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  1. I honestly felt there was not enough threads about Wave 3 .........................
  2. I think the Intel is the key, recently my regular opponent has been running an all-star Imperial (Dengar, Howlrunner, Sontir Fel, IG88 + Ties) squadron that was ripping me apart in the squadron game. With Jan Ors and Intel I able to absorb the initial attacks, in fact forcing 3 fighters to combine to take down one YT1300 and then when I countered with a squadron command and due to Intel combined with flight controllers - I was able to dismantle the buff ships of Dengar and Howlrunner, who where deep in the swarm assuming they where protected and de-tooth and then destroy the other ships. I am thinking about a budget version with only a HWK and few more squadrons for the same effect with less reliance on Jan Ors's ability but in all Intel as a defensive measure to pick and choose the fight was the key. Unless I'm running A wings I cant outpace Imperial fighters, but with Intel and the Wing commander Officer and the buff from flight controllers, or even Yavaris on my carrier I can take the initial hit and then counter and attack the ships that stack abilities that make Imperial Squadrons so nasty.
  3. Refund requested - thanks for the note would not have known unless i saw this.
  4. I walked out the cinema feeling a little indifferent about the whole thing. I felt throughout the movie that what I was watching was a remake of a new hope, and that left me feeling the movie was at worst disappointing, yes new characters, new bad guys but the same trope was used to tell the story. I want the movie to be grounded in the lore and feel of the original 3 and I did feel that it washed away the mistakes of the prequels. I think a story covering Kylo Ren's betrayal would have been allot more interesting. The other thing that got me was the ending, I think the finding of Luke was almost to easy, the second movie could have been set up for the search for Luke, with Kylo and the first order hot on their heals...... But aside from those gripes at best the movie was allot of fun and told very well and had some really great moments and also some good comedy as well. we have to 2017 to see where the second movie takes us
  5. Ill have the beer ready to consume when it comes out.
  6. Need to check with my local tomorrow and see when i will get my order
  7. That is a great idea when it comes to the Rouges and Villeins expansion adding escorts add some theater to it all.
  8. Who knows - Would just like to get stuff about the same time as everyone else, but i can wait ..... a little longer
  9. This game like allot of Wargames requires a level of seeing the next few steps ahead and also reading the battlefield. Armada asks you to plan ahead, in some cases up to 3 turns based on very little intel. So it asks you to plan and then adjust as best as you can as the dynamic changes. I really like it, as it adds the element of Fog of war and also the reality that you cannot control at an instance all that is happening. The thing i enjoy about FFG rules design is that at its core it presents to you simple rules that are hard to master due to the range of complex situations created during the game and that it forces you to make decisions. Some games, and i do have bias, really do after list building make the game and the rolling of dice almost pointless as the outcome can be almost determined as a consequence of poor rules design that creates the rock paper scissor effect, and that then heaps layers and layers of complex rules and special supplements that only further cloud the game. Armada is a great system for naval combat where due to mass and inertia your choices don't reflect immediately but are delayed. I would love to see a version of Armada for Age of Sail eg battle of Trafalgar, etc, might even do it myself just for fun. My advice to the OP is this, reflect on what you want your fleet to do, how will you use your ships and what it's synergy will be, also play as often as possible and watch and read everything, youtube, vassal, forums and i would watch the Worlds Games that where captured on twitch, even WWPDstevens games, watch how players they deploy, reflect on the orders they set and the lists that are chosen. Beyond that like everything it's a learning curve and that you have the self awareness to know you are not across the game right now, means at least you know that you need to ask more questions and seek guidance, that is actually a good trait to have!
  10. How about all parties step away from the issue, the main reason i dropped 40k and a raft of games of that ilk and embraced FFG and Historical gaming is that this (that im watching) doesn't happen and the community is great. The OP may not get the game, and may have not articulated himself very well, but until the last few posts, the advice and discussion was great, how about we get back to that level of conversation and support opposed to this. I'm new here but would prefer not to see this happen.
  11. I think this might need to be a mindset shift - the game for competition format stipulates 400 points but on any given day you can say "hey lets do a big fleet engagement" and set the points limit higher - the game will take a little longer but it scales well, unlike some games and you will get that fleet engagement feel you are looking for. As soon as Wave 2 arrives out here in Aus I have a 1000 point all the toys game lined up. 400 points is great for pick up but there is nothing in the rules that will physically restrain you from realizing the large fleet game you are looking for.
  12. Now Mate you and I both know being all the way out here means we get the short end of the stick, no sullests and delayed releases..... price we pay i guess, just sucks but lets hope the 7th wins out
  13. I have been thinking about this and if you are sticking with hyperspace assault as one of the options - Han. Dash and YT-2400 are a combo im trying - my list has a carrier so im also running some A's but thinking if i get hyperspace the plan is to drop a MC30 with foresight and the above 3 ships- Han Kicks out and attacks at the start of the turn and then the rest follow. Just need to gear the ship up defensively to survive shooting etc.
  14. Great to see you all getting the wave 2 stuff and love the podcast - looking forward to some reflections on your views prior to release- meanwhile in Australia..... still waiting
  15. Its a great Program and love what you have done keep up the great work !
  16. Waiting on my local store- one hopes his distributor is on the ball and i can enjoy wave 2 early on during my long service leave.
  17. I Love what you have done with the fleet builder- Do you have plans to let me input what I have in my collection and then only cards I own are reflected/ available when I'm building lists?
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