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  1. A (gaming) company saying that if you want to use their product, you need to buy the necessary components... Strange...
  2. This game is in desperate need of a revised release, where all current erratas are included. Let's not kid ourselves... I expect those that participate on this forum daily will disagree because everyone can simply 'refer to their smartphone', but for the casual players trying to remember all the rules from maybe the core rules or perhaps a rule card or wait... The FAQ. Wait! I meant one of the multiple rulebooks that come with different ships... Or was it a pilot skill? No wait! Modification card! Or was it... See, what I'm saying?! Xwing is getting seriously bloated! I mean Twilight Imperium kinda bloated, where there can be times where rule verifying can take longer than the game play. And for those that would feel gouged by FFG for offering a new core set to new players as part of trying to lower the bar to entry for them... I seriously disagree with any assertion that being offered a new, say, $40 or $50 2nd core is a cash grab when we all know that not only is the average player going to buy it regardless, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to the $1000's they will spend on this game. That is if I, as well as the average forum user is any indication. According to the typical forum signature that is... And I still hold these thoughts, even after following these forums daily for over a year. We need to get over our communal gaming elitism and admit that bloat is bloat and 3 years of rules evolution adds not only a barrier to entry but a handicap to anyone who doesn't play regularly. <end rant>
  3. Now I know why I can't find any falcons
  4. Why don't you buy it yourself? And then sell the raider... yourself?
  5. I feel strongly that "Lists" and entailing advice and critiques should be be it's own place. When I was new to the game, a "New Player Area" would have been immensely helpful. Perhaps a renaming of the "Rules" sub forum to be more nclusive of a broader topic? "Repaints & Scratch Builds" should be it's own area. I would love to see an "Epic Play" forum. I think I speak for many when I say that while I don't home brew rules, I don't play competitively either. I often play outside of 100 point games and would be very interested in reading up on strategies and tactics in games of a larger scale. Along those lines, a "Scenario & Campaign" forum would really excite me! Fly Casual!!
  6. Proof that logic, reading comprehension, marketing, supply chain logistics, freight expenses, production costs, manufacturing, capitalism, grammer, social etiquette, accounting, labour principals or self help for identifying your own mental health is not taught before whatever grade this fine example of society dropped out of. ...I skipped that class on run on sentences. Fly casual
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