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  1. We don't even know for certain that Bothans are species. They may well be a planetary nation. Which could include the furry camel species, the hairy elves, and whatever else they come up with.
  2. How about you carry some of your research data (stored on a datapad) that allows you to prepare a standard bacta tank to be more effective (in game terms, grants one rank in Bacta Specialist?) Your work on bacta formula could be published by a major research journal, which still doesn't mean that every doctor has access to it (only those who buy your paper, which is published by the Galaxy's equivalent of Elsevier)
  3. Quick question: Could you learn Project/Unleash if you have Lore 3 and Knowledge is Power?
  4. Kudos for going back and rereading! I reread the Gank species description and concede that it's ambiguous and in need of clarification. But after double checking several times, I'm more convinced than ever that talents do apply at character creation. That's not a loophole, that's simply how the rules are written. If you chose equipment before spending xp, sure. If there was a rule that you don't apply talents, sure. But the way I see it they very deliberately chose the order so you could influence starting equipment prices by choosing a particular career that has talents like Cybertechnologist.
  5. Saying that talents don't apply during CHARGEN!1! does not make you right if you're not being able to support said statement. If I disagree with your interpretation, that doesn't make me a rules lawyer. We're not sitting at the same gaming table. For the life of me I cannot imagine why they would give the Cyber Tech a 5XP talent that affects equipment prices if they didn't want it to apply to CHARGEN!1! You conveniently left out the step where you Invest Experience Points (6). Which, by the way, happens after career and before equipment. As you said, there is not much room for interpretation, you have talents at the time you buy equipment. Ruling that they don't apply seems to be the house rule to me. Good thing I own Force and Destiny, it would have never occured to me that I need to check the Mentor rules for my Edge of the Empire question. But hey, apparently the Mentor is in Step 10, after you purchase equipment. That might be the reason that its discount doesn't apply, no? But hey, let's read it anyway in case it really has this important clarification that no discounts apply during character creation? *reads p. 109 from start to finish* "When a player character purchases the basic version of a Force powers, he may decrease the cost of the basic power by 5 XP. This discount does not apply when purchasing upgrades to Force powers. This discount only applies after the character has spent their initial XP during character creation." Look. I understand you don't like combos. You call them loopholes and you think that they shouldn't exist. That's fine. But let's not pretend that you don't bend the rules according to your predjudication here.
  6. Hmm... have you tried making it up as you go along? If your players don't have access to a fully fleshed-out sector, they will ask you things like "where do we go when we want to purchase a better sensor array?". Also, it makes things much more explorery if the Unknown is, well, unknown.
  7. I don't disagree with following a step-by-step process, I just don't see how you can claim you follow that step-by-step process when purchasing equipment during species selection. IMHO there is nothing in the wording that suggests an additional "purchase equipment" step immediately after species selection, followed by the "official" "purchase equipment" step at the end. Personally, I would just select species and move on without buying equipment yet, purchasing all equipment together in one step as per RAW. That seems to be supported by the species wording too.
  8. There is an issue with a discount on cyberware? (or the one you can get via Master Merchant?) I thought they did exactly what they were supposed to. Maybe you and me just think differently about the "worst-case scenario": all discounts stack, allowing the Gank Entrepreneur to buy one or two pieces of cyberware for a total of 12500 credits. (On a personal notes: I sometimes build characters even though I don't have a GM. Sorry, I don't have a different place to go to with my question, but thanks for the suggestion.)
  9. Well, the species selection certainly happens before, but choosing gear happens after investing XP. The way I saw it was that selecting Gank as a species in step 3 gave you a budget for step 9.
  10. This is such a non-cinematic concept that I have difficulties finding an equivalent in the FFG system. Remember that "taking 20" is only thinking along one axis of success, while FFG's system has two. There is hardly a storytelling purpose to people trying again until they succeed if there's only success or try again, but that may be different if there's also the advantage/threat axis to consider. Luke giving up frustrated while trying to lift the X-Wing serves a purpose in the story, but I doubt there was more than one roll for that scene. Tl;dr "Taking 20" is a very simulationist idea that does not fit this system well.
  11. I have this weird character concept of a Gank peddling state of the art, only slightly used cyberware. I have a couple of rules questions I would like to have some input on. Official rules clarification would be great, but I doubt the devs have time for something of that level of obscurity. It's mainly about how talents affecting prices interact. Cyberneticist. Could I buy my starting cyberware at the discount granted by Cyberneticist? Does this include the bonus in cyberware granted by the Gank species? Does the 50% discount apply to the base price (like other discount talents, such as Master Merchant, do?) Master Merchant. Could I buy starting cyberware at the discount granted by Master Merchant? Does this include the bonus in cyberware granted by the Gank species? Selling your used cyberware. Let's say you make better parts and you want to sell your used, old ones. Do you sell them like any regular good - at a price that is their base price modified by successes and talents - or do you apply a negative modifier for the parts being used? Thank you so much!
  12. Could she Fancy Paint Job herself then? (e.g. Star Wars Rebels!)
  13. If you come from Hutt space and want something different, have a look at a world with no intergalactic criminal underworld connections, because it has either escaped the Hutt's notice so far or that has really active law enforcement. The characters will still be the same. Maybe they will bring crime to a pristine community - or they get hired because somebody else threatens this zero-crime utopia and the PCs are the only ones familiar with methods how to deal with this incursion. Think Galaxy Quest.
  14. This has been clarified by the developers and it's also in the talent's long description I think. It's not meant for cover. It's meant to be applied towards black dice you get because of detrimental environmental circumstances (shaky ground etc.), not towards those you get because of your opponent's beneficial environmental circumstances (cover etc.)
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