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  1. Doesn't that defeat the point of buzz droids? If Obi-wan could just barrel roll off of them what's the point? Where's the danger?
  2. That's only 67 points you've gotta spend too fire one missile...
  3. What about the pre-build for DFS-081? It has proton rockets, would it gain the focus action like Iden Versio's tie gained target lock for her proton torpedo?
  4. What happens to your buzz droids after the ship they are attached to is destroyed? I figure they just stay on the field but the rules don't mention the senario. What do y'all think?
  5. That's how I felt to should be, just figured I'd get some confirmation before I started getting "resistance" from it XD
  6. I was looking over Lt. Dormitz ability and the faq rules. In the spoiler article for the Epsilon Shuttle it says you can deploy friendly ships anywhere in the play area within range 2 of him. But his actual card states you can place them at range 2. In the faq they've made a big distinction between at and within. With this card text could I push my friendly ships further out than the within?
  7. I did up my swarm plus one of my Interceptors.
  8. I was super psyched to see some close up shots of the TIEs in the new trailer! I took some time last night to repaint one of mine. More might be following suit. Let me know what you think.
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