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  1. New player here and looking for a group to play with in Austin, TX. Is there any body out there...
  2. Hi everyone, I just picked up my first copy of the core set and looking for people to play with in the Austin, TX area. If you're nearby and would like to play please contact me at fractalmind81@gmail.com.
  3. Hi everyone, I just purchased the core set and looking for a group to play with in Austin, TX. If you’re interested in playing feel free to contact me at fractalmind81@gmail.com. Thanks!
  4. Where in the RR can I find that auto-fail trumps auto-success?
  5. Suppose you're playing Mateo and you've already used his trigger to convert a Tentacle to an Elder Sign earlier in the scenario. Now consider this situation: you pull an Elder Sign, Elder Thing, and the Tentacle using McBride's trigger? We toss out the Tentacle of course, but what happens if the Elder Thing is also an auto-fail?
  6. This is a decent rule of thumb, but as you gain more experience as a player you start to develop a sense of when you have to immediately address the weakness and when you can ignore it. I’ve played a handful of scenarios where I’ve ignored the weakness for almost the entire scenario and had a successful outcome.
  7. Survival knife is amazing in boss fights where you can't kill them in a single turn.
  8. Greetings fellow initiates. If you are reading this then you have been elevated to Tier 2! You are now privy to the holy work we are performing here at the Lazarus studio. The UAC recently sent a reconnaissance team into the hell portal to map out the newly discovered Kadingir Sanctum. The entire reconnaissance team was killed to a man during the expedition, but fortunately we were able to extract the bodies back to the lab before closing the portal. Our scientist were able to return life to these bodies by infusing their flesh with argent energy. Here is one such specimen Alpha213
  9. I just bought the game. I'm getting trigger happy?
  10. Ok, so even though she isn't controlled by player her ability can still be used? Thx!
  11. By definition an even number p is given by p = 2n, where n is an integer. Let n = 0, then p = 2*0 = 0. Hence, zero is an even number by definition. QED
  12. Here's another question regarding Charlie's ability: can it be used to allow another investigator two travel actions? For example, suppose Mark first prepares to travel as his first action, then travels as a second action. Then on Charlie's turn he gives mark an immediate additional action. Can Mark use this additional action to take another travel action? Thanks!
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