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  1. Happy Life Day Everyone Here's a review of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special that aired when I was a kid back in the late 70's. I would not torture you with posting the original, trust me, this is the best way to watch it. Warning- profanity.
  2. Inner rim isn't an issue...I'm sure there's smuggling even on Coruscant. As for Farghul and the like... the genius of E4 was that few if any of the non-humans really looked like earth-species-gone-sentient. They weren't cat-people, horse-people, dog-people, etc. Those only came out of the lesser minds of the EU. Instead we got Ithorian, Bith, and Talz... Then again, E6 did give us Ewoks... Not really, you had the Wolfman guy (Sivrak) and The Chadra-fan (the little bat guy) in the cantina E4, Bossk E5 Lesser minds of the EU? Really? troll much?
  3. I think Farghul would be ideal, or deveronians. I don't know about Falleen though, I thought they were from the inner rim?
  4. I wonder how many people are going to Wookieepedia to see if Latinas are still canon... LOL! So what planet are Latina's from? I am so sick of people talking about race, I am firmly in the Morgan Freeman camp STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! Besides we're all playing a game with other species, what the heck does skin color have to do with anything? You don't like my Rodian because you hate green people don't you.
  5. I would like to see a dual blaster wielding tree because I would like a way that pistoleers can compete with their heavy blaster wielding allies and opponents.
  6. I use Firefly as a smuggling ship in my game (SHINY!) I'm not a fan of the prequels, but I don't hate them. There are no midichlorians in my game, The gungans were wiped out by the Emperor so, no gungans. I will use the Thrawn as canon in my game when we get to that point.
  7. You forgot to Never count your money while your sitting at the table.
  8. I don't have most the other books yet but I would like to see Farghul the most, clawdites, or weequay,
  9. I'm baffled how anyone can give a crap about "canon" George Lucas sure didn't. I'll decide whats "canon" at my game table and you'll do the same for yours. I just can't wrap my mind around how people actually let other people dictate to them what part of their fictional world is true or what part of their fantasy is reality.
  10. It is the best explanation of Jar Jar! lol! How about all of us asking FFG to include a new force power…Summon Bigger Fish. LOL!
  11. http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/0001.html This is a great example of Star Wars RPG gameplay, though its D20 based, its still a good laugh, enjoy everybody!
  12. On that subject, is there going to be a boxed beginner set like they did with the last two?
  13. Has anyone made up stats for a hoverboard? I have a player that wants one, based on the Jak and Daxter games. I have some ideas but just want to know what you all may have come up with already.
  14. Very interesting debate everyone, i haven't had to deal with this yet since none of my players have taken this tree. I don't really have a problem with the terrify conflict since you don't have to take it in the tree if you don't want to, and it doesn't block you from getting anything else on the tree, on the other hand... I've always held the opinion it's how you use the power/ability that makes it light or dark, why don't you get conflict for just having the ability to harm or unleash? What if a character uses terrify to stop violence, its perfectly ok to dismember someone with your lightsaber to protect others but fearing someone to stop, in order to save your enemy as well as the people he is trying to harm gives you conflict? I certainly agree using terrify is flirting with the dark side and would rarely be used by anyone trying to stay to the light but earning conflict simply for having it seems ridiculous. Unless I'm missing something.
  15. Jayne-esque qualities…Well said! So far the show has done a wonderful job of recapturing the Star Wars of my childhood.
  16. Grand Theft Starship, ROFLMAO! Maybe Disney should buy Rockstar games next.
  17. A player had pretty cool Idea for a character based on professor X from the X-men. He wanted to play a Scholarly type of character with force abilities that's paralyzed from the waist down and rides around in a hover wheelchair like Cleigg Lars in episode 2. He even asked if he could get some extra XP for his disability, which is not unreasonable since we both played World Of Darkness games together, but a merit and flaws system for SW probably deserves its own thread. I'm thinking its definitely a disadvantage in that without the chair a movement of 5' tops dragging himself along the ground. The character would be prevented from piloting many vehicles. There would also be many simple day to day tasks that would be more challenging. Hovering flying around is definitely an advantage in many situations, his hoverchair could be modded with hard points, a droid intelligence, etc. However the chair would require maintenance like any other gear and could be damaged in combat, an enemy rolls advantages but no successes on attack roll may hit the hoverchair, and re-disable the character, or worse. Being "handicapped" may also be a advantage/disadvantage in certain social situations. The character may receive boost die when dealing with compassionate types of people, and may receive setback dice when dealing with sith, mandalorian types who may look down on the character for being weak or worthless. I'm Thinking of giving 15-25 extra XP or a fully loaded up chair with cool gear at Character creation, not sure yet. Or maybe a little of both. Anyway I'd like to hear your thought's opinions on handling this, another thing I was wondering about this would be regarding athletics checks and the athletics skill. Can a character take ranks in athletics? I think so but, there are some things being paralyzed your never going to be able to do like, jump a chasm, but climb a rope, yes, more difficult maybe but possible.
  18. ever play Rifts? lol! actually it starts out pretty balanced, then add archetypes, prestige classes, feats, mythic rules and everything else published, then yeah it can get real wonky.
  19. I can't agree with you there, I don't disagree that it should definitely feel Star Wars and not just a generic set of rules with the names added. I just personally don't agree that the RPG side is secondary, I would hate to be involved in anything which was Star Wars first because everyone has a different idea of what makes Star Wars. I ran a game of EoE at a convention and there was a player who was an 'expert'. For me the game should flow and be fun first, but this player just kept telling us how we were doing it wrong, and this made the game less fun for everyone else. As to being able to do the things that the characters do in the Star Wars universe, remember that this is a game based on Film, cartoon and books. Character's in these media are often used as tools to enable the story that the (script) writer wants told. Given that RPG's tend to be set so that everyone has a chance to be the hero not just the guy with the Force or the commander of the featured ship, this means that it is quite difficult to accurately model those stories and characters. No set of rules will be able to enable everything without contradicting itself or just being flat out unfair to some players. My take is licensed products should be heavily flavored, but not so rigid about the setting that it sucks the fun out of the game. I suppose we all have our own priorities in our games. E The last line of your comment sums it all up "its just flat out unfair to some players" If you want fair go play D&D or some other meticulously balanced system, no offense friend, life is not fair StarWars has NEVER been fair especially in the films. A player should choose a role that sounds fun to play and stay within his role and not be a crybaby when someone else seems to have a better character in certain circumstances. A lot of this whining really stems from crappy GM'ing, It is one of the GM's role if not the chief most important role to make sure EVERY player has their turn in the limelight. I have super social character (diplomat) in my group. Its hard sometimes to work her gifts into a story especially when were moving at a fast pace but I do it even though personally its boring to me,"Ok you go to the Imperial governors dinner party" (me-yaaaaaawwwwwwn) but it does have tangible in game benefits at times, and btw she can pull off so much more than a Jedi's mind trick. Just because you have to work more at times as a player or GM to make things interesting for your character or player don't be a crybaby and call foul, no fair, whaaaaaa! when you see some one else enjoying their role in the SW universe and try to punish and limit them.
  20. Just to throw in my opinion again... This is Star Wars first!------ and a ROLE (not roll) PLAYING game second! The point of playing this game [and it is a game, it needs rules, game mechanics etc.] is to step into the role of a character in the SW universe which means you need to be able to do the things the characters do in the SW universe. The rules need to reflect that or otherwise it just won't be SW, its just another sci-fi based rpg with a SW label slapped on it and you might as well just play Rifts Phase World, Traveller, or Star Frontiers.
  21. Hi all I think this is a great idea! Like Han Solo's modified Blast Tech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Let all the players personalize their toys, within reason.
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