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  1. There are parts of your argument where you present supposition as facts, especially where it comes to current discussion impacting future practices. I thought I had been pretty clear as to that being the main point of disagreement.
  2. Right, because simple one word responses are devoid of speculation. Your responses are mostly compromised of speculation yet you continue to criticize others for lazy speculation. Before 2.0 came out many criticized others for discussing concerns stating that doing so had no constructive value. Yet many of the issues discussed concerning were addressed in 2.0. Hypocrisy much?
  3. So if someone disagrees with your train of thought then they are automatically wrong? Your point #2 doesn't account for the fact that FFG could have easily enough pulled the pilot card packs from the conversion kits and just included the titles, upgrade, and the like. Without the extra cardboard, dials, and plastics stands they could have sold them for $20 a pop and sold quite a few of them. Also, your point about discussing the current issue being pointless isn't necessarily accurate as perhaps such discussion would give FFG some insight as to how to avoid or mitigate this issue in the future. By making such assumptions, doesn't that make your comments somewhat disingenuous?
  4. If nothing else this forum gives people a place to vent similar frustrations then. I really enjoy this game and I am not out to torpedo it. Sometimes if enough people vent similar frustrations, while it may not have an impact on the current situation, it may give the developers enough insight to change things down the road to prevent similar issues from happening again. I think that waiting close to year for the aforementioned card packs but not seeing them or any news of them warrants a bit of inquiry into them. I don't see how discussing issues and concerns is pointless, and I'm not sure how you can either unless you have some way of seeing into the future. Just my own thoughts, take them for what you will.
  5. If FFG really wanted to get away from people having to buy ships for cards as was the case in V 1.0 they could make proxy cards legal at tournaments. With all of the list building apps it is easy enough to check the card's wording. Maybe they could set up a PoD option allowing people to order what they need. Even if they had a minimum purchase amount if say $20 which got you up to 20 cards it would be worth it. I'm nit trying to salt any wounds or throw more gas on a fire. Just trying to think outloud about some possible solutions. Perhaps others can build on them to make them more viable.
  6. So what happened to the trade thread? I looked back 8 pages or so and couldn't find it. I got some conversion kits. I have a few extra things and need a fee things.
  7. You could always do what Darth Meanie suggested by keeping your existing collection 1.0 and playing 2.0 with the new factions.
  8. I love most of the changes for 2.0. Some if the new point costs and upgrade slots (or lack thereof) bother me but those can and will be errated at some point in the near future. That being said I feel you on the cost to convert. I don't think the cost would bother me so much except that some of the design elements of the conversion kits felt cash grabby to me. Not including enough ship base tokens or dials to run the advertised models converted was lame as well as not including some cross faction cards in each of the appropriate faction con kits. I would have rather paid and extra 5 bucks to get those things in the kit rather than being left with the option to buy a second kit or try and find someone to trade with. Honestly I just made copies of the content I needed. It isn't tournament legal but in casual play it has not been an issue. I'm upfront about it and as I supply many of the models in my okay group anyhow, no one has complained yet. I think if they had implemented the kits in a more player friendly way, or at least been a bit more genuine about what was actually playable with each kit there would be fewer complaints. I also think that FFG's history of being more player friendly before the take over/merger was more in line with what people expected rather than what they received. Since the con kits I have adjusted my expectations accordingly for future purchases. I'm not saying that the current FFG is bad when it comes to player friendliness, but I feel that it is lower than it was. Just my thoughts though.
  9. Part of me is glad I'm not alone, but the other part of me was hoping to be proven wrong. None of my gripes are deal breakers, but having been a long time consumer of FFG there seems to be a bit of a shift from customer service to making more money. Before I get flooded with a bunch of PM's reminding me that FFG is a company and they need to make money I am aware of this and harber no ill will towards them for this. I'm just making an observation that be the take over/merger I would have expected those few extra components in the kits.
  10. A bit late I know but I just had the opportunity to go through the Rebel and S&V kits along with the 2.0 core. So I am a fan of the new rules. While some ships look a little over or under powered for the point cost there seems to be ways of making them work which is refreshing. For the most part I am happy with the conversion kits (though I was shorted a peg for the medium based ships in the Rebel kit). My main 2 gripes are 1 lack of the new tokens (i.e. shield, focus, ect.). The other is not providing enough base tokens to run Han and Chewie. REALLY. As the kits cost $50 I don't think adding 2 more sheets of cardboard for the tokens and bases would have killed them. With so much information being taken off of the base in 2.0 why keep initiative and names on them at all? They have the number markers to keep track of who's who. Intentional or not, it comes across as a cheap cash grab in some respects. As for a work around I'm planning on recycling some of my 1.0 stuff and simply make my own bases. I may do the same with some dials as I have some unused 2.0 dials. A copier and some glue and I'm good to go. Anyone have similar experiences? Anyone else have different ones and want to prove me wrong?
  11. At the risk of being murdered, they could create a Vong faction to counter force
  12. Thanks nexttwelveexits. The information is much appreciated ?
  13. So I have been trying to find the dial count for each ship in each conversion kit. Knowing this would allow my friends and I to come up with a more cost effective solution than to have each of us buy 2 or 3 kits per faction. There used to be a link on the FF product page but it has turned into the dreaded 404 error message, though I don't think the dial Counts are included. Does anyone have this information or at least know where I can get it from? I'm also curious as to why FF took the information down regarding what's in the con kits. Cheers
  14. I actually have a couple of Awings I can part with along with some interceptors, and star vipers. I am looking to get some of the new ships. I will post a full list of what I have and what I need when I get home. I have several good trades recorded on the trade thread.
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