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  1. Greetings fellow initiates. If you are reading this then you have been elevated to Tier 2! You are now privy to the holy work we are performing here at the Lazarus studio. The UAC recently sent a reconnaissance team into the hell portal to map out the newly discovered Kadingir Sanctum. The entire reconnaissance team was killed to a man during the expedition, but fortunately we were able to extract the bodies back to the lab before closing the portal. Our scientist were able to return life to these bodies by infusing their flesh with argent energy. Here is one such specimen Alpha213
  2. DOOM additions you would like to see

    I just bought the game. I'm getting trigger happy🤠
  3. Moving and Attacks of Opportunity

    That clears it up. Thanks Buhallin!
  4. Moving and Attacks of Opportunity

    Ok, so even though she isn't controlled by player her ability can still be used? Thx!
  5. By definition an even number p is given by p = 2n, where n is an integer. Let n = 0, then p = 2*0 = 0. Hence, zero is an even number by definition. QED
  6. Charlie Kan'e Ability Vs Delayed Condition

    Here's another question regarding Charlie's ability: can it be used to allow another investigator two travel actions? For example, suppose Mark first prepares to travel as his first action, then travels as a second action. Then on Charlie's turn he gives mark an immediate additional action. Can Mark use this additional action to take another travel action? Thanks!
  7. Difficulty Level

    I figured as much, I just thought I would ask because I don't think it was mentioned above. I have yet to play with 5+ investigators and so have never played the game where 2 monsters are spawned. Is the game still relatively easy even with more monsters running amok?
  8. Difficulty Level

    I just read on page 10 in the core rules that if you're playing with 5+ investigators and a gate opens in the Mythos Phase, then you spawn 2 monsters rather than 1. Has anyone been using this rule? That will surely increase the difficulty.
  9. Does the dungeon card "Cannon" get discarded at the end of a quest or do the heroes get to take it with them for their next quest? I'm a little confused because the "cannon" is a depletable item meaning after its use it is turned face down and cannot be used for the rest of the quest while all other items are discard after their use. I also read that any unused items are discarded at the end of a quest, so what it the point of having a depletable item if the players can't take it with them? Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm a long time Warhammer and Warhammer 40k fan. I just picked up the core set for Conquest and I'm just itching to get some games in. Hopefully this thread will grab the attention of other players in the area. I hope to see you all across the battlefield soon!
  11. Denver, CO Groups

    I just picked up the core set and looking for players!
  12. Dumb rules question

    To continue this discussion consider the following example: The Dwarf has 2 enemies in his engagement zone and the elf has one in hers. The Dwarf activates "Inexorable Advance". Can the dwarf pull the enemy in the elf's engagement zone over to his even though he already has two enemies in his engagement zone? There is some ambiguity here because a hero can have a maximum of three enemies in their engagement zone per the rule book while the card states you may engage up to two enemies. Is there a distinction between between engaging and the engagement zone? That is to say, just because an enemy is in a hero's engagement zone doesn't imply that the hero is engaged with the enemy? I hope I haven't royally confused the issue! Thanks!
  13. Swordmasters and Agility

    My question (which is in a similar vein as the OP's question) is why are the Way of the Sword action cards strength based but the primary characteristics of the swordmaster are agility and toughness. I just picked up the game a couple of weeks ago, so the mechanics are still new to me, but wouldn't it make more sense rules wise for the Way of the Sword action cards to be agility based since that is one of the swordmaster primary characteristics?