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  1. TIE Avenger.... I would love a TIE Avenger... Did the Clockshape fighter show up there? I like one of those... Slave II would be go. I remember that in X-Wing Alliance. Unfortunately, I don't imagine we will be seeing more though... Too much new canon stuff to get to (not a complaint, I like them too). I am realllllly glad that they snuck the Starwing in, though.
  2. I am very into the auto baster. In a lot of ways it reduces the disarm token into nothing as you can slam and still basically have your primary. I also really like the bullseyes bonus that comes with it. flown in a group, it's pretty easy to get people caught in the cross fire. It is the most like 1.0 mangler cannons but with the added bonus that you can now slam and shot within range 2.
  3. I'm a huge proponent of the APT/Autoblasters combo. They don't compete in my mind. The purpose of APT and passive are all about creating a no-fly-zone threat area. Auto blasters are cool when you can line up that range 1 bullseye shot, sure, and there are times I rather roll 4 dice and save the APT (like if I'm attacking a low agility target at low health), but more than anything, the autoblaster (for the low, low price of 3 points) effectively gives you your primary attack on SLAM or reload. It's cheaper than ion cannon (which I like, but the effect often feels like the cologne from "Anchor Man": "60% of the time, it works every time").
  4. I would argue xg-1 jamming because I can't really see OS-1 without fire control system. I like the utility of xg-1. I have never fielded ion torps. Are they good? I have long been a proponent of rhos with autoblasters/xg-1/adv pro torps/passive sensors/marksmenship/ but that same list build could sub in the ion torps at no additional cost.
  5. WARNING: THIS IS PROBABLY (CERTAINLY) NOT TOURNAMENT VIABLE! I honestly think that Nu Squad pilots with auto blasters and advanced slam are a hoot. At 39 points, they are fun in the same way that CLT Jedi nights are; they can be just about anywhere, they are relatively survivable, they can spike damage when you line up those bullseyes, and, most importantly, they are super fun. I agree that passive sensors and adv proton torps (or really any munition) is probably better, but this is fun, especially en masse.
  6. urbanyeti

    Happy Friday.

    Happy Friday to you as well! You are a ray of sunshine, btw. Back in my day there were two factions! The good guys and then the bad guys, 6 ships on each side. Suffice to say, it wasn't that hard to play both, though the first list I thought I was a genius for coming up with Jan and 2 a-wings. And I mostly gravitated to those because I had always thought that if I was a jedi, I would fly a customized a-wing with an astromech stapled modified to it fit in it. So basically, I liked rebels because of my mental fan-fictions starring me.
  7. A thought: would a TLT that worked like this be so terrible? (Honest question) TLT: 2 red dice range 2-3 single turret arc . If this attack hits, cancel all results and deal one damage to the opponent. If the attack missed, you may perform a bonus attack with this weapon against the same target. It still has the ability to do chip damage but only one. It would be confined to a single turret arc, it would stack with veteran turret gunner but only for dice roll. It would still have a range 1 bubble. The defender would get access to a bonus dice if the attack was at range 3. Possible balance considerations: It could read "your attack dice cannot be modified". This could be applied to both attacks or possibly just to the follow up bonus shot. It would keep force users from really ensuring that those hits got through. Also, you could make the follow up bonus shot charge based. Give it 3 charges to perform the follow up attack on misses?
  8. Strong agree: I love how different each of the pilots feels in this ship. Bucket is a cheap but nimble crew carrier, Kaz is a mid initiative 3 attack, 3 agility slugger, yeager is as high initiative ace with crazy maneuverability, and the generic is a super cheap filler.
  9. Kaz’s ability is like a game mechanic reflection of endless self confidence. So cool.
  10. No doubt, Kaz is really neat. TheY effectively gave him a different stat line than the rest of the pilots with a mechanic that is interesting and fun. He is hard to say no to. Yeager I think shows off a different part of the ship. He, at i5 has better board knowledge, and is considerably cheaper. He takes advantage of slam arguable better than kaz, and a fully loaded Yeager costs as much as a naked kaz. I love the design on the ship.
  11. Great suggestions everyone! That bucket/c3p0 combo is very fun. What are thoughts on r4/adv slam/heroic jerek? He more than has the dial with r4 to be dealing with the stress, and at i5, he can be a lot of places for 39 points.
  12. Hey everyone- I love the mechanics behind the Fireball and both Kaz and Yeager are really compelling. I am having a little trouble finding a way to run them that I like. Kaz becomes a 50 point ship really quickly, and Yeager, while cool, keeps leaving me thinking I could have taken an A-Wing. Besides naked colossus mechanics at large, en masse, how are people using the Fireball? Also, does the scale of it feel weird to anyone else? It's bigger than a T-70. But it looks cool!
  13. Totally fair. You do have kanan on board though, all your post red roll moves could clear the stress. But you've got the experience with the list, and that is hard to argue with!
  14. A thought: if you can get the falcon title onto the falcon, I think that evade and reroll on defense will go a long way. the points are tight in this list, but for my money, I think expert handling would be where I would cut stuff. just a thought.
  15. That is very clean. I feel like an idiot for missing the k2/lando synergy... Great list!
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