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  1. I see this is long thread but I wanted to add my two cents. I tend to stay away from the meta builds and do my own thing but during my tournament this weekend I did notice some things. First of all I didn't do as well as I normally do 2-3-0. But I did meet a lot of new nice people and they all had the same thing to say. "Oh I just started playing like a month ago" and all 3 of my loses where to similar builds... TLT builds, as a matter of fact only one of my matches didn't include them. I also noted that ALL of them would bring the smallest asteroids to the table and few of them even commented that they hate asteroids. Turrets where annoying before but not great vs jousters that flew well. I had some of the hardest matches ever this weekend and it was a lot of fun, but I do feel I outplayed each and every one of my opponents but I was handicapped from the start wile they just drove around in circles not having to get me in their arcs as they slow rolled me to death with high hp ships and TLT
  2. I had a similar situation at my last tournement exceptt I was the one asking. Not for the dial but I asked him if his ship could make X move while setting my own dials. He then responded with "I don't have to tell you that" Then I responded that I was going to look it up on the app on my phone. He then claimed that I was violating the rules by doing that in a huff. When it comes to the dials I'm pretty sure you can ask to inspect and peice of your opponents peices, dials inlcuded. Maybe not for the reason to check what moves they can do but to make sure the dial is legal.
  3. I think this is just fine, I just didn't think anyone would buy them. I've keep all the boxes from my large/massive ships/ace's packs in the event that I would like to resell them. I even started keeping the blisters for when I get akwardly shaped small ships so I can transport them easliy. You should tell me if they sell, or if they are selling I might have to part with mine.
  4. I do what I want, its battle time, i'd rather take the time planing my next move instead of keeping them orginized. We have a player like you in our circle who agrees with you though. Also if anyone say Jake is gonna do this or what not its jake from state farm, Its manditory to say the whole thing
  5. Porkins approves of this upgrade. He can now hold it once more if need be
  6. But it might be a secondary weapon upgrade card, without being a weapon itself. We can classify slots an secondary weapon upgrade cards, it is a torpedo slot therefor it could be a secondary weapon upgrade card. I spoke to my TO about the tourney tomorrow. This is what he had to say about a few of these questions Twin laser - from reading the card you make two attacks, so yes two different attack, BUT they are against the same ship, as to make an attack you must DECLARE TARGET (step 1 of attack) is the first step of an attack, and you are targeting ONE SHIP, unless it says otherwise you haven't changed that part of the attack stage, just like with cluster missiles. And with R3 he is when you DECLARE, so you declare once so he goes off once as with cluster missiles, Tactician - treat as cluster missile which is two separate attacks so likely yes it would be twice, extra munitions and the crit, text of failure "Ship Immediately choose 1 of your secondary weapon upgrade cards and discard it. Then flip this card face down." Text of extra "When you are instructed to discard an Upgrade card, you may discard 1 ordnance token on that card instead." seems straight forward.
  7. Wes Jenson with VI and Stress droid then add anything with oppertuinst its great. It how most of my rebel builds work now adays
  8. US For trade Have Armada Promo cards Star destroyer and Numbla B (what ever its called) B wing (factory sealed) Acadmy pilot promos Soontir Fel promo Y wing generic promos Tie Bomber generic promos Push to the limit promos Would like to trade for Xwing promo cards I do not have, or acrylics Don't have Boba Fett either faction Colonel Jendon Darth Vader Target Locks tokens Shield tokens Focus tokens Stress tokens
  9. when ever I see anyone say hunger games, i groan, and insist they Battle Royale instead lol. So you can do 21 points then randomly deal out upgrade cards to everyone, and if you kill an opponent you can steal their upgrade cards, but let say you can only use cards that are legal for your ship. Oh and if anyone complains kill their ship instantly.
  10. I destroyed the deci in two turns of fire last weekend with XXB. First crit was your pilot skill is now 0, and I followed that up with 2x double damage crits, I was in shock how lucky my rolls where, not to mention I was in range 1. Then the after the next turn I 1 shot an uncloaked echo, its was great
  11. I tend to just unload on primary ship no matter what, it tends to work well for me. The dice where with me this weekend and I killed a devestator in two attack rounds, he only got to fire once. It was chirpy with VI, first round pilot crit him to ps 0 then unloaded with a double small explotion crit and finished him. It was EPIC I couldn't belive it, then I 1 shot echo.I love my XXB Build and I ended up winning the tourney
  12. baddogedn

    Corran help

    I won't speak for the OP, but most of the time I see Corran, he has Falcon or Outrider in tow. I 100% agree on the advice regarding the cannons though. Make sure to focus fire though. R2-D2 will heal the damage from the Ion cannon each turn. You need to slow him down and then unload everything you got. R2D2 will not heal the ion damage. The Ion maneuver is a white move, so R2D2 will not trigger and restore a shield. I came here to say that, this is %100 true
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