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  1. I meant if i have a target lock from like a shuttle, will vaders atc kick in?
  2. If i have vader with atc on him. Im attacking a ship that has a target lock on it, but its not from Vader, does atc still activate and give him the crit? Thanks in Advance
  3. Two goldfish are sitting in a tank. One looks at the other and says, "do you know how to drive this thing?"
  4. My buddy and i tried to go, but registration was already filled up. Definately bummed we couldnt show. How many people was the event limited to?
  5. Mind you, Im not a tournament player yet. If the bump was my fault i take the worst possible outcome of it. Say i bump an opponents ship measuring my range, and if its a question if the ship is range 1 or 2, i always take the range 2 since i cause a bump. No need for dice, ill take the dock. Flying casual and such. Now on the other hand, i was recently playing a 2 v 2 200 pt game and an opponent knocked one of my ships over big time. After a movement an arc was in question and no reperations were made. My opponent was like nope, out of arc. Next shot. So not everyone flies casual. But hey. Still a great game
  6. Thanks for all the input! I will def be putting these out for testing. Although i think i fell in love with BBBB equiped with accuracy correctors.
  7. In my experience with the build so far, Youll be hitting alot more with Predator so IG Bs ability doesnt kick in as much. I switched to D abd wasnt happy with Predator on it. But i never tried accuracy corrector. I dont know how well that will play out. Just my 2 cents so far.
  8. My only issue with IG B is that most of my shots were range 1 so the built in cannon gunner never really happenedsince i had HLC. So i tried with a mangler and wasnt too hapoy with the damage output.
  9. See my problem with the first list is when i would take my s-loops they were unexpected and id have a great shot, most of the time i had nothing to modify the rolls with. Thanks for the second list, i'm gonna try that one out. I've been setting them up range 3 from each other and flying them towards each other in a pincer fashion. Hit hard, and fast, fly away and regroup. The only problem ive had so far really is with Soontir.
  10. I recently started pkaying a dual Aggressor list. First my list was Ig B & C Push the limit FCS HLC IG 2000 Autothrusters. Ive switched out ptl with predator and i wasnt too happy with the results. Next i changed ig B to D and put ptl back in. The results seemed ok. Should i put the hlc down to a mangler on ig d so i can replace FCS with Advanced sensorson both iggys? Any thoughts, tips or advice is greatly appreciated
  11. I literally just bought one of these a couple days ago!
  12. Not rea Not really, since im asking about tips and how to fly the thing too
  13. I just got my Tantive months ago and finally get a chance to fly it tonight! Were doing 400 pt armies. I would like some tips for loading out my Tantive and generally play tips for it. Any help is appreciated. Fly casual ner vod!
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