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  1. By all means, do your thing. I was just pointing out that much of the work has been done, or at least has a template, that you wouldn't have to do all the leg work or create from scratch. It also gives a point of reference for balance and continuity. And if there was any confusion, outside of specific system details, all the stuff in Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay 3rd Edition (WFRP3e) is already done in Genesys rules really (Characteristics, Thresholds, etc.)
  2. Age of Sigmar is just an updated setting to the Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay. 3rd Edition is the Grandrather system to Genesis. A lot of what you may want to do will already be done there. Careers and Talents are the big diversion from Genesys. But races and such will be done there already.
  3. For my personal game, we added and shifted some things. Main point being not to overwhelm with multiple knowledge skills. My group could break down and have like 10 Knowledge skills, but that's not what the game is about. So we scaled it back to cover the bases without too many specifics. Knowledge is more like Education from Star Wars. Culture is tied to the differing cultures and customs of the nations and people. Lore is more myths/legends and also tied to Magic Skills (instead of Knowledge).
  4. Doing same kind of fantasy idea (Alternate Earth Historical Nations). I'm taking the approach that all the fantasy elements always were there. While there might be places that have a higher concentration of Elves, they are everywhere. (And same goes for any intelligent species). Where things come into question are Myths & Lore about thing like Dragons. Minotaurs, etc. In my setting, Minotaurs are a playable race, so the real world myths/lore would just be explained in that "It was a Minotaur", and instead maybe naming the Minotaur, creating the legend of that individual. Can take the same approach to all of the mythological creatures too. In my setting, Dragons are not a common thing, so myths/lore tends to help them a bit. But I've named my twin moons after Two Dragons, given them a lore about them, have a religion established around them, and ultimately have a nation built around the religion. A big thing I would say is sticking to real Earth nations that you know. I have found myself struggling with my "Oriental" nation, because while I know Japanese and Chinese history and culture, I don't know they're religions enough to do them justice. And I am wanting to be a little lazy, after developing everything else, that I don't want to have to look up their gods/religions.
  5. In my Fantasy game, I just use Ranged and Gunnery (Gunnery for Black Powder and Emplacements/Naval weapons). For Weird West, I'use Ranged Light for One Handed, Ranged Heavy for Two Handed. Star Wars treats Bows as Heavy I think.
  6. Mega Damage could easily be done with Breach Quality. (I haven't looked to see if that is in Genesys, or just Star Wars). That allows Armor to be MDC. Leaving SDC/HP to be Soak/Wounds pretty nicely. I forgot to add. With Ley Lines and Nexus, I could see an upgrade to Spells for Ley Lines, maybe removing Strain cost or able to heal Strain while near them. But allowing spell upgrades without difficulty increases would be viable. Hmm....Boom Gun, Slow Firing or Prepare?
  7. That's a given for Rifts. Requires a lot of GM/Player expectations to be hashed out. Otherwise you got that one player that tend to do most of the work. The problem is getting the characters started. While I keep making the comment "Juicers should be 300 XP Starting", I am sure that can be increased or decreased and still feel like a Juicer. Would naturally have Superhero Tone applied to Brawn and Agility. Like I said in the Battletech thread, it's going to be about what Genesys has that Rifts can fit and then creating the parts of Rifts that Genesys is missing. If you try to create Rifts in Genesys, it won't work well.
  8. You say you play Rifts, but this imbalance IS Rifts. (Edit: Not me picking on you. ) Kevin himself has stated multiple times that each character at the table can and will have a wildly varying degree of power. May explain why many get turned off to Rifts. It's why Savage Rifts really messes it up. They balanced things that should not be. A Juicer is going to be like 300 XP over the Thief starting. It's my biggest issue with doing Rifts Genesys. Rules are there for Mechanics, but not going to go well for Characters.
  9. Just a word to the wise: be care when talking conversions with anything Palladium. Jeff (their Head Forum Admin/unofficial IT guy) likes to search and seek out this kind of stuff and then try to shut it down.
  10. If you check out the Terrinoth Adventure in the Support section of Genesys and look at the NPC's included, they have Talents for Pyromancy and Necromancy at least. A great starting place to see where FFG is going with these kinds of Talents.
  11. Techno-Wizard items are really just enchanted items for that setting. (Although, they really have a lot of magical enchantment types...) With Genesys, we have what we have. Implements the closest this game gets to TW items. And even then, we can talk Original TW Items or Stormspire/PPE Clip TW Items that came later. In fact, the more I think about it, Implements are TW Items. A TW Items has a specific spell loaded into it. Implements enhance Spells with specific Qualities. So, a TW Lightning Rod would just grant Ranged and Lightning Damage Effects, with no increase spell difficulty. We just lack any rules on creating Implements. Only real issue would be balance. Rifts is not a balanced game, and never intended to be. Genesys is a balanced game. By using Implements, you can really create the "Gadget riddled Mage" that a Techno-Wizard would be. I've been thinking about Rifts/Palladium conversions to Genesys. Wouldn't be hard. Genesys has the tools to create the setting. The big thing would be balance. A Juicer would easily be a 300 xp starting character, while others would be 100 or 150. Being a "everything" setting, would use every Theme and Tone rules as well.
  12. Techno-Wizards essentially put spells into items and let those items "cast" the spell for you. However, that comes at a high material cost (the gems alone are expensive, plus expensive metals, etc.). To replicate this in Genesys, I'd simply create a "spell" that an item could have stored in it. Then allow any mage that can cast that kind of spell (really, should be all Arcane skill based) and allow them to do it, maybe without the Strain Cost. There is a bit of "translation" to make Rifts work in Genesys. An easier way to do it would be Techno-Wizards create Magical Impliments to cast their spells. Never really was a big TW fan. They are mages themselves. Magical Impliments are the Genesys equivalent, essentially. P.P.E. would be Strain. Bigger issue is Genesys open spells vs. Rifts Traditional Spells.
  13. It sounds like the symbols might be giving you some fuss. A quick, easy idea on how to view the symbols. Also, always utilize the in book charts on symbol use. Success/Failure: They control the Action and are the Pass/Fail mechanic. Nothing else should override this. So don't let Triumphs become successes on a Failed roll. Advantage/Threat: This is where a lot of modifiers towards actions comes in. Time (done faster, taking longer), Environment (Setting off an alarm, clearing a path, etc.), and generally some "Bonus" effects. (Finding something cool or helpful but not THE Thing/McGuffin/etc.,). With enough Advantage/Threat, you might like to allow something that a Triumph/Despair might feel more appropriately for, but the general feel right now is that 5+ is equal to 1 on that. These should feel like something cool/interesting or something annoying/inconveinently happening. Finding a dollar on the street or stubbing your toe.... Triumph/Despair: Big changes of Luck, that Opportune or Inopportune Time for things to happen, doing something "Cool" (even if it might seem a bit absurd). These should feel like something amazing or terrible happening. Hitting a jackpot or breaking a foot. These are great at opening other avenues for the players that they might not have been looking for or expecting (and that could even have a bad twist). Despairs are good at getting them out of the frying pan and into the fryer. Big use I love is calling for Reinforcements, although sometimes I'll push that with 3 Threat in a lengthy fight. I hope this was something you were looking for. If not, just discard.
  14. The Lack of a Create a Career or even a sidebar on creating your own seems to be a small problem. I remember seeing the post about the Career Skills linked to a Characteristics that also helps to keep some balance. There is something to be said about the current careers not allowing one to "Do Everything They Might Want" without having to buy Non-Career Skills.
  15. Adding a new skill will require more Xp for a character to get into it. However, if you start putting in Skills for various Weapon Categories, you'll have a long list and some complications (arguements of what weapon is what category or bridging two categories, etc.). I find having Melee Light being all One Handed Weapons, and Melee Heavy being Two Handed Weapons is enough distinction while not over burdening players. As for Talents, Star Wars has made the exact same exclusive talents like you mention (Lightsaber, Melee, or Brawl Weapon, etc.), so I find that to be a good way to go.
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