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  1. It also gives that edge to a starting psyker because a mark and 50cp won't be attained early on, so a dedicated psyker will remain top dog of pyskerness
  2. But your basically saying the god of Fate and magic shouldn't have stronger psykers. Nurgle and Slaanesh can have psykers iv played them before, it's very difficult I admit, but as long as you run unaligned for the talents, then when u get what u want drop extra xp into the god u actually want to worship. Nurgle is incredibly easy with the sound constitution. It's tier 1 and can be purchased multiple times, it wI'll cover anything u get from Tzeentch unless ur just not building correctly. It's going to cost more I agree but that doesn't make u any less of a psyker. What we did was had a preprerequisite of 50 cp and a mark, from there we had a minor campaign that u would dedicate to a god to get his attention and ask for the gift of psyhood. For Slaanesh, filling urself and as many people u can with excess for a 6 weeks, for Nurgle the spreading of a plague on a hive world effectively turning them into plague zombies overy the course of 7 weeks. And then we gave Tzeentch's mark players a +2 to the already +1 so, +3 psy rating so they still feel like their devotion was worth it. These campaigns took a session each, and had other goals behind it for other players. The one who wanted the powers had to convince his warband to help him aND even had offered them favors. Everyone was happy.
  3. Ahhh, iv read threads where bc was in the dark with the +60/-60. Though in my games our GM has it optional for the players and we didn't use it because at the time we only found it in the summoning ritual area. It works for our enemies too though so it's not a stacked deck. As for the opposed, I believe the wp test opposes the fpt, don't have my books with me atm but if I recall corectly it's basically the way I explained it. My wording was wrong I admit but, fpt vs opposing wp test. So wp+psy rating vs wp+psy rating, unless the fpt calls for a different skill like perception or Psyscience. But thanks for adding to the thread and helping Kamikazzjoe with his problem.
  4. Why punish him for it? Obviously he's scared of everything. But if u insist on punishing him take him to an imperial/khorne world where using his psychic abilities attracts unwanted attention. Or if he's late game and ur worried about it just being too op, try the "Eclipse Pulsator" pg 185, with some assassins. But it really shouldn't be a problem. A good hit from a lascanon or plasma cannon should do the trick. Or if you want to really get under his bubble, use the Hell Hammer Lascanon pg 154. Hit him with some heavy hitters that he has to waste his dodges on then blast him with that from a cloaked assassin. Teach him real quick to trust in his psy-powers(sarcasm). Or if he thinks he's boss and invinsible, there's a wonderful spell called "Unbalanced Mind" in the Tome of Fate. If your not familiar with this spell it is an exalted spell that requires an opposed wp test, remember psykers can add their psychic might to these tests, and push if I recall, so a desently built chaos space marine sorcerer can pump a 14-19 psy rating ('warp conduit' pg 133 and burns infamy point with +30 to test, so +40 alltogether. +10 from bound pg 206 push, +30 for warp conduit and grab child of the warp pg 120. Another +1 to psy when pushing). Anywho. So get around 60 wp on this guy from xp, then add a maximum of +70-95= 155 to roll, unless u incorporate the +60/-60 rule. Pg 241 & 201. Roll ur opposed wp test if the "enemy" psyker wins, ur problematic psyker is forced to roll on the Perils of the Warp chart in addition to any other rolls from himself pushing on the test. The "enemy" psyker adds +5 to to the roll(for Perils of the Warp ) for every degree of success rolled on the focus power test. (I.e. rolls a 56/155 means 9 DoS 9×5=45). Finally it stuns him, up to u if it stuns whether he is successful or not, doesn't specify. Great way to Hella punish him. But there's nothing like a Bloodthirster throtling him like a rag doll screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!" then proceeding to add his skull to Khorne's throne with repeated swings from his giant axe. Could give him some blessings of Nurgle tho for constantly fearing for his life, nothing like a bibig hug to make u feel safe.
  5. - 2 CSM's rescue a company of Black Legion traitor legionaires from a small army of Plaguebearers led by a Daemon Prince, with an honor gaurd of 9 Great Unclean One's. And to top it all off, the black temple that the Black Legion was using as a defensive position turns out to be a Necron tomb. - an Alpha Legion Chaos Sorcerer traps a Daemon Lord of Khorne in a pendent and wears it around his neck listening to the screams as it goes insane. Waiting for the perfect time to unleash it on his unwitting enemies. - a Slaaneshi Blademaster CSM rips the dendrite blades out of a Dark Mechanicus' spine for the sheer thrill of it, then takes her prisoner to continue doing unspeakable forms of torture and other activities for his own entertainment. Fyi, these toons are very late game and should actually be on their first Black Crusade, they have just chosen to keep amassing favor and forces before they strike.
  6. If he is giving you troube with just the possession tests u r going to need the dice gods on ur side if u plan on consuming him. But it is possible. Interested in how this will turn out. GL
  7. Lol my character Mycaelis may have one just hanging around his ship, if u can send him a TS sorcerer. He would be glad to make a trade xD. Jk, if ur gm is ok with it tho that'd be pretty pimp, but remember u can barter ur items off too. Sacrifice ur force weapon and it's availability will become easier to obtain. If u have one that is.
  8. I assume the +1d5 is from warp conduit but correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't he need to burn an imfamy point to utilize that? Unless he's unbound which conflicts with the archtype but I can see ur gm having him unbound. Anywho effectively 10 psy rating, +50 to test add on his wp should be round 40 or so. 90 wp before adding any other bonuses unless ur gm caps at the whole 60 thing
  9. Take into consideration psy rating effects many willpower tests for rituals and daEmin mastery. In actuality ur wp tests should be opposed. Urs against its. It can prove rather difficult. Maybe carry a null rod on u, it only effects focus power tests but u might be able to convince ur gm to have it effect the daemons psy rating for the test... To me tho u sound pretty screwed. Perhaps convince ur gm that u r serving as the cage for the GD, then have ur 1k sons sorcere perform the ritual of binding and bind it to a daemon engine. Although ud have to twist ur gms wrist to get him to ok that...
  10. It can always use flicker to avoid all of that sI be sure to have some potent daemons or daemon weapons, or psychic abilities, just something that can effect incorpreal beings.
  11. Why kill it when u can use it? I'm sure u can petition a nurgle sorcerer to take it and enjoy bringing it to heel. Showing it how to accept it's fate and not try to change it. Although I can see the satisfaction of destroying it.
  12. Perhaps if ur gm is flexible, gain a thrall wizard (ToF), summon another Lord of Change and barter with him for a ritual perhaps helping him gain power or dominion over a school of high level psykers, or maybe by trapping a rival daemon in an item for him and present it as a gift. Then use said ritual to transfer the GD to ur thrall. Could even pledge allegiance to tzeentch if u haven't already for the ritual. All in all it should be a compact in itself, sort of a minor set back in ur crusade. A detour if u will.
  13. Set guards outside ready to tear @$$. Lol if my guy wasn't in the middle of a necron tomb I'm sure he'd be ok with helping out but then he'd use his assistance to use and abuse before he discards xD. Try getting a Castilian Soul Cage. Have back up sorcerers for after the excorcism that shove him in there. Then u can use him for something else later, or leave him in there as punishment for tricking u.
  14. Ooh xD that is dirty. Perhaps strap a collar to her, it's unique and kills any psychic abilities, but if she aligns to khorne might not kill her, but she better have the ability to resist the LoC as she follows a new path. If it works it's Khorne's will vs Tzeentch's. Personally I'd have a strong sorcerer do a summoning test to try and summon it out of the actual body and force it into an item. With stacked penalties mind u. Another option. When she reaches her next corruption threshold, which would be 100 I belive so kinda screwed there but if u want to be a nice gm, grant her the slayer limb and have her do a series of willpower tests to force him into that one location of her body. Then have her 1k sons follwer lop her arm off effectively creating a daemon weapon. Of course she might not survive. So if u use cross over spells like I do, grab clauterize from DH2 so they can seal the wound and in the end she gets a prostetic arm or if shes ok with it, juse becomes the one armed destroyer. Create unique titles for it. Sounds pretty kool tbh. Hope it helps enjoy
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the collar actually kill psykers if placed around their neck? How would he have survived to actually be corrupted? It will really bother me if the answer is "Because he is a Grey Knight". Id call some bullsh!t on that xD Still that actually sounds pretty epic, strap a collar to a GK then use him for ur oown pleasure, very Slaaneshi, I'd personally even use it as a lore to trap a company of GK's on a planet then attack. Back on track though, I like the idea of them being able to be corrupted, but at the same time I dont. I'm a firm believer of the 1 and a million chances, and I like to play those roles. A friend told me of a short story where a Grey warrior, (hinting at the Grey Knight grandmaster in the lower vortex) was in one of Slaanesh's circles of debauchery and actually got insta killed by Slaanesh him/herself who took on the Visage of a young boy having the Grey Knight question his perseverance for but a moment and the god ate his soul. Not sure if that warrants corruption or not but if he can doubt surely he can be brought low enough to be corrupted.
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