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  1. What you say is extremely interesting. I think it is a part of the reason why they made a scenario builder. It would be easy to take some cool ideas from Command and put them in the scenario builder (or just try those ideas and refine them). For the scenarios, we can do a lot without any new stuff from FFG. On their side, they only have to give us new components, like new units. Of course, those handmade scenarios would not be perfectly balanced, but most of the scenarios of Memoir '44 are not. It is ok for fans of the game because that's how story went. We can try those new ideas, even if they are not balanced, to have new experiences with this cool system, or to make stories (flesh out the story of Terrinoth, instead of WWII).
  2. I can't really say I am an expert of the game, but I thought this mission was not harder than the others. I failed it one time and I had it easily the second time. I can give you some approaches that might be interesting (if you've never thought about it). 1) Use the buildings. Having one less damage is an enormous advantage. For example, if a blood haverster gets a rage, it will kill itself and you'll be fine. If you put a rune golem in a building, it is immoveable and has one less damage. You can even put a unit behind it so it is supported (no retreat). 2) Watch out for the Chaos Lord. When it gets near, try to focus on it to kill it as fast as you can. Archers can be a good way, since he can counterattack with five dices (unless you attack with a Knight that is vigilant). 3) Think of combos that can help you. One easy is to select "darken the skies" (lets you activate three archers that make another attack) plus the card "Enchanted Arrows" (lets you attack from anywhere on the map). Your yeoman archers have "Double shot" (another attack if you don't move). This way, you have 9 attacks on any unit on the map. This should remove half of the Chaos Lord's life in one turn. 4) Watch out for Blood Harvesters. Try to finish them one at a time. A weak Blood Harvester is even more dangerous. Three Blood Harvesters with one unit remaining are many times more dangerous than a 3 unit Blood Harvester. Hope that helps you!
  3. This gives space for more intelligent plays from the imperial side. I'm not sure about the ratio "can work on itself/needs more officers to be effective", or how it is open to be mixed with other styles.
  4. Don't forget there is a three page errata and restriction list for AGOT (and four for Cthulhu). Things seem to be okay for Netrunner (only two tiny corrections in the errata) and the balance is something that seems okay for the majority of Netrunner Players. They are getting better and better at designing their games. Something that is really different from the other games, is that it is an assymetric game AND it is extremely easy to mix the factions (if you compare to the only other assymetric game, Netrunner). As long as the ressources work, you can do what you want. So, it leaves us with two multi-faceted factions (good and evil). I just hope that one day, the win ratio for both sides will be close enough and there will be many ways to be competitive. Those ways might be or not from different affiliations, but as long as skill is rewarded enough, I'll be glad.
  5. Hi! First post here. After reading this thread, I saw this article by Flip the Force. http://fliptheforce.com/articles.php?rid=123 Good read on the different LS type decks and the possible DS counters. One of their decks was the "Force Beater", that had very good chances against Force Lock. They tried other things that were more consistent against other builds (because there is more than one LS build, you know), but finally, keeping is Force Beater would have been the best idea. I really like this attitude of experimentation to find new ways to play the game, particularly coming from a guy in the US top 16. In fact, the deck-building aspect of this game should go this way, and I believe this game has enough material to do this. To the question "It this game worth starting now?", if you're talking about meta, the answer depends. If people keep on using the seductive pods for a simple and efficient win (read : the dark side ), the meta might stay stagnant. But if you're willing to try to be creative, you can be a part of the solution. I admit the pod system makes it easy to go for "the best pods" and FFG is not entirely innocent in this, but if you bought the game because many design elements pleased you, there is still a lot of fun to be had (in the current state and in the future).
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