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  1. Only a suggestion... This is what I do with ARMORs - and how I make each a unique suit... I had a player who got Tempestus Carapace (I "think" the best non-powered armor in the Core Book) So I gave him its stats and whatnot - then thought to myself - hey wait - isn't this armor really advance - let me go look up ALL THE LORE on Storm Troops and their gear from Codexs to Wiki entries... After finding out the armor can potentially "feed" them > had built in encrypted microbead > and other junk - I had to scratch my head... So after all that research I told myself > Best Quality has all the features > while a Good quality suit possesses most > common possesses fewer perks still and finally poor > is what the FFG people authored in the book... Apply that strategy to your Power Armor > no matter the type and you may end up with a flexible way to handle "canon" vs RPG play On a side note > I don't recall Astartes nor Sister's Power Armor having a Potentia Coil like the Admech do... So my point - even though it "nerfs" the players or whatever (I really hate player power bias ALOT) > I would "think" all armor that has electricity running it requires a recharge whether that be 1D5 Hours / Days or Weeks? Other than pitting players against foes > there is "side stuff" to do in the game > that can create new adventures thru adversity such as "fueling" armor Then again who's to say once Players get back to base, voidship, or whatever > they always recharge armor and its just automatically a given (I could conceivably respect that) Just Sayin Stay GAMING Morbid
  2. Its a matter of pulp verses realism > if you want a "virtualized" RPG experience may I suggest picking up the Traveler RPG and a calculator LOL... In this vein Fantasy Flight went with a Pulp approach That means - don't be soo literal in your interpretations of the math > if bolter round hits and human is still "up" its up to GM to describe the how and why of said attack... Honestly then "Helpless" would equal > pow bang your dead = no rolls neccessary
  3. Soo > I was under the impression that only Astartes use and can survive Drop Pod deployment - aka it was exclusive to them alone and not humans? Whats the lore on this?
  4. The Haunted Acolytes are sent to a world to decommission a recently decease Throne Agent (whatever you like them to be). The players must travel (insert random encounter) to said world whereby deceased "agent" possssed a manor home - within said home investigations start and end... Analog: The Haunted (Call of Cthulhu - introduction Adventure Classic) Stay GAMING Morbid
  5. Ohh P.S. sidenote: I use Marienburg fluff to detail out the Footfall in Rogue Trader - if looking for ideas for your campaign (especially since "they" THE PUBLISHERS abandoned WHFRPG)
  6. I think you can make up any routes you like > you can have 5 different routes from point A to B according to the fluff; each Nav house in the "know" of said route might do that route differently from one another - and thus that route to each is an asset / secret that gives that Nav house power - juicey power I might add LOL What if a new map was discovered - ancient and hoary from and to the Calixis? Stay GAMING Morbid
  7. I will flesh out what exactly the Morbidverse entails: Disclaimer: Lovecrafts's Old Ones differ from 40k's Old Ones; the first are like god things while the latter are super lizard people From the tipty top of the cosmic order! Mythos "things" are at the top (from the Old Ones to whatever "god" things there are - not counting servitor races) So yeah the nuclear chaos exists - tho no one knows such deep mysteries (Azathoth) Yog Sothoth + Nyarlathotep + Etc These "beings" don't really matter - they just set the stage for the flavor to come... Then we have the Ruinous Powers (thats what I'm calling them so yeah) Khorne + Nurgle + Tzeentch + Slaanesh I define them as Cosmic "Horrors" http://earthdawn.wikia.com/wiki/Horrors Of that it explains why these four things have the confirmation of man (aka a head , two arms & legs, plus etc) Plus - why they only exist in the Milky Way Galaxy - the Morbidverse does "play" with other Galaxies; though rarely and mostly as a Mcguffin... also I play with time travel ~ go figure And why they are soo symbolic (aka runes, glyphs, and the like on all their followers like badges - which I always found as stupid but hey I figured out a reason herein as to "why")... The horrors (aka Ruinous Powers) are the only thing that mankind can commune with - all else is too alien, grand, and or foreign either to care to deal with humans, orks, eldar, + whatever - or to even acknowledge such existences (whens the last time you acknowledged the existence of "ants" in the Amazon from your comfy chair?) Then we get into servitor races Think "the ocean" > aka all that percusor stuff that cam before land animals > thats what the servitor races are on the cosmic / dimension scale of things Now we get into "40k's Old Ones" aka the Life Molders and Makers (same fluff no changes) From them we the stage is set in the familiar fashion that you all know as 40k... Some changes to the familiar... - Eldar; today they look they way they look - this is due to "glamour" - in fact they look something more along the lines of Tall Pole Thin Bipeds... Of that - the glamour as it stands now does 2 things > first it keeps Slaanesh away (think occult charm / protection or disguise) granted it doesn;t work that well and in keeping with the fluff from that point on nothing i changed between them and Slaanesh; second - it keeps all the other races of 40k from outright attacking them - their natural form "looks" weak and inhibits "aggro" to those who view them in their natural state - think auto space rabies...) With that minor "secret" change - nothing is known (deep mystery perhaps even most eldar dont know anymore of their truer form) and it goes well in alignment wit occult lore and practices tied to "faerie glamour"... loose yet telling connections - The Emperor of Mankind > he's an aspect of Nyarlathotep - nuff said (I dont need to explain why "it's" doing what its doing) - Orks and Waaaagh (aka their "magic") - this is consensus magic; something covered in great detail in Mage The Awakening / Ascension RPG (by Whitewolf publishing); the basis being if people believe in something > it comes to pass / life... for me this is explained thusly without getting too much into it. - The Servitor Races on Earth; most have been eliminated and or gone into hiding or torpidity... nuff said (aka they are now written out of Earth) From this framework I sought to introduce and explain away all that is 40k via sciences and occult lores - granted 40k is without Space Marines and the like Call of Cthulhu 40k with just different window dressing - Achung Chtulhu or or Delat Green anyone? What does this do? For me - this allows me to introduce both weird science and horror to a game whereby most players aren't scared in the least other than the "stats" they know of from either the tabletop or RPG experience... I've ran things in RT alone such as "a Colour from Space" being held in some sort of stasis field the players therein discovered and tangled with to MiGo by which the players found in a rescue mission to recover survivors of a crashed ship - even had the "Yeti" as transformed humans being used as a labour force in and on an atmosphere devoid moon (aka you see naked white furred men like things ambling about from a far upon the lunar landscape - that weirded the players out good that day)... Again tis is my own campaign variant - in the vein that Ravenloft was to Dungeons and Dragons For those interested in the Morbidverse / Living Campaign - let me know and I will dev and post - otherwise I will not mention this campaign again - in either case I can and will submit to the Living Campaign those things that are only applicable to a vanilla 40k setting Why doesn't anyone know? Alhazred learned... King Kuranes, the greatest of all recorded dreamers learned from some sort of Sentience(s) The Ultimate Abyss From Limbo the Ultimate Gate leads to the Ultimate Abyss, the Last Void outside all worlds. This gate is guarded by the Ancient Ones and Tawil at’Umr, avatar of Yog-Sothoth. The Ultimate Abyss is hell in the strictest sense of the word: Yog-Sothoth’s hole or hidden place. Concepts such as shape, time, matter > have little to no bearing the further one goes into the Warp for the Final Answers - prices are paid and thus "characters" are forfeited upon such a deep understanding (like AL & the King) Of Time Travel So the end of time (not 40k but well beyond the 41st millennium billions of years in scope forward) I use Dune / Fading Suns as my analog therein - again McGuffin time - things may stem from this but this isn't to over shadow the 41st Millenium in anyway - think more along the lines of random events, castaways, and plots that may reach this far therein... (they come here / you dont necessarily go there) Thoughts? Stay GAMING Morbid
  8. Recently I came across some player dissatisfaction based upon the nature of some high ranking NPC types - figured I'd share the topic and see how the rest of you do and think of the topic? Off topic - as GMs how "nice" are the NPCs in your game? How often does betrayal come into play? Do you play by Machiavellian standards? How do your NPCs act when it comes to high stakes? Do your players have "friends" in your campaign? (i'm not talking allies - actual friends) Thoughts?
  9. Quote from AdeptusB - Lack of depth in the percentile system, which causes Tests to go abruptly from 'rarely succeed' to 'rarely fail', with minimal time in the dramatic 'sweet spot' in between. Don't bottle neck rolls > meaning > the "intent" whatever that may be succeeds (thus the plot moves forward) - meaning all rolls will garner the desired effect - problem is when a "fail" is rolled - complications arise towards that realization of the Test... Social Roll Failure > I get the info on a basic level or I bypass the person in front of me - but now since I failed the Test > someone is told "hey that guy over there was asking about X Y Z" and or you get past the guard but as you walk away he radios in your arrival to someone... After intially running this game system - I saw the percentage deal as being problematic as well > at least in this play style - the intent of the idea the player comes up with is realized and for you as GM you have a tool by which to introduce meaningful consequences to player actions aka Risk vs Reward... Just an idea - don't shoot me with your bolter please?
  10. Keep in mind > on some worlds > certain "things" just aren't there no matter how bad someone wants them to be... I ran a noir inspired world (aka primitives by 40k standards) whereby there was little to no 40k gear at all available once you got there Morbid
  11. The Admech are like > no no no > servitors aren't for you > you dont know how to cherish them and attend to their tender feelings LMFAO
  12. I'll challenge them to a hot oil fight only if their hot women OK! LOL Stay GAMING Morbid
  13. Yes > I'm doing Askellon... I've only detailed 2 worlds of my own so far - ATM I'm trying to use the content provided to the utmost > its all been low fantasy for me thus far - mostly dealing with human & admech heretics with my players so far... How about yourself Smith? Whats been doing?
  14. Soo back in the day TSR had this thing called Ravensbluff which was a "living campaign" whereby player events were recorded and posted - so that different playing groups could in essence hear about each other exploits and of course change the lay of the land for others. Granted I never went to a CON myself so I dont know how indepth they actually got in terms of groups effecting one another / including conflicting with each other directly?! The expansive nature of the 40k Universe (err Galaxy) I feel could lend well to this idea plus keep interest in the RPG alive in the days and perhaps years to come until we all know of a certain new publisher / game system perhaps. With the migration to the new website and all I just wanted to throw this idea out there and... If anyone is interested in doing so > I'd be as well tho my "campaign background" differs from vanilla 40k (AKA I run an "alternate dimension" of 40k then whats standard fair aka "the Morbidverse" as someone here on the forums coined it lol) Thoughts? Stay GAMING Morbid
  15. Look to Cthulhu rpg publications for lore... I would look at Delta Green books Also try Hunter the Reckoning by White Wolf (game is divided into factions - good organizations that could work with Ordos) DH is essentially those games by in a 40k universe... Then outside of all that there are criminal groups > even governments today utilize criminal groups in order to reign in broader or worst types of criminality (i.e. the crooks police themselves)... Even non-heretical criminals exist - its all about what one has that the other person wants - and NO LOYALTY aint gonna cut it Stay GAMING Morbid
  16. Just a suggestion > remember to thread in a twist to your plots > even one if the players "win" Tale after tale I come across in 40k the winners and the losers usually have some sort of twist get them in the end of said "tale" It adds to the overall theme of Grim Dark Doesn't mean abuse your players at the end of each adventure but rather should instill a sense of unknowing / nothing and I mean nothing is predictable even with the very best plans, rolls, and intentions... Stay GAMING Morbid PS - I can provide examples from my campaign if desired
  17. This is the power of the Askellon sector falling into moral and spiritual decay - let us all pray upon these forums Brothers and Sisters least the taint come over us all driving us to aimless whims and caustic drives! Praise the Emperor The Emperor Protects! Morbid LOL
  18. I wanted to use Paranoia as a one off whereby the cell agents (aka the players) were on a world run by said "super computer" by which they of course would find and shut down... LOL
  19. LOL... I believe the insurrection began after the cell agents (aka the Players) met with "Almost" after touching down upon the city of Respite - there initially she provided logistic support towards whatever plan they decided to implement in field. Her caustic and unyielding nature became apparent by her lack of caring towards the lives of those best prepared by the holy Ordos > namely the lives of some lowly serfs bonded to the world's authority in this case Mega Corps. Three lives born of three of these serfs were chosen as "cover" to the landed agents > they would in theory take over the lives of each of these subjects and thus insulate themselves in the fabric of the primitive society. When pressed as to > what to do with them her curt answer was then and would remain the same for most instances involving the lives of others - liquidate them! For some in the cell - lives weren't to be wasted - for them a strong sense of humanity remained well after the rigors and stresses provided prior to the Ordos recruitment; of that mindset was simply empathy for the common primitive man herein upon Respite. Suffice to say deeds were done and in that doing there would breed rebellion in the hearts and minds of certain cell operatives. As time passed and the investigation continued > the proverbial cooking pot got hotter due to the actions and wayward expressions carried out by cell agents. It wasn't the successes that were touted by Almost but rather the losses - eventually resulting in severe loss of subtly. After certain discrepancies of the mission (namely that of the cell's "secret" headquarters being discovered by some agency not identified - resulting in a menial's life be extinguished as a sign to the cell at large therein). The calling card upon the very doorstep of the group's hidden chapel house caused certain protocols to rise within the Manchurian Almost - for preordained super sciences through psychic surgery would manifest themselves in her - resulting in confrontation... Upon rallying at their chapel house after a heady incident which was all over the new vids and feeds Mallory would emerge bereft of hair and committed to action - namely - a warning > inbuilt and of a purpose - she warned the cell that if operation Deliverance wasn;t achieved in by the time her hair grew back the cell would be liquidated by her hand! What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! It was then that the first nail was put in her coffin... From that time to that of now much more had transpired things of a particular nature and course that cannot be divulged now as operations therein remain highly classified. What is known is in the weeks to follow the cell would lose its home at the secret chapel house and from there find new climes in which to bed in - but that second house of folly would turn ruinous as it too would be compromised by various facets of play. By the third and final stage (i.e. secret base) her hair had grown short yet course not yet back to her luxurious mane - time was running short - and in that time a twitch team of cleaners were called in. Battle harden quick tempered and psychotic men - namely two - a hellbrand wrought from the ranks of the ecclesiarchy and a scion of war from the Astra Militarum - the two would bring the operation to a conclusion! Such wildcards would be her eventual undoing > as the cell grew in number > its methods grew more bold yet their nature of presence wasn't wholly uncovered by the various malefactors within the sprawl of Respite. But the agents had concern for their Operation had expilcit demands - namely the preservation of Respite after it was culled and brought back into the fold of the Imperium at large. The operation called for dubious action - namely - all that had and would occur on Respite would be forgotten - and at the end of the day - the whole of the insurrection would be made as to not have happen in the first place - for those in the know - there is no murder in paradise! The agents at hand by what they had discovered on Respite privately demanded the world be destroyed and all its secrets consumed by that doing. This sentiment would grow within their hearts; beyond the pale of operations new options would present themselves - namely their the agency of the Lords Dragon. A "monitor" was met upon Respite early in - this individual had worked against Respite's heretek lords but had fallen to ruin in his day. Long was the time since he's very body had been undone - eventually resulting in that agent's bedding in and eventual staging - by the time the cell operatives met and uncovered this persona - the monitor had been in place for decades far removed... The cell agents with the Monitor at hand - collectively wanted to purge Respite in total and of that they would find an accordance! They cell would > from being subjects of the Throne turn to the mantle of Mars (thus changing allegiances) So in that final day by which Almost still drew breath a special meeting was convened well away from their hideout and away from the eyes and ears of the cell's menials. There amongst the trash and ruin of Respite's District of Tears > the cell met within a defunct old derelict rise. Upon the march there weapons were drawn and men were weary - at that hovel those very weapons were swiftly turned and used to bring low the Riothamus' Interrogator Almost - by the fury of bolter and hammer she was broken in total and as they left that dreary concrete ruin her body was put to flame...
  20. I was under the impression each "cell" had an interrogator assign to them sort of like a personal group commissar or or drill instructor > though the Interrogator helped facilitate the groups aims while reining in any BS... Doesn't matter much now > but I'm wondering where & what I read to be me on that tract?
  21. I just want to say > DH2 and and 40k in general are combat oriented... Optimization would seem to go hand in hand with that RPG play style - other end of the spectrum being things like Paranoa or or some of the White Wolf Publishing stuff... (aka more Role Play focused per say)
  22. The group had had enough of her giving them the business LMFAO Mallory "Almost" MacPherson (KIA) - Cell Interrogator - The Sisters of Perpetual Grace - Former Sleeper / Manchurian Mallory Victoria MacPherson was a former Imperial Barrister of House Bartholomew; Imperial citizens hold no special love for the Bartholomews, but most are content with their performance in the leadership of the Imperial corporation. A former sleeper the Manchurian specialized in buinsess litigation at the division of ID&S. A smart and hardworking Barrister with an ambitious four-year plan, McPherson had worked her way up from humble beginnings to become one of the go-to litigators at Imperial, Dob & Sor. Mallory's recent action with Inquisitional assets has complicated their works, and has ultimately compromise her career goals at Imperium. Chosen for her hobbyist practice of gymnastics and hand to hand self-defense; she was monitored closely since her graduation from Wexford University. Outside of her physical prowess her comely looks could be used to disarm most men while her professional no nonsense demeanor would help cement her candidacy with the Holy Ordos!
  23. In all my reading - I somehow thought the Interrogator of a group was a role - as part of the game (sort of like White Wolf's Vampire > whereby players have a Sire so to speak)... Granted I know the Inquisitor itself is still a role in the game that's part of play (without a question) Interrogators then in 2nd edition were phased out > prolly because the new 2nd edition characters are a step above those created in 1st edition - right? Please Advise Morbid
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