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  1. Yeah. I think banding together for mutual protection and survival is the most obvious. I'm thinking a good campaign idea would be something like an underground railroad, where force sensitives and mundanes have worked together across the galaxy to save force sensitive children and escaped Jedi, and even alien force users of a different tradition by creating safe houses, secure methods of travel to keep one step ahead of the empire's inquisitors and bounty hunters.
  2. Mixed feelings on this. I loved and hope to see movie/book sourcebooks like West End did with main characters stat's done progressively through the story. Like Luke AOBY[as of battle of Yavin] AOBH [as of battle of Hoth] etc… but then your going to get those players that are going to want to take out the Emperor or Darth Vader and will be more than capable and have their stats memorized and will know if you add extra talents powers etc. so, I guess I would prefer to do that myself.
  3. I guess hoping for a May the 4th be with you release would be asking too much….
  4. Seems a whole shitstorm got started, I simply stated what I believe since up to that point no one else had a different opinion. I usually only come on the forums to get an opinion on rules questions or some info on a book or something, and try to avoid "Forum politicking". But Star Wars has always meant a lot to me having seen it as a kid several times in the theater during the 70's and growing up with it, it was an amazing childhood, and I am so grateful to my family, friends, George Lucas and everyone who made the films, and God for having that shared experience. I stand completely by my statement regardless of the idiotic insults and replies which I only read a few and skimmed the rest. Star Wars is not Game Of Thrones, Nightmare on Elm Street, Reefer Madness, or Debbie Does Dallas. Star Wars is a family friendly multi-generational epic tale of good v/s evil ( I have the films in mind mainly here). They are films everyone could enjoy, it didn't push any particular views rather it enriched the views commonly held by us all. Family, Friendship and Faith and the necessity to protect them from any tyranny that would threaten them. Throwing crap into SW that doesn't belong, gore, sex acts, political issue morality lessons, takes away from the enjoyment of storytelling "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…" We take part in a story that transcends our real world of politics and social issues, and forget about our own problems and issues for a while. Don't take that away! We all need a break from the cares and worries of this world, don't ruin the childhood moments! I play Star Wars The Old Republic online game. It may surprise you to know I support the same sex options in the newer expansions. Why? Because its a different venue within the SW universe. In TOR you are an active participant you PARTICIPATE in the story, you have to actively pursue the romantic dialogues, you can choose who you love, or not, like in real life. In Film, or Novel storytelling you are a SPECTATOR watching the story unfold. Your option is to close the book, or stop watching the movie. Lets have books and movies we ALL can enjoy. Just like the first ones. And to all you crass, miserable, reprobates who have to force your stupid pet issue's into everything and force everyone to think exactly as you under the guise of "tolerance" and "equality", I would like to share with you another fond tradition from my childhood. A warm, heartfelt, and hardy THHBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT!
  5. Hmmmm, Speaking of, I have been mulling over the idea of organic technology and living ships (not Vong) If anyone has already done this I would like to hear your ideas and how you worked it in the rules, if you don't mind sharing.
  6. So totally agree! I appreciate the minmaxer dedication to rule learning and just wanting to have the best character they can but, they sadly miss the point. This isn't WOW or some video game to be beaten with an optimally built character but a story and setting to be enjoyed, and yes, to kick some butt too!
  7. No offense folks, don't mind me I'm just getting old in my middle age. CANON IS BULLS**T. OK. Everything you all call EU or Legends now was canon back when we bought it too(G.Lucas even endorsed the Thrawn Trilogy) and in another 20-30 years, maybe less, watch the story change again. But go ahead and "quote canon" and crow about how much of an expert you are in the facts of your fantasy. I'll be in my 60's 70's (unless I have become one with the force) and I'll chuckle when I hear you bitchin about the same thing I am now.
  8. One thing that might be cool would be remakes of the old West End SWRPG movie books. I thought it was cool how they came up with backstories and details for every character in the films, especially the minor ones.
  9. Its Bullcrap, stop sexualizing and politicizing everything! Homosexual behavior has no place in Star Wars!
  10. Yay! finally got my Fly Casual and Lords of Nal Hutta! some really great stuff! They both really compliment each other well. Now all i need a bounty hunter book for all the crimes I'm going to be committing….hehehe.
  11. lol, Evil police state…no such thing as a good police state. I think there's an idea for an new CSI TV show though, CSI Empire
  12. As a kid I loved playing Star Frontiers RPG. One of my favorite adventures was called Drammune Run. With a little work it could easily be re-tooled to fit in an EOE campaign. Make the main villain a Hutt, add new ships and locations and gear. Here's the link its free, and legal check it out and let me know how it works if you use it... http://starfrontiersman.com/data/SFKH1-DramuneRun.pdf
  13. Mine is set just prior to the disbanding of the Senate and the launch of the Death Star and the destruction of Alderaan. I really want to do a 9/11 type of thing with the destruction of Alderaan where my players really feel the impact, loss, and horror of the loss of Alderaan.
  14. who said it has to be grips? the tech could run through the entire device and not be visible outwardly. Be creative (fiendishy creative)
  15. You forgot docking fees, permits, bribes for Imperials, custom inspectors, and local law enforcement. Let your characters buy/rent a couple safe houses on different planets/space stations in different star systems you will have them in debt to the Hutts or the Suns in no time. Its really easy to get your characters to screw themselves financially. Just like people do in real life, dangle that carrot in front of them over a credit card from the Bank of Nal Hutta(at 45% interest ) and THEY WILL SCREW THEMSELVES GUARANTEED IF YOU DO IT RIGHT! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Regarding the video game looting mentality…rig some blasters and some other tech with DNA recognition tech and as soon as someone who isn't the owner handles it BOOM! and I would make critical wounds loss of limb(s) automatic. Make them buy some cyber-prosthetics. If they keep it up BOOM=dead make a new character. If it really is that big of a deal to you. Another option, Robbery, having a lot of wealth is going to attract a lot of people who will want to take it, have their shiny new ship stolen right of the docking bay! If your players are thieving dicks, well isn't it Karma…or the Force!? Hope this helps.
  16. I don't get this, is it out or not? My game store said it was in and ordered it for me along with Hutta last week (It should be in later this week) but I checked the online store and it said NOPE, OK. Then FFG releases a statement saying it was at the FFG Game Center (goody!) I go to the online store, NOPE. Grrrrrrrrr I guess I'll find out this week sometime but I just wish I knew. UPDATE Now it says its in. (face palm)
  17. I was going to make a Dashade and just wondered if anyone else already did and how you built them and what abilities you used. thanks.
  18. Thanks again, some great advice in the last few threads. Totally forgot about cortosis. I was using a modified Master Bounty Hunter, soak value 6 w/thresh. 25. Long story short I don't remember the exact numbers, first round Bounty hunter, smuggler, diplomat, saboteur a couple misses a couple hits and whittled him down a little. The Saber wielder is a min/maxed twilek Schii-cho Knight that uses two shoto sabers, force jumps in does 13 damage I think and crits with one attack, (he rolled really well) The BH nemesis was nocked down to 7 beginning of the second round, and slash that was it. It was kind of funny in a way, the players looked at me like WTF, and I know I had the same WTF look on my face too, because it sure didn't live up to the hype. Kind of like when I was walking out of the theater after seeing The Phantom Menace and thinking, "what hell just happened?" lol Live and learn I guess
  19. The issue behind this, which sent me and the group back to re-evaluate the rule book was the easy, super easy kill of the main plot villain not even half way through the second turn of combat. I had even boosted him beyond the stats a little (not enough obviously) and we're all experienced gamers, the players (who always like to win) were a little disappointed it was so easy, even though they went through a building full of lackeys to get to him. Great points everybody, thanks for the input. I think this only leaves me with option of raising soak and doubling, perhaps tripling wound thresholds. it's the only other option I can see. thanks again, everyone.
  20. I know mine are! #flex247 #crossfit #IdontactuallyknowwhatImtalkingabout I'm simply stating that, according to the rules concerning "breach" it only mentions armor. Thats what the book says.
  21. Just to clarify- The rules as written state on page 116 F&D left column, last entry " Weapons with breach burn through the toughest armor; they are often heavy weapons or starship weapons. Breach weapons ignore one point of armor for every rating of breach (meaning they also ignore ten points of soak for every rating of breach.) Also see F&D PG 164 Starships, Vehicles, and scale, and Specifically page 166; right column ARMOR paragraph. Stating specifically... "Much like personal body armor worn by Player Characters, a ship or vehicle's armor soaks a number of damage points equal to its rating. As it is based on a planetary scale, one point of a ship's armor is equivalent to ten points of soak on a personal scale." Page 116 states ARMOR specifically, the statement in parenthesis beginning with the word "meaning" indicates a reference to another rule, the only similar rule I can find is the armor paragraph on page 166, which does put lightsabers and heavy weapons on an equal scale with a speeder or starship and makes sense. This part of the rules is kind of poorly written in my opinion (no offense FFG) its confusing and can lead to way overpowered lightsaber wielding hack and slashers and could break the game for novice GM's
  22. On what page number is "The only soak breach does not ignore is that from parry"? Or is that your interpretation/house rule?
  23. I had an issue with a player regarding breach. Breach weapons ignore one point of armor for every rating of breach (meaning they also ignore 10 points of soak for every rating of breach). His interpretation is that his lightsaber ignores 10 soak always, even normal brawn related soak or extra soak gained by talents such as enduring. Effectively ignoring all soak in character scale combat. My interpretation is that breach weapons ignore armor only, and that only soak related to armor is what is ignored. The 10 points of soak mentioned in parentheses obviously refer to the soak provided by regular armor and to the planetary scale and represents the lightsabers ability to cut open a hatch on an AT-AT walker like luke did. How do you handle this in your games? Which do you believe is the correct interpretation of the rules and why?
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