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  1. I messed around with it a bit online and it’s pretty cute. Lot to chew up and it punishes pushed damage via Saw. I found my self focusing almost exclusively with the wookiees whereas in 1.0 reinforce was the only action on the bar. Leia is gravy with the hard stops on all four ships.
  2. I think that’s fair. My thought was to fly Saw behind the wookiees and possibly be outta range for that initial joust. If one of the wookiees can mod dice up close, that might be helpful. Any thoughts for what I could do with the remainder points? I don’t think I need a two point bid. Thanks!
  3. So I had a lot of fun with operation specialist, gunner wookiees back in 1.0 but since the 2.0 migration, my plastic wooden space ships have sat unused. I really like Saw and was thinking about him + Leia and 4 ships that could hard stop and came up with this: Militant Wookiees (52) Saw Gerrera [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (2) Leia Organa (2) Tactical Officer Points: 56 (46) Kashyyyk Defender [Auzituck Gunship] Points: 46 (52) Lowhhrick [Auzituck Gunship] Points: 52 (46) Kashyyyk Defender [Auzituck Gunship] Points: 46 Total points: 200 Thoughts? Thanks!
  4. I’m so excited for the n1, Anakin is such a hilarious fusion of mechanics and theme! Can not wait to pickup a pair of these guys! My biggest question about them has to do with the ship ability: I think full throttle is/was so powerful both in 2.0 and back when we called it x/7 because of the white kturn on the Defenders. I’m wondering if it will get the same level of utility on a ship that a) has a better low speed dial than a defender, b) can’t pull of 180 degree turn, actions galore shenanigans, and c) only has 2 green dice to work with. I think it will be good, but I am hoping the space-frame doesn’t pay too steep of a premium for it, e.i. the massive tax the TIE/D pays.
  5. I honestly have no idea about that one... I am curious how it slots into current resistance archetypes too.
  6. Hey everyone! Whats everybody’s best guess for the base models of the upcoming ships? I’m most excited about the n-1 and the hyena and subsequently I’m think that the n-1 base model comes in at 35 and the base hyena might be 28. Thoughts?
  7. urbanyeti


    I agree with the rerolls, they are a huge part of the utility. The linked actions can be helpful, but must be used sparingly. S1 is good for running away to clear the stress (very thematic!).
  8. urbanyeti


    Well, now that we have them, what are people’s thoughts? I like Grievous a lot and though I4 is an adjustment. What are people thinking about the generics? Also on the imperium plating debate, I think it’s value is good, and especially so on soulless one with the extra hull. These are cool ships and I see next to discussion!
  9. I wasn’t sold on CIS initially but they really are starting to look like the most unique faction in the game. The nantex brings so very interesting acey-ness and I can’t wait to try and figure out how it works. The no repositioning is challenging but much needed given its abilities. Very compelling design! Edit: wait up, after you rotate the arc, you get a tractor token which means you straight boost or barrel roll, right? That is amazing! Sorry I was late to the game on this but that is nifty as heck!
  10. https://imgur.com/gallery/wqZgSTY Red and blue with opposite color highlights! Kept the repaint simple but I’m happy with the results.
  11. I’ll get this party started! My starter pokemon inspired delta-7s ! https://imgur.com/gallery/pRtzawZ
  12. urbanyeti

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday indeed! I’ve got such an outrageous affection for the Clone Wars cartoon and the prequels, I will be spending a lot of time painting, list building, and staring lovingly at my Republic models. Now I just have the figure out what to do with the Torrents...
  13. I’m concerned about my reading comprehension... I think that would be a ton on fun! Bullseye would be very reasonable.
  14. Fun idea for sure but I suspect it would be too good. Dropping a jam token on ships before anything would be very strong. Especially given the cost of a jamming beam. Also, the ion interaction there would be challenging. I could be wrong (probably am) but would getting ioned in the system phase negate the dial that was set in planning?
  15. Wave 4 looks like it will have a couple of new munitions which of course means new gunboat toys! I’m particularly excited to find out what 2.0 plasma torps do/cost. Same with the cannon in the resistance shuttle pack.
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