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  1. About 95% sure James Matchett is running Dash/Miranda.
  2. Thinking of RAC + PTL + Engine Upgrade + Palpatine, which is 61 points. That leaves 39 for a Defender like Vessery, or gets me very close to something like loaded up Omega Leader and Wampa.
  3. Looking and crafting a list around Chiraneau carrying Palp, but keep running out of points before I successfully finish out the rest of the list. Can't decide between one Defender, or two smaller ships in the list. Help a guy out?
  4. As others have stated, AI isn't all the way there yet. I've played two games against the winning list from the Atlanta Regional, and Omega Leader has yet to target lock a single ship. There are also some issues with a handful of upgrades and at least Tomax Bren's pilot ability. That being said, this is way faster to use than Vassal, you aren't strictly dependent on having a second person around and ready to play, and you get to put together lists to test their cohesion in a relatively short amount of time. A solid tool for sure, and one I plan on spending a lot of time with.
  5. I'm gonna try to not sound like a condescending jerk here. Not all ships were created equally in the Star Wars universe. It's why we get things like the lineage of Z-95 to X-Wing to E-Wing. Each ship is a newer version of the last, meant to take the best of what the predecessors offered and build on that platform to make a better starship. In game terms, I prefer having the option of choosing between platforms that work for the design of the squad I'm working on. Another thing to consider is that some people aren't looking for an ultra-competitive tournament experience. Some players just want to put X-Wings down across from TIE Fighters and make pew pew noises with a friend for an hour or two. The game perfectly delivers this experience as is, with no need for wholesale changes. Finally, just because you, or even most of the community, don't use certain ships, doesn't mean that they can't be competitive. I have personally had success in a competitive environment with TIE Bombers, TIE Punishers, and StarVipers (in fact, I've never run Guri or Xizor. I've only ever used the generics). Your experience isn't everyone's experience, and it's unfair to suggest that people can't or don't use certain ships because they're not seen as "competitive."
  6. I'll be able to run ten in Epic games, so I'm not too upset with the number.
  7. Gonna have five Defenders? I already have six. Will likely wind up with ten after Imperial Veterans. But if this game was truly pay-to-win, I'd win a lot more than I currently do.
  8. Looking for suggestions on this list I'm building for a weekend tournament. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (63) VT-49 Decimator (46) Veteran Instincts (1) Gunner (5) Ysanne Isard (4) Rebel Captive (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Deathrain (37) TIE Punisher (26) Accuracy Corrector (3) Extra Munitions (2) Seismic Charges (2) Conner Net (4) 100 points total. I like this build, but I'm not sure I love it yet. It's good, but I want it to be great. I'm thinking about swapping Rebel Captive out for Agent Kallus, and maybe pulling VI off for a 2 point EPT or even an initiative bid. Thoughts are welcome.
  9. In the not too distant future, I'm going to put this on the table and start tinkering with it. Redline + FCS + Plasma Torpedoes + Cluster Missiles + Extra Munitions + Guidance Chip Deathrain + Advanced Sensors + Seismic Charges + Proximity Mines + Extra Munitions Cutlass Squadron Pilot + Accuracy Corrector + Autothrusters I wanna get some table time with this, see what I like on it, what I don't, and how to improve upon the list. Because I love this list in theory, I just hope it lives up to it in practice.
  10. Hello all, original creator of the league here. Due to some real life stuff that is far too complicated to get into in this limited space, I have not had access to my reddit account since early November. I had worried about the state of the league, but it seems to be in good hands now. I would like to sign up and play, so I'll be creating a new set of accounts in order to get registered. Thanks to everyone keeping this going.
  11. Hey everybody, I'm looking for a handful of acrylic tokens. My major wants are Proximity Mines and Proton Bombs, and I am also interested in Ion, Shield, and Stress tokens. Also, I have a burning desire for the TIE Bomber card box from the Summer 2014 kit, and I wouldn't mind getting a Colonel Jendon alternate art card. For trade, I would like to work primarily in new, still in blister ships, but I do have an overabundance of Cloak tokens, Scimitar Squadron Pilot cards, Dagger Squadron Pilot cards, and an alternate art Soontir Fel card. I also have a couple of the OP Kit champion medals, although the seasons I have currently escape me. US trades welcomed, and I can also work in some other material (card games, board games, other game store merchandise) if that's more your speed.Thanks in advance!
  12. This is just plain untrue. I can't tell you how many big ships, turrets or otherwise, I've taken out with the lowly TIE Bomber. It doesn't matter how many "failsafe mechanics" a ship may have, three or four Concussion Missiles will burn through it in a hurry. 3 or 4 concussion missiles are indeed a lot of dice Yes, it is a lot of dice, but it also takes a lot of synergy in your list building, excellent action selection, pinpoint precision positioning on the board to make sure that those dice do what they're supposed to do. Or in other words, a fair amount of skill. That was the point I was making.
  13. This is just plain untrue. I can't tell you how many big ships, turrets or otherwise, I've taken out with the lowly TIE Bomber. It doesn't matter how many "failsafe mechanics" a ship may have, three or four Concussion Missiles will burn through it in a hurry.
  14. Me, for one. I ran two Scimitars with Proximity Mines and Concussion Missiles with naked Jonus to a top four finish at a Store Championship, and two Scimitars with Concussions and Jonus with Squad Leader at Regionals, and finished middle of the pack there.
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