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  1. FLAME (Page 145) Using materials such as promethium and incendiary powders, this weapon ignites with primordial fire. Whenever a target is struck by an attack with this quality (even if he suffers no damage), he must make an Agility test or be set on fire (see page 243). If the target of the Flame attack is a vehicle, the pilot must make the appropriate Operate skill test with a bonus equal to the vehicle’s Armour value on the facing hit by the Flame attack. If the pilot fails, the vehicle immediately catches fire (see the On Fire! sidebar on page 263). FIRE (Page 243) A character can be set on fire in several different ways (none of them pleasant). First, weapons with the Flame quality and certain Energy Critical Effects can set a character on fire. Alternatively, a character can be ignited by fire in the environment; for this second case, at the beginning of each round after the first in which the character is exposed to the same source of flames, he must make a Challenging (+0) Agility test or catch on fire. Once a character is on fire, he suffers 1d10 Energy damage (ignoring Armour) and suffers 1 level of Fatigue each round until the fire is extinguished. If the location is not otherwise specified, this applies to the Body location. While on fire, he must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test at the beginning of each of his turns in order to be able to take actions normally; otherwise, he may only flail in agony and scream, which counts as a Full Action. A character who is on fire can try to extinguish the flames by dropping Prone and making a Hard (–20) Agility test as a Full Action. The GM can make this test easier or harder depending on environmental conditions and whether the blazing character is able to receive any help from nearby allies.
  2. Sorry for the mix up and I do appreciate the insight > here's the rest of the info Resistance (Talent) PAGE 131 Tier: 1 Prerequisite: None Specializations: Cold, Fear, Heat, Poisons, Psychic Powers, Radiation, Vacuum, Other Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence The Acolyte’s background, experience, training, exposure, or plain stubbornness has developed a resistance within him. Each time he selects this talent, choose one area of resistance. He gains a +10 bonus when making tests to resist effects of this type. The GM can require approval for certain choices, or justification based on the Acolyte’s past. <in my humble opinion "they" made fire too complex - especially for an effect that can be common in the setting> Anyways - what do you guys think? Applied to AGL Test (to hit) WP Test (to resist pain and maintain focus) AGL Test (to put oneself off) Three different rolls... ?
  3. These Forums are starting to feel like the Askellon Sector LOL Everyday less and less posts are published and less questions answered LOL The Askellon sector has been marked “off limits” even by the great Navigator Houses. Ravenous data-phages slowly work their way through Imperial archives, redacting the region from stellar maps. There are those who would abandon Askellon (aka FFG DH2 Forum) and its masters to their fate, allowing them to be consumed by the ravening Warp... Stay GAMING Morbid
  4. I only ask because it gives a +10 bonus (I'm thinking to AGL Test <aka No BS Test / foes makes a AGL Test to avoid being hit> + or to the WP and AGL after one is on fire) BTW thats +10% bonus to three different types of tests... AGL (aka the actual attack) WP (Once on fire have to have the will to resist the pain and snuff it out) AGL (rolling around to put out the flames of justice LOL) That's Three Tests for FIRE... What's the answer - I don't want to "jerk" my player but at the same time I don't want to break the game
  5. Is "Immunity - Heat" proof vs. Fire from Flamers? I only ask because it gives a +10 bonus (I'm thinking to Reflex Save + or to the WP and AGL after one is on fire) BTW thats +10% bonus to three different types of tests... AGL (aka the actual attack) WP (Once on fire have to have the will to resist the pain and snuff it out) AGL (rolling around to put out the flames of justice LOL) What's the answer - I don't want to "jerk" my player but at the same time I don't want to break the game Morbid?
  6. I like your idea a lot Commediante! I am going to give it a try this weekend... Morbid
  7. PDF or what could be considered PDF is fractional - IE Megacorp fights against Megacorp in what have been deemed "Doomsday" events aka World Wars - tho primitive by Imperial standards the native population has a Tech Level on parr with "Cyberpunk / Shadowrun" even including very-basic Mechs... The collectively have a treaty or accord with is reinforced by their governing body - The Cartel (think Corporate Congress or Senate) - this "body" ensures another Doomsday doesn't occur. The war focused Tech has gotten so "vulgar" in aspect that another DD will surely result in total ruin / collapse aka Chaos wins this world - LOL On top of that - there are those in "the know" of a local native bent - those vested with authority who wish to continue the status quo as it benefits them. What I think will happen is the RT will move the Inquisitor's "strike force" for her but will not dedicate forces of his own to the mission (you know that ol 40k twist lol). That will help create uncertainty as the player's learn of this ally RT patron. The PDF could be swayed to the player's side if they interact "well" with the local religious body "The Brotherhood" which is a shadow of the creed based faith we all know and recognize - but in this case all are awakened psykers and have adjusted the creed into one born more of math - the ultimate expression of "order" - its how they stay untainted since they don't have the actual teachings or litany to follow the Ecclesiarchy in the "proper" manner LOL... That religious body here on Respite "raises" all the world's young - humans born are all immediately put into their orphanages and raised to 18 then assigned a "role" and then thusly "freed" and given over to the "adult" world / society at large. They do so in order to weed out any mutants or psykers of particularly baleful nature - it is because of this "secret" reality that all bend their knee to the Brotherhood. At the end of the day Operation Deliverance is - from outside - to appear as if nothing ever occurred in the first place - thus a black op. In essence rein in the world and censure all record of renegade intent - FIN Morbid
  8. Here I keep slaving ova a hot computer for ya LOL Stay GAMING Morbid
  9. I generally just break the container or vials and let the contents pour all over my face while my mouth is open LMFAO
  10. The basis or gist of the situation is as follows: Black Op (or what we would call that) Navigators discover a world hundreds of years ago - being next to said world interfers with their dreams - so much so it makes them "sick" (no other explaination therein) Navigators contact Mechanicus "elements" because not only is world not charted but it also contains a crashed Voidship Navigators and Mechanicus hatch out deal and planet is turned over to Mechanicus (aka an under the table trade deal) Mechanicus stage the world and its moon (IE they build it up) so they can perform studies Mechanicus needs fresh subjects for studies - perhaps of a particular DNA strain (not important - this is just a plot device) Humans aka Nobles, Guilds, and all manner of human Authority come into the system (they are welcomed in by AdMech local element herein) That moon is setup as a seat of power for the humans (think capital city + las vegas + wall street = all rolled into one) There they trade away the thousands of serf lives under their various dominions (nobles, guilds, even pirates) Planet side (Dust - like the mini game; same name) is a world were "sandworms" ala Dune dwell The "spice" herein allows Biologis to create a compound - which temporarily makes human test subjects into psykers The weaponization of said "spice" is top protocol Eventually some sort of psyker (IE like Akira from the anime) "pops off" causing war and eventual nuclear exchange (by this time Dust had governments and nations of its own formed by the human test subjects - who were unknowningly being watched by the heavens above by the Biologis)... The grand experiment is rolled back - the moon city aka seat of power is immediately quarantined - all non Mechanicus personnel are trapped there no matter who they are or how powerful they think they are! Fast Forward a 100 years or so Mechanicus begins a program by which "agents" are deployed out into the entirity of the Imperium These agents erase all manner of knowledge that "Dust" exists (from data wiping to fires to assassinations and murder) This erasure goes on for 20 to 30 years... This ACTION gains the attention of the Ordos Hereticus (thus our Players and their Inquisitor are now involved)! The Players are to do three things A. Find Out WHY all the malfeasance went into "hiding" this world B. Who's to Blame C. Prep the world for a Surgical Strike (as to rein it back into the Imeprium without full blown war) The Inquisitor (aka the Player's boss) instructs them that the world can't be destroyed - this action by the Holy Ordos must remain unknown - the whole of the affair including all the erasures and murders - at the end of the day - must appear like nothing happen and the world of Dust itself must be restored to Imperial records (IE like nothing ever happened - thus a Black Op) When the players land and investigate the moon-city They find out Most of the native born humans herein like their serf predecessors on Dust itself are unaware of space travel, the Mechanicus and the Imperium... Most of the native born humans are unawakend psykers The population herein is ruled by warring Mega Corps The "spice" went awry and changed something called T.O.V. (techno organic virus - again something I took from the visuals from the anime Akira) They still don't know who's in charge - and thus who to blame / strike (aka Head of the snake type of deal) The players have somewhat prepped the world (aka moon-city) for a secret surgical strike by theri Inquisitor and whatever "army" or force she's able to bring... And now that explains the depth of the situation - and thus my question - what type of force would be appropriate herein (especially since I have 40k versed players in my group - I'd ideally like to deliver on their fluff expectations) That third task - prep the world can be accomplished in one of three ways; a. Socially b. Environmentally c. or via Combat If the world isn't prepped - then the incoming strike force will be destoryed and the players / group will fail the mission unless they can somehow on the 11th hour find the snake's head / kill it / and somehow escape out of dodge undetected Complications So the players met with an agent of Mars aka a "monitor" who's sole purpose was to watch over the Dust fiasco - when Dust failed and the project was migrated to Respite (aka the moon-city sprawl) - the "monitor" had assets in place on the moon city and in the decades to follow insulated himself into the Megacorp culture structure of the people therein (IE became a corporate head - who unknowing to the humans is AdMech) So we have the following factions on Respite from Mars a. The Hidden Masters (Mars Insurrectionists) b. The Monitor (Mars standing unknown ???) c. XYZ Faction (Mars Loyalists) And that's the very basics of our tale aka FIRST ADVENTURE for my little DH2 group Analogs: Dark City, Akira, Shadowrun/Cyberpunk, Dune, Marvel Comics, and most importantly Mutant Chronicles! Thoughts on our upcoming Inquisitorial strike force? Morbid
  11. I coulda swore I've seen this item in the FFG books somewhere?! I think in Rogue Trader - tho not the main book Basically its an aerosol spray a character can use to seal a damaged void suit... Any ideas? Morbid
  12. I like the idea of the Sororitas coming... I found this list online > figured t was good for the strike Saint Celestine 4x 10 Battle Sisters: Veteran Sister Superior, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, in Rhino 5 Battle Sisters: Veteran Sister Superior, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, in Immolator w/Twin Linked Multi-Melta 5 Retributors: 4 Heavy Bolters 2x Exorcist 7 Seraphim: Seraphim Superior, Two Hand Flamers, Two Inferno Pistols Aegis Defense Line: Quad gun To add "depth" perhaps said Rogue Trader is only transporting this force clandestinely for our Inquisitor (aka Secret Cargo lol) Morbid
  13. OK - come the end of a scenario im running - the world the characters are at - was supposed to be prepared for a surgical strike which would overturn said world's authority and rein it back into the fold of the Imperium... Not such a new concept My question is - if said Inquisitor doesn't want the "wider" Imperium to know or learn of this local action - and thus said Inquisitor doesn't want to use Imperial Guard for the invasion - what other "quiet" options do they have at their disposal? I was thinking a "travelling" Rogue Trader (IE in the neighborhood so to speak) gets forcibly recruited by said Inquisitor and thus fulfills the whole "secret war" theme / shenanigans (aka Bennigans casual dining LOL - jokes) ? Thoughts?
  14. Like Table of Contents - TheWordSmith? If so - I can do that - no sweat! + your right it would be nice / I'm on it!
  15. So I was going through books and telling one of my new players last weekend how people (ie humans) mostly in 40k appear either looking like Military Personnel (sort of like 18th century military uniforms or or WW1 / WW2) or Mad Max types (albeit "space" post apocalyptic types)... I got my reckoning based on all the art I've seen but mostly from Old White Dwarf mags I went as so far as to tell my player Google Necromunda to get an idea what the "humans" look like these days LOL What would you tell a player about how "normal" or "set-dressing" (background) human's dress and act? On top of that - is there any good writie ups on a Hive besides Necromunda and or Desoleum? I wanted to get a good idea how "bad" (aka Aggro) such places are... Personally in RL I came from a background where in the street - you looked at someone too long or wrong and there was a chance an encounter could happen involving a gun > roll initiative (my character runs lol) - of that some players think I might be a "bully" by doing such random encounters (....why are they attacking... thats stupid - comes to mind). The bottom end of criminality and where they hold themselves doesn't take much for trouble to rear its ugly head has been my experience (makes me wonder if Martin Scorsese came from "the hood" too - I know Robert E. Howard got to grow up in boom-town and got exposed to life's rough side because of it > which flavored his writing and the content therein) Anyways A. What do people look like - and how do they act? B. Hive City Life / Culture? C. How Aggro is the populace of humans in regards to senseless (random encounter) violence? Your aggro bot Morbid
  16. Page - 121 Chain Attachment Many Imperial Guard regiments are trained to affix their standard issue combat knives to their lasguns as bayonets. Some veteran formations and particularly well-equipped regiments are able to mount chain-blades on their primary weapon, allowing them to be used in close combat with nearly the effectiveness of a chainsword, without requiring the user to switch weapons. This extra moment can make all the difference in desperate close-quarters combat. A weapon with a chain attachment can be used in close combat with the profile of a chain knife (see page 116). Upgrades: Any Basic weapon.
  17. OK I've updated that PDF today - it incorporates all the stuff found in the Macharian PDF - which was "mostly" just copied from prior source material... Otherwise > I also got all the Rogue Trader Augments / Bionics as well! I think I've also covered everything in the DH2 Core Rule book From here I will look at all the old DH1 books and see what carries over - I will not create instances whereby Talents from 1st Edition need to be migrated as well - that's something I am going to avoid in its entirety as its not the focus of my work herein... After that - I guess I'll put in home-brew stuff submitted by you guys and finish it all off with that... Suggestions, Concerns, Advice? Morbid
  18. OMG thank you Asymptomatic! Checking that book now and found it - my player is gonna be really happy Thanks Again Stay GAMING Morbid
  19. I don't like to adhoc things in > I didn't see chainspear anywhere > i think thats from the old RT days when Space Marines had beaks - which again supports the idea that chain-bayonets are for Astartes only (one could speculate the tremendous centrifical force being applied - only an Astartes scaled weapon in Astartes hands can compensate for that... This is what I opted to do instead: What I would rule is YES > you can affix your chainblade to the Boltgun with the disadvantage of it being "Inaccurate" and "Unbalanced" (pages 147+150) Inaccurate Poorly manufactured with often shoddy construction, inaccurate weapons are common in underhive gangs and heretical cults. A character gains no benefit from the Aim action when attacking with a weapon with this quality. Unbalanced Cumbersome, awkward to use, and often heavy, these are usually powerful offensively, but suffer in defense actions such as parrying. These weapons cannot be used to make Lighting Attack actions, and impose a –10 penalty when used to Parry. I did give my player an option to go "adventure" for a proto-type weapon that is scaled for human hands and doesn't bear these disadvantages... Basically the player would cajole the rest of the group into going on a side mission to recover said proto-type that they the player have been in the knowledge of for some years...
  20. Yeah I saw that same thing too AxeSpanna in the DH2 Core Book funny enough > my player was like - just a spear?! (thinking it was garbage in comparison to a chainblade bayonet LOL) Page 163 in the Core Book (SEE Bottom of this Email - Melee Attachment) Melee Attachment Millennia of combat have shown the worth of a bayonet and other close combat attachments, as often foes can close before a more powerful melee weapon can be drawn. The ranged weapon counts as a spear when used in melee combat. Upgrades: Any Basic ranged weapon
  21. Suddenly Black Voidships appear accompanied by other craft of a far more baroque and militant design... Kilometer long silhouettes stand stark against Coruscant's star as more and more of their shapes de-translate into material space over the heretics' capital world.
  22. I saw this - but it's for Astartes... Otherwise I am opposed to allowing it other than a one off or special "innovative" delivery / maybe a crate's worth is all that left from a defunct manufactorum (ie Tech Heresy) - giving a good reason why this isn't being used by the Imperial Guard enmass let alone Inquisitors and their Acolytes... Chainblade Attachment (1) Requirements Weapon category: Ranged Weapon class: Basic Weapon type: Bolt, Chain, Exotic, Flame, Grenade, Las, Launch, Luminen, Melta, Plasma, Power, Primitive, Shock, Solid Projectile, Tyranid Modifiers Special effect: Weapon Counts As Astares Chainsword In Close Combat Source Deathwatch - Deathwatch Core Rulebook pg. 157
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