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  1. I loved old 1E OA, I have such fond memories of that game. I was like 13 or 14 when I got it, I think, [85 was it?] and it was the game that really stretched me as a gamer in a role-playing sense with the honor system, proficiencies etc. I never played 3E OA, although I've been a Palladium Rifts gamer for many years and Rifts Japan has been a favorite setting for me. Anyways I've been starving for a good Mystical Oriental RPG, I am sooooooo pumped for this. Wooohoooo!
  2. Since this is not a licensed Star Wars product will we see PDF's made available for purchase?
  3. I've been kicking around the idea of adapting the old Star Frontiers TSR game to this system for a while now. I'm definitely doing it now!
  4. They may have beta's down the road for actual setting books they do.
  5. Oh thats right! I have to find that episode. thanks!
  6. Are there any official underwater rules (not the basic few paragraphs in the corebook) that cover weapons operations, explosions, expanded combat, maybe some vehicles? if so where? If not, if you've done any undersea adventures I'd like to hear your house rules.
  7. Just got mine delivered! WOOHOO! First Thumbthrough everything looks great. Just we have come to expect from FFG durable and highquality book, beautifully illustrated artwork, handy sidebars, and a lot of info I wasnt expecting. I was delighted to see Korriban, Ilum, and Ossus in the planets section, very cool. Well later folks, I got a heap big amount of reading to do
  8. OMG do you canonites ever STFU!?! Does every freaking thread have devolve into a discussion of canonicity!?! It scares me to think how you folks live your lives in the real world! Do you have to have a set of instructions and guidelines for everything you do in life handed to you from a higher authority!?! Now back to hearing about all the new books! Which btw I ordered mine from Amazon should be here in about a week.
  9. Canon preachers are nothing but back bencher, fairweather fans, absent during the lean years when being a Star Wars fan wasnt "cool" and now coming out and telling everyone else, whats right, whats wrong and how to play by their rules. Well Frak you and the starfighter you rode in on. I've been a Star Wars fan since day one and saw "A new hope" first released in the late 70's in the theaters five times before it was renamed episode 4 A New Hope, so my own council will I keep on what is and what is not in my fandom. You should know there never was a canon EU distinction with the exception of the comics, and when Timothy Zahn wrote the Thrawn Trilogy Lucas himself endorsed it. This canon crap didnt really start gaining ground until the special editions and the prequels were released. I'm not making the case the "EU" was all great, some of it was, some of it was crap. Dont get all high and mighty oh honorable canon judge because you were too lazy to take the time to read actual books like most of us did. The only difference between your opinion and a bag of dog excrement is the bag as far as I'm concerned and that goes for Disney the Megacorp too.
  10. Hmmmm much buthurt I sense.... Seems like a whole bunch of people who have played the 3, 3.5, 4E WOTC games are acting like a bunch of former bullying victims suffering from a form of PTSD because Jedi were too powerful in a broken system that never could handle the SW genre. Get the Frak over it already. Well thanks to the new system with the individual talent trees every class has their special niche safe from Jedi ballhogs! Besides no game system is immune to min/maxers, and rule exploiters, even this one. So stop punishing force using characters! Ive seen Hired Gun builds more unweildy than any Jedi. I've had problems with lightsaber wielding Jedi (because of breach) that I've had put all my big bads in cortosis armor but then on the other side the jedi are so weak and limited in the use of their powers the "magic" is gone out of the class. It really sucks if you dont want to play a saber Jedi but an alternate force user like a beast rider of Onderon, a dathomir witch or something that relies more on powers and skills than flashy sword play. You can swing your lightsaber to infinity and beyond but your ability to even use the Force is limited by a roll of the dice. Thats just not Star Wars. I will fix it with house rules though.
  11. An underground railroad type of campaign could work for a variety of adventure's. You could have contacts (conductors) all over the galaxy all with different motivations. Some could be altruistic, others you may have to pay off, Hutts, crime lords, planetary governments, Corporate execs. may like the idea of having access to Jedi for "special Jobs". The overall goal is to keep force sensitives on the move and never in one place for very long and pick up new ones as you go. You can still do the temple raids too if you want.
  12. Very cool, enjoy... http://www.lightersideoftheforce.com/2015/06/all-changes-made-to-new-hope-1977-2011.html
  13. OK, Now for the F&D Corebook....C'MON STUPID BOAT BE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Unless, there was a problem with the shipment itself. A misprinting possibly?....that would suck.
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