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  1. Due to family issues we are down 2 Players for our game tomorrow. We still want to game so we want to get stand-ins for the characters. The gameplay is typically 5:00PM PDT through 8:30PM PDT but we suggest coming early so you can get caught up and work through any technical issues that come up. For gameplay we use Roll20 and Google Hangouts with Video and Voice for gaming. The two Players that are out are; Art Tine, a Falleen Colonist - Politico Zuun, a Sullustan Explorer - Fringer We would like it if 1-2 people would be able to come in and play one of the characters that are out so we can go forward with the story. Gameplay is sandbox and very open-ended but there are overall tasks they have to complete (eventually). Those interested can reply to this post or via PM. Helpful links: Session logs are @ https://rhinospeaks.wordpress.com/ Group Profile @ https://rhinospeaks.wordpress.com/group-profiles/group-3/ Please note: This is not for a permanent spot in the group, it is just a fill in and no extended commitment is available or required. There is not room for extra people and this is a special situation. I don't want to have to hand wave half the encounter or do a One-Shot just to be able to play. There will be openings for a group I am running on Thursdays at the same 5:00PM PDT through 8:30PM PDT play time, but that game is still in planning and won't start until sometime in July.
  2. You shouldn't have to justify it to much. If your group finds itself needing someone with a certain set of skills, I think that would be justification enough.
  3. Or you could come up with a Cybernetics skill. So that when your cyborg gets hit by an ion and say it shuts down something. You or a friend can repair it. So you don't have to wait to get to a planet that has a repair facility on it. There is a part in the book that encourages people to fill in skills where there might be a need for it.
  4. The most our group had gone to in one session. I would say 2 or 3. It really depends on the session. And I just keep notes on the different places we have been either on paper or through the notes section on Roll20.
  5. Looking to recruit a few people for an AOR game. This game will take place on Thursdays from 5pm PDT until 8:30 PDT. Info here https://rhinospeaks.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/new-games-starting-up/
  6. Looking to recruit a few people for an Edge game. This game will take place on Tuesdays from 5pm PDT until 8:30 PDT. Info here https://rhinospeaks.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/new-games-starting-up/
  7. Yeah the auto succeed thing doesn't really make sense to me either. I guess it really depends on how the group is sneaking or hiding. Are you doing it one at a time or all at once. I could understand giving the next player an advantage on the next roll, but not rolling over Sucesses.
  8. Will have to check it out next time its up. Would like to see how other people play the game.
  9. Are you a Stormtrooper?? Is that way you can't hit the broadside of a barn??? You found me out!
  10. Maybe I'm just a traditionalist, but have you ever tried to fire two pistols at the same time? It can be done, but you're lucky if you hit anything but the wall behind your target.
  11. The group I play with is excited for the possibilities this book brings.
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