star Destroyers fire on them with Turbolasers... Doesn't matter how fast they are, they still have to get out of range... Use terrain to channel them through combat areas and lower their speed (asteroid fields and nebulae are perfect for this).
  4. Once players have all the gear in the world and they can kill 15 Stormtroopers in a single roll, it's time to change the game a little bit. While I've always tried to -start- with this in mind for my campaigns, players can be challenged by the plot and the universe much more so than by the rolls and the adversaries. Focus on providing challenges to the -players- and not their characters. Force the party to figure out the plot. Who's doing what, to whom, where and when. Once they've got that figured out (and, yes, Knowledge, technical and social skills will likely be helpful here), they still have to figure out the -why-. Otherwise, they're -re-acting rather than driving the pace of the game. Work on switching up the situation, have the antagonist reset the environment from time to time. If one of the players is death with a lightsaber, force the action to be in space. If one of the players is a master communicator who can convince Hutts of the merits of salted nala frogs, have the antagonist refuse to answer their comm. Keep the pace moving and the environment changing. Predictability is death to the game as players can optimize their characters to defuse everything with a single roll. Above all else, though, do -not- allow players to convince you that their social character can convince Vader to turn to the Light Side with a single conversation, nor let them convince you to allow them to attempt to talk down the Stormtroopers who have been sent to kill them all. That's not to say "interesting" and "non-standard" uses of skills shouldn't be allowed, they should be allowed and even encouraged. However, they should not be able to resolve, bypass or mitigate an entire encounter, subplot or campaign in a single roll. Use common sense and limit the scope of player actions.
  5. Generally, ships and ship modifications are excellent places to dump spare cash. Homesteads are also an excellent opportunity to turn spare credits into plot hooks.
  6. I'd love to see a Clone Wars book with all the equipment from that time period. I've mocked up a lot of custom stats for those ships, but I'd prefer RAW versions, if possible.
  7. The Plano group runs some games out of Frisco, and there's a weekly game there at Doc's Comics and Games (https://www.facebook.com/DocsComicsAndGames/) on Wednesdays.
  8. Oh. I wasn't actually claiming a spot. I was just mentioning an insanely OP build...
  9. Faleen, Gambler, Force user with Unmatched Fortune...
  10. The Gozanti is nice, one of my favorites. However, my current personal favorite is the Mobquet Medium Transport. However, if price is a concern, the Wayfarer is nice, but if you can squeak it in your budget, I suggest the HT-2200.
  11. I ordered a BDZ strike (by my personal forces) on a planet I found infested with hibernating Killiks.... If the peace-loving Alderaanians exterminated them on Alderaan, that's a good enough reason for me to exterminate them when I found them myself...
  12. Try to split the party, if you have 8 PCs. That way you can run multiple combats simultaneously and balance the threat to the party currently engaged.
  13. I also remove the final slot in the initiative order for that side (and, if for whatever reason, they recover, the slot comes back). Reinforcements that get added in the middle of a combat roll new initiative and get added into the combat wherever they wind up.
  14. The main strain recovery mechanic not mentioned yet is Inspiring Rhetoric, however, it can be abused if the GM allows repeated usages of it -- I generally allow continuous usage -in- combat, but only ONE use after combat concludes. That said, how is it that players are running out of strain frequently without overusing their strain-based talents? If enemies are using stun damage on them during missions, there should be a reason for it and players should be informed and aware that this might be the case so they can weigh the costs of using strain-based talents. Additionally, and this may not necessarily be relevant to your posed scenario, but it is the main method of strain recovery, advantages in combat or on checks can be spent to recover one strain each.
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