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  1. Well if Sith alchemists can create a virus turning people into Rakghouls, zombies could be possible…though the whole zombie apocalypse thing has been done to death….lol!
  2. Something like Freemasonry could be easily adapted. Instead of building King Solomons temple they could have built the various jedi temples placed throughout the galaxy or even Sith tombs (or both to make it really interesting) and they continue their tradition working in various construction and technological capacities to this day(maybe even the Deathstars) and have meetings, and maybe even ride around on speeder bikes wearing tasseled hats in parades. Characters that are members may be able to get access to plans revealing secret passages and such that no else can.
  3. I know its EU but I respect it Wookies have climbing claws so I'm thinking one or two boost dice for climbing (athletics/brawn) checks. Using them in combat is considered greatly dishonorable but can/does happen I'm thinking of +1 to brawl damage and a crit 3. Has anyone else done anything with this? How does it work out?
  4. Smartphone or tablet +1 of many apps x a lot of freakin time = PDF's. if like me you choose not to frequent pirate sites.
  5. When making droids there are a lot of assumptions and the player and game master really have to work together. I made a droid based on GO-TO from the KOTOR games. He's assumed to be able to fly/hover at normal character walking running speeds(he can buy a jetpack later for true flight) he has no arms or legs but various retractable appendages with his various tools, weapons and simple arms for fine manipulation. So he can never pick a blaster rifle someone drops and use with any skill and would receive a whopping disadvantage if he tried. Same thing would be true for an astromech droid.
  6. I think another unmentioned advantage is droids are essentially immortal with proper maintenance. The character could be killed and rebuilt by someone else with mechanics like C3PO in Empire right? Short of being melted down or disassembled completely a droid character can be "brought back to life".
  7. How do I make my droid "fluent in over six million forms of communication"? How does that work in game? I don't see a translator of any kind in the gear section(I'm thinking of making one). Or just assume he does and make a simple Int/lore check? Or…what?
  8. My wife is a huge SW fan. We were making characters last night for our first session and being the Leia fan she is, she made a diplomat from Alderaan, house Organa "Leia's non-biological cousin". With the traditional Leia buns BTW. Of course most her XP went into social skills and characteristics. When we got to gear I'm looking at all the stuff for my soldier and there was my wife with just a blaster and com link and a purse full of credits and the question "what else do I buy?" and my unspoken smart-ass response was "clothes, purses and shoes as usual" Thats when the lightbulb went on, and I came up with Wardrobe. Buying wardrobe gives advantage dice in certain social situations when worn. The more credits in wardrobe the more advantage a character may have. Wardrobe like other gear must be maintained. New styles come in old styles go out. failure to maintain a wardrobe may lead to a disadvantage or threat in social situations. Wardrobe can only be used for the appropriate social situation, the player must state what he's dressing for, a dinner party, a business meeting, a nightclub gathering etc. The war of words and rhetoric has its own battle field, weapons and armor, seems to me there should be some gear to reflect that in the rules. Thoughts?
  9. Hello I'm new to the game, ran my first session last night actually, I'm going to pitch this to my Pathfinder group at tomorrows session so, contact me if your in the area and would like to join a group and play. We meet at Wings, Wheels and Waves hobby shop in Massillon.
  10. Hi everyone, new guy here, just got the Age and Edge books with screens tues. and F&D came wed. I'm going over rules and want to play asap. are there any PDF's here like character sheets, adversary sheets or anything to help me get started? I've also started a closed FB group called Star Wars RPG Fantasy Flight for Q&A and general discussion and just general Star Wars talk send request if interested. I want to pitch this game to my Pathfinder group this saturday I hope they will get as pumped about it as I am! BTW I was totally clueless this game had even come out! None of my local stores have had any mention of it (all 2 of them) I knew about FFG having the license and they were doing miniatures and ccg's I heard, but not a peep about the RPG, I caught a review on one of my geek FB pages thats how I heard about Age. Seems like FFG needs to do some advertising or something, and get a decent website where you can find stuff easier.
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