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  1. First I love the title of this thread LMAO! Regarding stealing ships, maybe some creative/lethal security systems are in order. Security lockouts with pass codes, linked to ship traps, poison gas, hidden turrets, mines and explosives and such. Some old school D&D knowledge may come in handy here. Some un-obvious latent traps might work. Lets say your group steals an Imperial ship you could have a silent alarm trigger a program in the nav-computer, everything seems fine when the group jumps to hyperspace the ship takes them to closest imperial facility instead. This may make the old lets grab a ship quick option a lot less appealing.
  2. Really? At what point was Luke ever more powerful than Leia? Hint: Politics count for far more than hokey religions or the ability to swing a glowy stick. EDIT: Keep in mind I'm only discussing the original trilogy. I have no real idea what stupidity the EU authors got up to. It makes no sense using the OT to measure how powerful Jedi/force users should be. 1. Luke was just learning about the force, and didn't really become a Jedi till the end of ROTJ. 2.The Jedi were wiped out, the ones that survived, were in hiding and didn't use their force abilities to avoid drawing attention to themselves However Vader and the emperor committed vast resources to find Luke, during a rebellion, because "He could destroy us". Like you I have plenty of loathing toward the prequels. I run a midi-chlorian free game. The Gungans were wiped out by the empire when Palpatine returned to Naboo (anyone sits at my game table with a gungan character and is "meesa lookin to join da bombad rebellion" If the players don't kill him I will. I personally hold the Thrawn trilogy as canon at my game table because George Lucas endorsed it himself when it came out! But of course later he never said that, but, whatever George. While I'm ranting though, HAN SHOT FIRST AND LAST! I apologize everyone I didn't mean to start a Jedi debate on this thread, I was just stating a general opinion in my original comment. This discussion really belongs on the F&D side.
  3. In the Star Wars setting Jedi/force users are powerful. If they're not then your not really playing Star Wars. The point of playing Star Wars is to step into the ROLE of a character in the SW universe, and to be able to do the things we all see and read about in the films and other media. If your obsessed with balance and equality go play Star Frontiers or Traveller or some other sci-fi RPG. One of the cool things about this version of the game though is they are completely optional in an AOR-EOE. I've seen examples of min/maxed trandoshan Marauder/soldiers who can charge through a wall of blaster fire without a scratch and one shot kill everyone over the next few turns. Social specialist characters that can talk to people till they pass out. But force using characters, have to roll to determine their force points to use their abilities and/or commit force dice to them. So they can only use their "Powers" once or a couple times per session (if light side) maybe a little more if going dark and this is too powerful?!?! I think fantasy flight has done an excellent job at addressing the "overpowering" force user issue in previous editions and may have gone a bit too far. Every character can be really great, there are some awesome abilities out there all character types can specialize in, and have their moment in the spotlight and not be overshadowed
  4. Welcome, Loved, West End SW game. This is better in a lot of ways, and totally destroys the absolute joke WOTC made out of the SWRPG. My only gripe is I think force users are too restrained. but that would be easy enough to house rule in this game.
  5. Thanks Ogg thats precisely what I want to do. My players loved it when I showed them their characters in a SW crawl! It really added to their enthusiasm and mine and made for a better game session. I really want to be able to save a pre made one though, in case I don't have internet access at the time.
  6. I'm new at the card thing myself but I sleeved mine and put them in clear sleeved pages that I will put into a small three ring binder. If someone else has something better I would like to hear it.
  7. I would like to see a creatures deck, or a series of creatures decks. Krayt dragons, womp rats, mynocks, nexu, gundarks, Wompas, etc.
  8. Yeah I got the IOS version for my IPhone/IPad really buggy I don't really like it, I'm still learning it but I hate how they try to force you to buy the music again just to use in the app. I've bought or been given(bought by others) SW music in vinyl, 8 track, cassette (several times) and CD's (regular and special edition) I think I've paid enough. The music on my computer is all bought, nothing pirated. So F***K YOU Apple/Itunes. Greedy corporate bastards.
  9. Regarding "official canon" in short, THERE IS NONE! Lucas destroyed any sense of "canon" when kept contradicted himself in "his" own movies and all the different "original visions" he has had in almost 40 years. He declared the Thrawn trilogy "canon" and then completely ignored it except for "Coruscant". I'm going to stop right here. I don't want to get sucked into this. Canon to me is the OT and maybe the Thrawn trilogy everything else is EU in my book. Canon to you can be whatever, I really don't care. Its not my fault, nor yours that George bordered on schizophrenia with his original visions and what he said and didn't say about them, and destroyed the continuity of the SW universe while he made money hand over fist off us. Anyone who sits at my SW game table is going to enjoy a midi-chlorian free environment. If my players walk into a cantina in Mos Eisely they will definitely see Han shooting first. I will decide whats canon for me you will decide whats canon for you.
  10. Just watched it, I thought it was great for a first episode. First thing though Im 43 years old I grew up on the OT and the EU, I don't hate the prequels but I was very disappointed in many ways with them. The first thing that struck me was "this feels like the Star Wars I loved growing up" Immediately my senses were assaulted with the familiar sounds of Williams original score, the roar of Tie Fighters, the clanking of imperial walkers, and other various sound effects that seemed like they were taken directly from the OT accompanied with familiar sights of classic stormtrooper armor and imperial uniforms oh, and right off the bat, an imperial Star Destroyer looming down menacingly at the beginning not unlike the opening of episode IV "most impressive". I'm not sure about the animation though, visually I found it lacking in some ways I can't quite put my finger on. The characters were pretty well done as far as the roles and acting goes, dialogue was good, I loved the "rare bald rookie bluff" LMAO! I'm sure thats going to end up at my game table sometime. I think its a good start, I'll just have to wait and see, but I am quite optimistic.
  11. oops, my bad still kinda new to the game here don't know all the abilities yet still learning.
  12. These aren't very good I'm brand new at this but its a really cool Idea, I got this app (it really needs some work) where I can make Star Wars Crawl's, for my gaming groups sessions. this is the link to my StarWars FB page... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1382461988710469/
  13. Something else you may want to bring up to your GM, in the Tales Of The Jedi, Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Bass used a wooden quarter staff that he would imbue with force and could fight light saber wielding opponents. There are no rules for anything like this yet but perhaps spend a force point for the session to empower the staff to become un-sunderable and usable (within reason) with lightsaber form combat styles.
  14. Just wondering if theres been an official release of a clawdite in any of the adventures published? If not I guess I'll just make it up based on previous RPG's.
  15. Good point Chortles. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi had a polygamous marriage which was approved by the Jedi council due to the low birth rate of the Cerean race.
  16. Luke actually rebuilt the Jedi order to what it should have been. The Jedi Order had become stagnate and corrupt just like the republic they served, mired down by dogma and traditions (this has actually been a cyclical problem throughout the history of the Jedi). Mulling around in robes meditating in a temple, enforcers of a political body. Even the great Qui-gon-Jinn had his issues with order, so did Obi-wan later. It wasn't always this way. There had been times throughout history of the jedi order where jedi married and had families and acted in many ways like the average citizens of the galaxy which was their true charge to protect (not a political body). Now when Sith and others targeted their families it was an effective means of turning the Jedi survivor to anger and hatred and then they fall to the dark side and it was a win win for them. So the Jedi rule of attachment made sense and was wise. You had to be careful of attachments. However like most religions today the wisdom of the practice became a rule and then the rule became dogma, so Jedi are (supposed to be) celibate, and think about that for a moment, Yoda said "life creates it, makes it grow" the Jedi then withdraw from the creation of life which in turn, creates the Force. Palpatine did not create Darth Vader, The Jedi Order did. Sure Palpatine fanned the flames. It was the rigid, unbending, and unforgiving Jedi which provided the fuel. Anakin was the chosen one who would bring balance to the force. Not by just destroying the Sith, but the Jedi as well. It was his son Luke, who would rebuild and restore the Jedi to what they should of been, a group of people called together from across the galaxy to serve and protect it and those who dwell in it.
  17. @ hilstad I strongly disagree. The game is designed around the Star Wars Universe NOT morality. Take a look at EOE, we play all kinds of roguish type characters and work with/for criminal organizations. All the games are supposed to fit and work together by design not force players into a single style of play (get your head out of the West End Star Wars game) as a matter of fact its your heroic good only style of gaming that is, as you put it "outside the intent of the rules". EOE introduces the Rogue, Anti-Hero style of play and characters, AOR Introduces the Heroic Noble style and characters, F&D must cover both sides in order for all three games to be truly compatible which is the stated intent of the game designers.
  18. mine just came today sweet! looking forward to using them tomorrow
  19. My apologies folks, I can't seem to quote and comment. when I try it just shows a blank post. weird.
  20. Oh boy, its going to be quite a few sessions before I even attempt a star fighter battle.
  21. ordered mine, This website is downright goofy though! I admit I am not that computer savvy, but I have little or no problems browsing online stores on other sites. You should be able to go right to the store click once on the SW game and BAM! should be right in there with the other stuff. Here though, its like you have to know its there and dig a few layers to find it.
  22. Role playing that might be fun, Let them choose and do a little Rebel Boot Camp session and put the skilled but undisciplined fringers through a ordered military regimen, could be hilarious! (I'm thinking The Dirty Dozen) afterwards you could award the free spec. and maybe a talent from the tree itself perhaps.
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